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  1. Yes, something big is cooking...😁
  2. Type of improvement: GUI: skin selectionExplanation of proposal: In Paint scheme: add a column for Custom skins so that both Official and Custom skins can be selected from the same drop-down menu. Benefit: Easier selection of all skins.
  3. Thank you for no 33. I just tested my Hs-129 career, now AI planes cruise at 290 km/h instead of 265 km/h. Much easier to fly in formation with full fuel and bomb load. P-47 looks great in 4K-skins, all that shiny metal...
  4. I'm not worried, you guys always deliver. And you usually have something up your sleeve, like new tiles for Stalingrad, so its hard to be upset by a SMALL delay. You're doing a great job!
  5. What a difference, settlements are much easier to spot and I like the new cliffs along rivers.
  6. Its a heavy beast but still fast, lots of firepower, big bomb load, hard to shoot down too... Going to be one of my favorite a/c along with P-38...
  7. Unexpected turn of events, but good news indeed. I really like the plane set for Bodenplatte with lots of fighter bombers, its going to be fun flying. Tanks and WW1 can bring more customers to the store, making us all benefit in the long run. Keep it up guys! Me too, early access is like getting christmas presents all year long...
  8. Thanks Coconut for your info. Off course many things to consider keeping a good balance. Looks like you have a good plan. As long as there are a couple of planes to fly then I'm a happy customer... /Regards
  9. Hello Coconut I just read Grubers post above and I have been thinking about the same issues myself. I really like your server. You have one of the best resource/supply systems that makes it fun and rewarding to fly from one mission to the next. Night missions are total fun and burning targets from previous attacks are great navigation points just like in RL. It only gets boring when almost all A/C are depleted from the map. I played Moscow campaign in august and at the end blue side only had a couple of Macchi left to fly. So just like Gruber suggests if one basic attack and fighter ty
  10. That big window and lack of nose in front of it makes me misjudge my altitude, keep hitting ground. Need more practise... It has a huge gun arsenal and a poor bomb load. Also a bit slow. I think I stick with Bf-110 for attack bombing and FW-190 for flak hunting. Hs-129 seem perfect for interdiction: cruise along low and slow looking for prey to strafe. It will be my new truck, tank and train destroyer...
  11. Well done team! I am especially pleased with all FM changes. Rudder responds more predictable to input and works great for last second fine tuning when shooting. Also I can now take off with MiG-3 without problem, that's a first for me! Now off to explore Kuban map...
  12. Fly into cloud, crash....ooh they had mountains here. ​Must change tactics for ground attack... This update will be great.
  13. Nice video, I like the sound of that Merlin engine, it sounds like victory. Didn't expect Merlin 45M engine mod or adjustable range settings for gun sights! And thanks Jason for release date, saves me the trouble of checking for game updates every 20 min or so...
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