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    3D Artist and PC Games Alpha/Beta Tester. I was in Pink Floyd's The Wall (ancient history) and I'm also assisting with the PC hit game DAYZ.

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  1. You'd be amazed at the flack the devs would get if they did that from some quarters. Have some faith though, if something irritates us know that it also irritates the devs. Wait and see! That said, did I not see a mod out to achieve this?
  2. it's fine for me! I'd always love a few extra fps, but as far as flightsims go it's one of the best fpswise (for VR imho!)
  3. 6700k and 1080oc here and I find my old rig just fine for VR
  4. I've just replayed Age of Wonders (1) brilliant little game and imho the best of the series
  5. wheres one with butch men dancing? Much more fun.
  6. FC Vol.2 pre-order Meteor. Anything the devs give us, im happy
  7. OrLoK

    Using 3ds Max

    not currently! BUT, show us any aircraft you make in 3DSmax!
  8. Ai are fine. One tends to notice only when they mess up not the rest of the time when theyre doing well. Dont be afraid to whack up the setting to ACE. it doesnt seem to make them invincible rather they fell more humanistic.
  9. i rarely play any 2d games now. In a way VR has ruined mainstream gaming for me
  10. OrLoK

    VR for FC?

    FC looks great to me in VR. I've not tried with glasses but im very short sighted in my right eye and still have fun! Rift S.
  11. dont forget the game is constantly worked on. Anything which irritates us will also irritate the devs and theyll want to fix it *if possible* Patience is key!
  12. Happy Thanksgiving to our American cousins from the UK!
  13. OrLoK

    Faux Hakenkreuz

    there's mods for that
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