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  1. Yes, was really fun, and exciting, knowing we had 2 escorts, but seeing 4 fighters flying above.
  2. That must be a bigger than normal load you are work today LuseKofte Will make my best to get to your Ju87, do only need to get past the AW and GF this evenig
  3. My old man will be visiting this friday so my claim for an Stuka is withdrawn. I will be away for a couple off weeks, can some one please destroy Tuapse during this time thanks
  4. Did use last FNBF for some more testing bf110 vs il2 effectnes taking out diffrent target types. First out the 4 Stug's at the german airfield. Here was the il2 the master, after many try's so did i give up on getting all 4 Stugs with the bf-110 and bombs so did switch over to the 37mm cannon and did finally succeded killen them all. The problem with the bombs was that i could not score hits with the german bombs fuse that forces you to drop them future away not the plane it self. Against bunker so were the two plane ones again equal, both can take out two bunker complexe
  5. The problem with the 100kg is that you loose 4bombs for a minimum gain in blast radius. dont belive it would be possible to take out Krasniy Oktyabr with the 100kg bomb load. Before 3,001 so did 2*50kg destroy hangars but 1*250kg did not. and i find that blast damage do little now after 3,001 on FNBF (no complaning ), The set up for todays runs were, 6*50kg + 4 132mm rockets +23mm, and for the the bf110 2*250kg 4*50kg. with the 12*50kg on the bf110 so should the two planes be even matched against bunkers, have a good testing ground in mind, can also test ag
  6. Been playing aroung with the bf110 and il2 on "fake" FNBF, and doing speed runs on targets, I am alway a little quicker to leave the target zone in the bf110, but i did also fail alot more to destroy the targets as i need to drop the 50kg to low for the fuse to arm, and they are to light to skip on the ground. (could spend more time setting up good approach but that would force me to spend more time ove target). the il2 do spend a little longer over the target zone but do destoy it more relable as the russian bomb fuse lets you plant the bomb directly on the target. Wh
  7. Lusekofte have you showed this this proof to the developers? Have for an long time suspected that the He111-H6 gunner were slightly better in reality
  8. The following is pure Science and should be taken as absolute fact, none of it is done for my amusement or curiosity! Did become currious how the il2 and bf110 do stand upp to each other against the same target in FNBF. never tried it out Before. Have choosen two smaller targets direct from last FNBF that one plane should be able to take out it self if left alone for some time. Time to race First out is Krasniy-something, il2 43 6 *50kg 4 Big rockets. Bomb hits 66% rockets50% (did forget to fire one ). time from start to destruction 6min.
  9. I dont say it is not hard work being attacker on the VVS side but i do belive you are overstating how effective the luftwaffe is. As Axis attacker so do i have another weiv of how easy it is to get ride of targets, we dont have time to destroy one before the red pushes on and another fire starts. Our normal loose rate for high level bombing do i estimate to 50% and we haven't destroyed a single factory to 100% scenes Maykov was added a couple of month ago. so it is more gloriusbut just as much hard work as the low level ground diggers what i fear most is tactical attack with the
  10. Bringing home an attacker that have taken a hit! what is this for black magic i hear! sound like fuel tank management and other forbidden Voodoo Must say that the luftwaffe escort did a great job this FNBF, stukas &129 stayed in to a holding pattern until the 109 declared that they had air suppority over the target, we did then go in. As we stayed over the target for some minuts had the VVS time to sneak past the escort and getting some off us, but we could soon see 109 on the tail off the VVS that had prioritised the ground attackers over the escort, making it possible f
  11. The Duck gang heading out. Really nice seeing the stukas diving in on the target as we lined upp for our attack. FF.. Why do the 109's hate me soo much? starting to suspect it cant be an coincidence that i get shoot upp by a 109 50% off the missions did make it back to our tank and so had a ride home. F/JG300 did do a really good joob at the river, not much left for us others
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