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  1. Ok thank you @JG @Sham and @w00dy I appreciate it!
  2. So I know a lot of people are not a fan of mouse and in flight simulations and I would agree with you. However I do play a lot of different types of simulations as well as working long work weeks. My biggest fear when talking about using Mouse same in il-2 is that people will think that I came from War Thunder.I did come from War Thunder a while ago, but I graduated to DCS, and bought a x-55 rhino and became pretty proficient in the flight Sim Community when it came to the beginning of Battle of Stalingrad, and most DCS aircraft. However playing American Truck Simulator, and ets2, I had to pu
  3. So I have the base game, and I want to get back in, I was wondering if there were any promo codes for BOK that took even 5$ off. If not that's ok just wanted to ask :\
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