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  1. Yes it does Jim, ran it with 14 people the other night and everything worked as expected using checkzones/d-server/dogfight
  2. That would not be good, 90% of the mission I built that we flew last night had checkzones on a D server running in dogfight mode. Hate to have to go back and change all those to complex triggers for future use.
  3. Ran into something different that I need help with. I started a new Vander dynamic mission and called WW_Faw_4. Decided to start a new one built from scratch using the same name. Deleted the Vander mission from the dogfight folder. Now when I go to load the mission I have two versions in the multiplayer launch and I get the original mission loading even though the Vander mission has been deleted. Does any one know where this Vander mission is being stored and how to get rid of it. I could always save my scratch built mission with another name but I'd like to know a fix for future reference Here's a shot of the launch menu
  4. This is the process for disabling MS store for win10 Home https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/disabling-microsoft-store-in-windows-10-home/cc839241-bd98-4476-98db-d86f0be9dd2b?auth=1
  5. Still getting used to the site 👍
  6. Just getting back into WW1 flying after years of ROF, was wondering is there a central location for FC skins like we had for ROF? Like to see everyone's handy work as I'm getting shot down.
  7. I've had no problem with win 10 and CH control manager FS/PT/TQ/PP. I did get rid of MS store which I hear did cause a conflict.
  8. OK thanks guys, A bit more expensive here with the exchange rate than on Steam, but I'm good to go.
  9. I just reinstalled BOS purchased here at the il2 store years ago and wanted to link it to my steam acc't. Didn't get the option to link at startup, is there another way of doing it I don't have to buy BOS on Steam again to purchase DLC on Steam do I.
  10. I'm a long time player of ROF and just noticed Flying Circus just went on sale. I don't have VR (vertigo) so I've been putting off buying FC because I feel I'm just purchasing ROF all over again but everyone is moving over to it so I may as well join them. The question I have is I don't have BOS (IL2 store purchase) loaded on my computer. Do I need to do that in order to link to Steam where I plan to purchase FC or is there another way of doing this?
  11. OK thanks, I'll probably copy over the bulk of the structure adding objects as need be.
  12. Been building ROF missions for about 4 yrs. and have about 50 group files I'd like to port over to BoS. I can see where there may be problems but is there anyway to do this or is it start over?
  13. I just purchased this sim, Been playing ROF for the past 4 years and will continue building missions and flying it. I was expecting to see the same type of options with BoS. I was very surprised to see the option of not being able to host as this is the way I check for errors when I construct missions. To say the least I was a little chocked at this but did figure a way of doing it by building the mission as a single player then changing over to MP/dogfight when it's complete. Having the option to host would make things a lot easier and hope it gets added in the future.
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