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  1. For the last six months I have been playing Particracy. It is an online geopolitical strategy game, that you can play in your browser directly. The game is currently under active development and is looking for players to come and try it out! It is a game with politics as its central theme. At first one could think that’s a pretty boring subject matter for a game, but if you think about it, politics is full of rules and systems that make it perfectly suitable for gameplay! There’s elections, which can be seen as games with a score, there’s seats in your parliament, which express vot
  2. First I noticed of this emptiness in the Rhineland map, was when looking at a map of the area, I thought Hey I've been there! Lets see how it looks in the game! Finds only fields for miles around when the area is full of important landmarks irl. Disappointing indeed.
  3. This was ACG's last mission in our Battle of Moscow Campaign, which has been running for over a year. ACG has grown and matured in the process, showing that it can create settings and scenarios that span different games and include huge and complex battles and theatres. We'd like to thank everyone involved in the mission making process, from our brilliant research team (already researching ACG's next Great Battles campaign), to the people making the missions each week, as well as everyone else involved in making the campaign a reality. I'd like especially to thank LuftAsher who wa
  4. I'll insta get the Hurribus, but likely not the Yak, I have a few samey looking planes already 😄
  5. @JG4_Kruger How did you get rid of that annoying shine in the skin viewer for those images? I'm currently making roster images for ACG using the same technique but can't get rid of the shine on the cowling.
  6. As I have pointed out before, I find the map to be a bit empty. Many important villages and towns are missing, details in countryside, things that make the map come alive. To me it looks like the European equivalent of the Russian steppe. Towns are really nicely done, but there is nothing in between them. I imagine if a pilot would have to crash land in that area irl, he would invariably end up landing in someone's back garden. I'd like therefore to see more small towns added and farms and villages. Also the thing that started me on this was the fact that
  7. Will the map continue to be worked on? I've found a bunch of missing towns and villages which would have been there at the time. Hope these will be added in down the line. For instance south of Brussels, there are only two towns in game (one of which is misspelled: Nivelles not Nirvelles), when in reality this area has a bunch of towns and villages, as well as Waterloo town and memorial mound and surrounds.
  8. Never seen or heard of that emblem. All sources I've seen show a different one.
  9. The Rheinland map is missing the Waterloo memorial Lion's Mound south of Brussels I think, completed in 1826.
  10. Θα το επιχειρήσω κι εγώ! Ελπίζω αν κάποιος το κάνει καλά να το ποστάρει εδώ! I'll try it out! I hope someone posts his template with the invasion stripes!
  11. Can't wait for that!! Bodenplatte will be amazing to do too! Just wish we could get more people on the server at any one time!
  12. The first mission is on October 27th, but we are running a server test furball event tomorrow evening at 1900BST, pop by our Teamspeak if you're interested and we'll get you stuck in.
  13. Excellent stuff! Too bad it's so expensive, it looks brilliant.
  14. Doesn't anyone have the invasion stripes ready on a template? 😄
  15. Would love to see 1st person bail-outs as a server setting, as well as total black out when the pilot is killed, again as a server setting. Was also wondering how doable it would be to have the pilot actually hit parts of the plane and take damage while bailing out. This would make people think of how to best position their plane to properly bail out safely.
  16. Does anyone have any fonts for it? Or an edited template with different nose-designs colours etc they can share?
  17. Might have something to do with the state of the a/c once you press the bail-out button. From a coding standpoint that is. It might require complex coding and changes to current systems to allow the entity to not switch state when the button is pressed... Disappointing indeed.
  18. Not sure I've understood correctly, but doesn't a Group contain 3-4 Squadrons in the USAAF? These would have their individual liveries, not the Group itself. Correct me if I'm wrong please, weird that RAF and USAAF terms are inverted like that. A RAF Wing is a USAAF Group, and the larger USAAF Wing is a RAF Group!
  19. Hello all, As some may know, ACG will be soon doing a Campaign on Cliffs of Dover Blitz, covering January to April 1941 on the Channel front. Our Campaign will consist of 12 hand-crafted missions, where the emphasis will as usual for ACG, remain on historical accuracy, immersion and fun. The RAF went on the offensive in January 1941 and started a series of raids and sweeps designed to wear the Luftwaffe down. AVM Park has gone and Trafford Leigh-Mallory (of the Big Wing controversy) has taken over. We intend to re-enact the period Jan to Jun 41 and luckily for us we do have p
  20. Αs people may know, our Battle of Moscow Campaign has come to an end. Our Leaning Forward Campaign on Cliffs of Dover Blitz is about to begin! If you're interested in large scale multiplayer historical campaigns, with persistent characters, AARs and medals, sign up now! We're off to batter the Bosche!
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