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  1. I totally agree here with our experience in game with the plane. We found the most effective when aiming for engine and rads (spit and hurri are no problem while the p40 with his forward radiator is more difficult to hit). The AP/HE combination seems to be effective. The ratio of the mg does not permit good deflection shooting so attacks need to be prepared. I absolutely didn't. That's why I said "And that's historically accurate". I think they are really well represented in-game (but they already were in old clod/blitz). Doctrine. Italian idea of fight was still anchored to a WW1 style of dogfight. Aerobatics, manoeuvrability, tight formations as well as the thought that two 12.7 mg were still enough to counter the enemy. if you think of that you understand why and how was possible that Italy was a couple of years behind in developing the technology of their fighters (just think about the Falco. Its first flight it's dated 1938!) On the other side there was blindness on developing tactics due to regime thinking. Long story short, one big example is the aftermath of the Spain campaign: The Germans understood that fast monoplane was becoming crucial in air combat. They developed tactics and new formations (e.g. fingertips). The Russians did the same but they probably lost part of the know-how during the military purges. The Italians failed to understand the evident changes that were introduced in modern air combat. There was a really good article on the subject on an military history magazine.
  2. I agree. Considering the weight and the wing loading datas on the 202. The biggest problem of the plane are the mgs. Totally shit. (And that's historically accurate). While the enemy just need 1 or 2 passes on you the macchi needs a lot. At least 3-4 attacks. And when doing so you'll lose tons of energy. It's simply inefficient. The best way we found to use it (and we are flying a lot) is good teamwork and pack attacks. Fast in and out very close to each others. In that way the enemy will have no time to breath and as a whole you'll lose less energy.
  3. That's an interesting event. Considering that I almost fly only the 202. Unfortunately the Saturdays are a no go for me. But you surely will have fun in that small little plane! Remember to keep your speed and that your mg are shit
  4. It was not only the non recovery but the fact also that the aircraft was not prone to the flat spin that was solved. At least we can agree on something. Thank you for your time
  5. Ciao. Stasera io sarò online dalle 9. Qualcuno che vuole unirsi c'è?
  6. Thanks. Waiting the others templates!
  7. Hi Buzzsaw and thank you for your reply. Indeed with the new patch the problem seems to be lightened. But just for curiosity may you please post the report you quote when saying that the issue of the spin was not solved completely? I've gone through all my books about the folgore and I can't find anything. Thank you in advance
  8. Hi, I'm posting a passage from the book "Frecce, Saette, Folgori e Veltri" by Giulio Cesare Valdonio. It's a publication of the Aeronautica Militare (the Italian air force) so surely a good and accurate source. To sum up: The autorotation was induced by the very thin profile also called "tagliacarte" (paper knife) and a very odd distribution of the thickness in the wing. The situation was so serious that in spring 1940 all the fleet of Saetta was grounded. Already in 1939 at the flight test center in Guidonia the problems was taken in consideration during wind gallery tests but was not until the modification by Ing. Stefanutti (the one with balsa the others have already explained) that the problem was solved. (The paragraph here says: total elimination of the phenomenon). The solution was applied to 240 MC200 of the first 5 series and from the six series the new wings were already built with the modification. The new wing with the modification applied and other changes were denoted "ala C.202 or ala A.2" and was standard on MC202 and also to the MC200 built in 1942. So as said by others the autorotation problem was not present in the Folgore since it has a new wing that was expressly built and researched to eliminate the stalls problems. I post also an interesting wing scheme that shows the wing modifications. Hope this could help. The Folgore is a well developed in engine settings and well modelled in the game. I hope that with all this material you'll take into consideration to edit the flight characteristics and bring them to the most historical level. p.s. I agree that the skins are really well done. As for the cockpit. A great work.
  9. Ciao a tutti, io questa settimana sarò operativo martedì e giovedì, hellrider (jean jaques) credo anche. Se ci siete fate un fischio qua che ci si organizza. Noi se voliamo siamo in TS ATAG (room 5th virtual squadron)
  10. Will do. I don't have an image I wasn't recording that sortie. Will do if it happens next.
  11. È stato un piacere volare tutti insieme. Mi spiace solo che noi abbiamo fatto un po' di casino in radio tra di noi confondendo le cose. Per il resto serata piacevolissima e da ripetere! S!
  12. I have the same impression. Below 300kph the plane is always on the edge of the spin. On the other way engine parameters seems really good looking at original Regia aeronautica's manuale. I'm also doing some search regarding the "Alta quota" term. But I can't find anything. Desert wing is the first place where I hear such variant.
  13. Ciao a tutti, Visto che si sta usando il forum sempre di più mi sembrava giusto fare una piccola presentazione. Il 5th VSQN nasce dall'idea di formare in primis una cerchia di amici intenti a trascorrere qualche ora insieme all'insegna del divertimento sui simulatori di volo WW2. La maggior parte dei piloti è italiana mentre altri vengono da diverse parti d'Europa. Non vige alcuna gerarchia all'interno dello Squadrone, ma soltanto la voglia di imparare con l'aiuto di tutti. La chiave per volare e avere successo nel 5th è il Lavoro di squadra. Al momento siamo principalmente attivi su il2 blitz/dw ma alcuni di noi giocano un po' a qualunque simulatore di volo sul mercato. Venite a trovarci sul nostro discord: https://discord.gg/SwgEreD https://5thvirtualsquadron.jimdofree.com/ S!
  14. Hi, Is there a way to unlock the external views when replaying a track? I tried the Atag converter but with that the game can't recognise the track anymore. Tks
  15. I also had a problem flying the 202 yesterday in MP (TFS server). I was in level flying, I jettisoned the canopy then hit the key to eject. The animation started but stopped in the middle. (I wasn't in the cockpit view anymore, I could see the engine bay). It stayed that way until the plane belly landed. I wasn't in control anymore.
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