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  1. Usually others user's skin are not used for making your owns (apart form default ones), at least ask before to the author. It's better to use templates since they are made for skin making and are also layered. A better choice if you want to do some painting. I suggest you to use these for the stukas. It's the one I also used for mine.
  2. Any news on templates? @ATAG_Pattle @major_setback
  3. I only released the skin, no templates. The template I used for my stuka skins was made by "checkmysix" as stated on my link. Cheers
  4. This skin was posted here for two reason. 1. It was done for the old blitz version (even the 4.3 if I remember correctly) of the game so... they are old. If something in the 3D model of the stuka has changed (I don't think so but could be) the skin could not working properly. So it seems reasonable to be put in blitz section. 2. They are semi-historical skin based on profiles I found for period of 1940 (Lecce and Comiso as stated on the skin) so no reason also for being in Tobruk section. Admins will decide but imho they can be left here. Cheers
  5. still no news, I also tried send @major_setback a MP weeks ago, but no answers for now.
  6. Cliffs of Dover nel complesso rimane per me superiore a GB. Lo Spotting e l'ID sono complessivamente meglio, il DM è meglio senza dubbio così come gli effetti grafici (traccianti,fumi,colpi etc), graficamente nonostante i modelli 3D siano leggermente meno complessi lo preferisco (GB ha i colori esageratamente saturati e contrastati). Purtroppo rimangono pochi giocatori online questo è il vero tallone d'Achille del gioco. Ed è un peccato.
  7. For me personally performance are not bad, but sometimes there are some 1 sec freezes and lag. I think probably due to AI spawn. And that's a big problem for gameplay of course. If you are in combat having those freezes result frustrating. Server messages also are so many that using the radar is difficult since the text is lost into them. Also as a note: tonight as blue, we were taxing at zutkerque when 2 109E (for sure AI since no player was flying that type) bombed the runway. Is it the first time that AI bomb its own airfield or is it a bug? Tks
  8. performance problems also highlighted here:
  9. I've seen in my cache folder some skin used by player that were 12mb in size and BMP. High resolution skin surely have an impact on the lag and the stutters. Personally speaking for MP I use 2K jpg skins that are small (around 300kb) but still in good quality. Of course the big number of AI may also have an impact on performance, but I think could more skin related.
  10. Maybe other days could be explored to see if number increases? I don't know maybe sunday, monday or tuesday? just guessing, it's need to be a general poll.
  11. Yesterday ItalianWing BoB event Drag for Hellrider Hellrider shooting Hit by a Spit, nice shot elevator gone
  12. It's break it. It's a typo! Thanks for spotting it!
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