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  1. Yes, one could come to that conclusion😄. Missions of the "Battle" Squadrons in the Battle of France were real suicide missions. Just to commemorate these brave men in their flying coffins (and all other aircrews in WWII) a real simulation in a flight game would be very welcome. (Under the title: "Whoever survives the next mission wins")
  2. morgen!☕🥐🧻
  3. Hi Feathered, Yes BR483 was a Spitfire Vc. But I'm sure 100% historical skins will follow.
  4. Hallo Hot_Rod, Could you please try this: -start game (it`s important to do the next steps before you start a misson!) -go to "Options" -then click "Planes", you `ll see the Blenheim Mk IV with the default paintscheme. First second its a `bit blury, then clear, thats o.k. - go to your mission and have a look.
  5. You`re wrong man. The Martlet is not a stupid plane. It stants in the shadow ( like the Hurricane, P-40, and others) of more famous planes like P-51`s, Spitfires, but has it part in the history.
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