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  1. Having an "official" practice server is of course welcome. Especially since the old server of that kind ( e.g. AX ) are gone. May I suggest however to put a in flight spawn? If someone need to do some dogfight practice with others it's far quicker to spawn in the air and simply meet in the middle of the map that having to start,warm-up etc. Also having the possibility of flying both side aircraft for each time would be nice. Just suggestions. thanks for listeining cheers
  2. Is it playable now with reshade? When 4.5 went out last year reshade created a lot of stuttering
  3. Finally, many thanks for the answer. Really appreciated. That's a good point. Have you TF guys ever take in consideration to use the "news" feature of steam like many other games do?
  4. I know that you are planning to release new patches before TF5.0 ( and that this will include only bugfixes, not new content). I'm only asking if this was planned since the beginning or if you decided to release these bugfixes now instead of including them in the TF5. thanks for your reply
  5. Yes, I perfectly know that this is not new content. But my question was another. The bug fixes and few new effects in this patch were planned to be released with TF5 and you decided to roll them out separately or it was in your schedule to have few mini patces before the release of TF5? thanks in advance for your reply, BR
  6. Hi Bonkin, You said " which we will use to roll out further patches between now and the release of TF 5.0 ". Where all this patch planned to be out before TF5? Or is just some content planned to be in TF5 that you want to roll out before the new expansion?
  7. I don't personally care about the cr42. But texture on the cockpit seems good, that's promising for the other new planes.
  8. Thanks for your answer. Don't personaly that a better AI gunner will ever change that but ok. cheers
  9. it is possible to know that? thanks in advance cheers
  10. AI gunners changes are active for SP only or also on MP?
  11. Win 10, i5 4440, 8 gb RAM, and a gtx 960, Clod installed on the SSD. That worked. So probably the last update of the steam application creates problems with clod (even if it's the only game where I found this error). You guys should probably tell Valve about it.
  12. I played almost 30h already and the game has always started with no problem. Tonight I wanted to make a sortie so I pressed the start button from steam... no answer. Steam says that the game is starting but it dies after few seconds. I tried an integrity check... same problem. I reinstalled the game... same problem. Any ideas?
  13. The in-game names of German ammo differs from the one described in TF wiki: https://www.theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/wiki/doku.php?id=gerammunition Especially regarding the MGFF ammo, would be possible to have a good description of the rounds available in game?
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