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  1. Someone should make an Teamspeak plugin equivalent of that one for ArmA called Task Force Radio.
  2. A little background on this. We had about 30-40 people trying to connect over a 20 minute period. Most were getting stuck on the downloading mission stage. Any that managed to connect were kicked at random intervals. We managed to connect about 25, with more managing to connect as others were kicked. We restarted the server, thinking it might be on our end, but this didn't fix the problem. We then loaded a different mission, thinking it might be the mission causing the issue. That didn't work either. This all worked perfectly last week before the patch, so we're wondering how this could have affected the connection procedure. Could it have been reverted to the old way of connecting 5 users at a time?
  3. Hi, has the recent patch made any changes to the connection process? I remember a few patches back this was fixed (from the old way of up to 5 users connecting at any one time), but now we are having trouble connecting 30-40 people to the server for a mission, where last week it worked fine. Thanks
  4. Check PM. Not sure what you mean. Thank you, we do pride ourselves in the effort that goes into creating our Campaign. On the other matter you mention, we generally look for potential new ACG members, but it is worth contacting us on Discord about this. You can find the link on our main page, under Comms. I personally would not be against having guest squadrons taking part in the campaign from time to time. It is however not general practice for us to take on a group of people. English level is not a problem, we already have a few French people who would be willing to help out. We are however a mainly English speaking group, so coordinating with other squadrons would not quite work... Not necessarily, guests are welcome to take part in a few of our missions. One must however become a member to enjoy all the features that our Campaign offers (After Action Reports, persistent characters, medals, full mission briefings etc.). Thanks for your kind words Riksen!
  5. Air Combat Group Campaign Server ACG offers a unique immersive experience, missions take place on Sunday evenings between approximately 18:30 and 22:00 GMT with individual squadrons flying their sorties within a smaller window during this timeframe. Verbal mission briefings take place at specified times during the mission. Players will be assigned a virtual pilot, which is part of a squadron, and will be expected to fly with and carry out the squadrons orders as a group. Pilots need to be on comms with their squadron using ACG’s Teamspeak server, and will need push-to-talk enabled to transmit. Once you join the ACG Teamspeak server on a Campaign evening, you will be assigned to a squadron to fly with for the mission. You must listen to your squadron commander and fly as a unit. This is a persistent style mission so you have only one life and cannot respawn a second time, unless your squadron has multiple targets and has the ability of refuelling at a forward operating base, these will be outlined in the mission briefing. Teamspeak whispers will allow you to hear other squadron commanders and ground controllers so as to better coordinate the ongoing battle, hear mission updates and requests for assistance. Mission briefings take place with the use of PAM. This is ACG’s Pilot and Mission Database where all After Action Reports, Briefings etc. are logged and documented. We call this ACG’s Paperwork Simulator. Here for instance you can take a look at the Briefings and mission overview of a past mission. Note that there are no objective markers on the map, Only friendly airfields. The objectives have to be located by the squad from the mission briefing. Once the mission is complete players can fill out an after action report to give their virtual pilot some continuity, including air and ground claims for a more authentic experience. The AAR can be submitted using PAM sometime during the following week. It helps if your kills are witnessed to confirm the kill. Pilots will need to check the briefing which is published on PAM either Friday or Saturday for server password, Mission directives, and take off time. If you would like to give this a try then please come and say Hi over at the reception area of the ACG forum, stating an intention to give ACG a try, which can be found: Forum Discord Teamspeak For more information on how ACG operates, take a look at the ACG Field Book. All feedback is welcome, tell us what you like as well as what you didn’t like. See you in the skies
  6. Ωραία σκινς παίδες!
  7. If you're looking for large scale online campaigns with other like-minded virtual pilots, consider the Air Combat Group.
