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  1. Until so far I really like the update. However, I had a real hard time navigating on the Rheinland mat when it suddenly struck me. The Rheinland map is just copy and paste with a few iconical rivers, lakes cities and airfields on it. I really appreciate that the devs are working extremely hard for our entertainment and pleasure to play this game. However I feel that this is just very cheap and extremely rushed. I had preffered to wait another month for a better map, rather than seeing this. I genuinly can't look past this. I understand that they mirror some segments of the map to enlarge it. Especially at the edges of the map so the immersion of the scale of the map is not broken. However, it looks like the developers took a 10x10km grid and just copy and pasted it over the whole map. I know/understand it's essential to fill up the map with some copy and pasting. However, an example shown in the first screenshot makes it look very obvious. You can clearly see a straight pattern. The second screenshot is much less obvious that extensive copy and pasting has been used. The patterns are a bit shifted and rotated around eachother to achieve a better effect. Hopefully the devs will work on the detail of the map in the future.
  2. " We have now added this capability." Would be weird to say 'now' whilst it will be in the next update?
  3. Anyone figured out how to get the pictures in the cockpit?
  4. I have a question regarding aircraft during the campaign because there are some things that are not very clear to me. Nor do the rules really specify on the questions I have. Example: I fly my Ju-87 from the rear airfield and land it on the frontline airfield. Questions in regards to the example: 1. If the Soviets capture that specific frontline airfield where I landed, will I lose my aircraft? 2. If the Soviets did not capture that frontline airfield and the mission ended, is it guaranteed I can take off from there when the server starts a new mission? Questions in regards to transport: 3. How beneficial is it to supply and airfield by para dropping cargo? Other questions: 4. If an X-amount of static aircraft have been destroyed by the Soviets, does that result for the Germans in less aircraft distributed per pilot?
  5. Could you PM me the invitation again? It doesn't work anymore.
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