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  1. Ciao Yonker, Ben tornati su Il-2! Vi serviva una pausa da DCS? 😁
  2. Alla fine ho preso bodenplatte. Se qualcuno fosse in server ci si becca li e magari ci si organizza!
  3. Hi, just got the BoB package. I tried the spit but I encounter an annoing graphic bug. When at certain zoom level the indicator are sorrounded by white lines (almost like a border of the needle or something). Does anyone also have this? here an example, it's clearly visibile on the trim gauge:
  4. Don't get me wrong, IMHO EA are not a good thing from a customer pov. I'd rather prefer seeing a finished product. It was just a curiosity.
  5. After the Alfa testings. It has been planned that the product will be released as Early access like many others or you'll aim to a finished and polished product?
  6. Hi Dutch, yes EU time based! If you want you can visit our discord and we can plan a sortie sometimes! see link in signature!
  7. try avoid head on. It's always a lottery. Try planning your dive so the opponent is not facing you. Or try to surprise him and catch him off guard (for example dive with sun behind that way you'll be harder to spot). If you really want to fight head on use a bit of rudder to false your trajectory. You will lose some energy but if the enemy is not aware of what you are doing he'll miss the shots.
  8. Hi Heck! Thanks for your reply! I already had a brief chat on your forum about it. Unfortunately at the moment I can't assure a constant present at the times of the campaign. A pity for sure!
  9. I tried to reinstall reshade ( I used it before blitz edition). But it gives me lots of CTD in MP. It's that only me?
  10. Ciao Luft, abbiamo sempre volato sia rossi che blu senza mai avere una preferenza. Personalmente su BoX vado di solito sui blu più che altro perchè non amo particolarmente gli aerei russi ww2. Sto ancora pensando se prendere Bodenplatte, nel caso volerò sicuramente sortite con lo spit.
  11. Ciao a tutti sono Barone del 5th. Con qualcuno ci siamo già incontrati in giro nei server di clod. Al momento nessuno del 5th sta provando BoX. Se ci fosse qualcuno che ha voglia di organizzare una sortita mi faccia sapere!! Cheers
  12. That's sure an interesting question. Neither I found lots of documentation of gun pods on 109s used on the battlefield. Surely there were interesting solution ( like the Galland F type with MGFF/M in the wings or the F type with MG131 in the below photo).
  13. Hi, one book I really recommend is "Spitfire: a test pilot story" by Jeffrey Quill. if you want to know something about the spit, that's a really good read.
  14. Hi Duff, you fly mainly BoX or still clod focused? You guys from the US right? So I assume that you're "times" will be US ones?
  15. hope to see some 202 footage cheers
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