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  1. Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Reserv 110G-2 unsure if i can make it.
  2. Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Tip! Gunners are to be heard not seen But remeber you may not spank them in germany!
  3. Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    As long as the structural Integrity of the formula 1 monocoque that the IL2 have is holding so are pilot quite safe inside Did see my first russian tree with limitet structural Integrity (falling over), makes the crashes sites in forest looks better, not that make any one happier
  4. Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Was not my day as ground attacker, did never make back home with 3 tries, and as a bomber hunter so was i almsot got with the classic bomb trap nop Njet IT's a TRAP 30mm did show it worth in the end
  5. Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Ju-88 for me please.
  6. Strangest way you scored a victory?

    maneuver kill on a yak 1B with my trused Ju-52. Let them slot in on your six, fly towards the nearest tree then PULL UP! "you cant see the forest for the tante JU"
  7. Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    was sitting in the reargunner watching Jordi bombing yaks out of the sky
  8. 109 flying with half a wing.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmMejp8lJy4 The problem is to land right side upp 3min in.
  9. Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Whole of SCG have been granted R&R in Italy by HQ was a Little strange that the letter was dropped of by a fat/cigarr formed bf-110 with rounded wingtips. and i dont know why HQ started using cyrillic script.
  10. Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Returning back home after a sucesseful mission so did the Bf-110 return back home to the traditionell 109 fireworks Next lession in target identification, if you are attacking 5 pe-2 from this position and are still alive. it is not 5 pe-2's. simple Dont belive the mountain in front of the base have been this high before, glidning in without fuel. Actionfilled bombdrop in the belly of Tip's Ju-88 "uhhmm,,.. Gunner to pilot.. uhm"
  11. Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Will sign up as Axis reserv, as I am unsure if i will be home in time.
  12. Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Was one pretty mission Tip with that sunset and moon rising above the hills. was scarry to dogfight close the ground not really seing the ground or the enemy planes. :D
  13. Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    But weren't you the only one that was not going to be court martialed after last week James? And now this!
  14. Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    would like 3 ju88 for the ground pounders of SCG 2'e ju88 to Corezero
  15. Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Not attacking targets to far out, was my point Biggles with asking how you where planning to get back home again We did observ your group when you did overtock the bomber formation in 1725 with less than 15min left of the server so where you already then out of time to make it to our airfield and back home again (150km tripp). I fell it is sligtly annonying when you are doing your "hail mary attacks" on the airfield with no hope of getting back home, while we cant avoid them as we do follow rule 5 and land before the server ends. I dont belive you are doing it exploiting any rules consciously, but try to keep rule nr5 in mind when planning the last attack next week