  8. I wonder if someone could help me. I'm looking for the format in which VVS flight reports (after action reports) were written. I don't speak Russian (can only read Cyrillic) so my searching abilities are limited. Could someone indicate what I should search for? Or show me an image or two? I'm mainly interested in the 1941-1943 period. I've been looking at the http://podvignaroda.ru/ but have found little, because most files are abbreviated even when I put BBC in the search field. Thanks in advance
  9. @Raptorattacker its not in the thumbnail so I don't see why it would be pulled.
  10. It's not all about combat though for some of us. Yes it may have no bearing on actual combat, but it has bearing on immersion for example. Players must be given the choice to enforce whatever they want on their server or not to. That's the nature of a game like this. It's not just about dogfighting and having an advantage in the air. I fly with UI off even though I know I have no advantage in the air over someone who has the engine overheat pop up.
  11. Why not have it be server choice? Server choice on = People have to do the manual start up (of sorts) Server choice off = People can do as they please (i.e. either on or off on their client) It looks like people hate having the choice, seriously... Please do the same for the UI. Make that a server option too.
  12. Some Greek Spitfire IX skins I made a while back. The Spitfire served in the Hellenic Air Force during the Greek civil war and up to 1952. They used a mix of different types, from Mk. Vs to Mk. XIXs.
  13. First flight with the Me262.... she's a fine piece of kit! More involved start-up procedure is a nice touch! Nice day for it... First time lift off...happy days.. yes.... it was cross-field... could not find the damn runway.... 😄 Heatblur and no spinny things.... Gun testing... Its a mean shape...but very easy to recognise at a distance because of the smoke trails and wing sweep... This shot came out nice...in its proper environment... Down safe....
  14. In case you have missed it, ACG now has a Discord server: https://discord.gg/qKq5y5q
  15. I have a problem. I have the Saitek X45 throttle. I just moved to a new place and due to lack of space to pack it I threw away the X45 joystick that was broken anyway, but which served as a link between the throttle and the pc. I got an adapter from game port to USB to connect the throttle to the pc but now it doesn't recognize the existence of the throttle... Reading up online I found that the throttle doesn't contain the chip that lets the pc know it's connected. This is the chip board I would need. http://www.leobodnar.com/shop/index.php ... cts_id=180 Any ideas? Software that might help? Not really keen on buying a few chips, recommendations for low price stand-alone throttles? If anyone in Europe has got a throttle lying about, please contact me.
  16. Hi RedKestrel, thanks for your interest in ACG. I'll try to answer your questions as best I can, even though I've never had the error #100009 error you speak of. Did a quick search, but it didn't yield any results. People seem to not be able to fix this. It would be a real shame if you have this frequently, as we do sometimes have missions with long flight times... What you can do however, is join the ACG Public server and see if it happens to you there. It runs on the same machine. That being said however, you are most welcome to fly with us for a campaign mission or two, to see if it would be something you would be interested in and to test your system. Campaign starts again on May 5th at 1830-1900BST. About time commitment: ACG pilots are required to fly on each Campaign Sunday and then file a report. Of course, real life always comes first, and we understand that. We do however want members to be able to commit to a 'most Sundays' rule. If you know you will miss a sunday, it is good form to let your CO or adjutant know. We take pilots of any flying standard and with any BoX modules, so you can pop round any time. Squadrons also have a practice session every Thursday after 1900 BST and there's always people on the Discord too. Yes, because we have so many pilots, we fly staggered sorties. Each squadron is given a set take-off time in the mission briefing.
  17. Hi Jonathan! You can jump on our Discord if you like! https://discord.gg/qKq5y5q
  18. Hey here's a corker, why not have it like it is in reality?
  19. They do exist over Dover mainly, but mission makers leave them out over London to save on performance. I think they eat up a great deal of processing power, so they are left out most of the time.
  20. Gimme the Hurribus!! Would preorder today 😄 Is it only me who finds it oddly beautiful?
  21. We have a programme that does exactly that, to calculate if your character survived. All those factors are taken into account and you could wind up being sent to the gulag or shot as a spy.
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