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  1. Thanks for the reply Thad. I had thought about a mod conflict and should have mentioned that in trying to solve for this issue I removed and deleted the MODS folder and all mods and even the JSGME executable and .ini from the main directory folder. Even with all MODS removed, when I check the box "Enable Mods" in the settings and restart the program, my password has been stripped out (even though it was closed with the "remember password" in place) and once I re-type in my password and hit enter, the gear wheel icon just spins and the program will not load. As mentioned in my previous post, to get the sim running again I have to manually enter the setup.cfg and change modes=1 back to modes=0 and then restart. I'm still searching for a solution.
  2. Kind of an old topic but I did not find an answer in this thread. I am running the latest IL2 BoM v 3.012b. I have installed JSGME, extracted mods to MODS and enabled various mods which all show up in the actual game data folder/files as having been installed but don't show up in the game. I read elsewhere that one must tick the "enable mod" box in settings so I did and restarted the game to make that effective, but the game would not load past the enter name and password loading page. I just keep getting the gear wheel icon spinning after entering my user ID and password. To get back into the game I went to task manager to close the game then I went into setup.cfg and changed modes=1 back to modes=0 and the game loads and plays just fine - but again without mods. Scratching my head on this one - any thoughts or guidance welcome on how to enable the mods. Mechanic
  3. Havoc over the Kuban key received, activated and, since I couldn't wait until Christmas morning, campaign commenced. Once again, thank you busdriver for your generous gift to me and others. Happy Holidays to all! Mechanic
  4. If any Havoc campaigns are still left...or Fortress on the Volga (just need to learn how to repair 1l-2s) Either way or none, Happy Holidays and thanks for your generosity to the community Mechanic
  5. A comrade in arms - I too am now getting the "Error 0xc0000005 on launch" error when using the launcher.exe. The game runs offline fine from the il-2.exe file. This started happening just about the same time as Alexmarine28 but I was originally able to correct it by deleting the content of the updates folder and changing to 'run as administrator" in the compatibility box (per the IL2 FAQ in this forum). But now that solution no longer works. If anyone out there has a viable solution your assistance would be appreciated. Mechanic
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