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  1. The new column added in the excel "mark the presence with an X" must be filled when one register? Or the day of the mission to confirm your presence? In the last times you just needed to insert your name. Please advise. Cheers
  2. The dark green or verde oliva 2 as Hellrider said was used in the "mimetica continentale" scheme used by the regia aeronautica at the beginning of the war on different planes. The first mottled camo on 202 was used by the ones of 4 stormo sent in Africa in November 41, that painted some giallo mimetico 4 puffs over the dark green. One interesting feature regarding the later Mediterranean scheme of the macchi is that is different depending on the builder of the plane. All used nocciola chiaro 4 as base with Verde Oliva scuro 2 for the splashes. The ones built by Macchi had the rings or in Italian "anelli di fumo", SIAI and Breda ones had more classic puffs.
  3. In other missions there has been player controlled bombers so I think it should be ok, try contact @ITAF_Airone1989 or @ITA_Cipson for more info.
  4. Have these been released? I can't find them on ATAG. tks
  5. Link is not working, are the skin still available somewhere? tks
  6. Hey that 109 is me! lol Nice shots as always mate!
  7. It was fun indeed and we had actions all over the escort route. As per last mission in tobruk stats in-game seems not to register kills properly, maybe there is a problem in the despawn script?
  8. Hi, Just asking if it is possible to add the Kill/deaths ratio in the Team fusion servers stats, that would add more focus on survivability, thanks
  9. Agree with the fact it should be reduced.
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