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    3D Artist and PC Games Alpha/Beta Tester. I was in Pink Floyd's The Wall (ancient history) and I'm also assisting with the PC hit game DAYZ.

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  1. OrLoK

    [MOD] Voice Pack in English for Radio Chatter V0.47

    I, too dont have the time I hope someone picks up the ball! Thanks for all your previous hard work! o7
  2. +1 for VR only servers too. BUT how would that work? How would you stop the owls from using the server to gain an advantage?
  3. 99pc of the time I play Allied as I have little to no flighttime with Axis except the ju52.
  4. that pilot vs the lightning, did he have infinite ammo turned on?
  5. OrLoK

    WOW what a sim

    look at the rift. lovely built in headphones, less system hungry and the standard for current simming. I'll not fly in 2d any more.
  6. OrLoK

    VR Seat position - can you adjust it in VR?

    not as far as i know, no.
  7. OrLoK

    Steam Awards - Best VR Game of the Year

    already done before I saw the thread
  8. yup, only ever fly with 4 and half fuel!
  9. you need one of the releases. BOS was on a super sale recently and regularly has 50pc off sales. the p40 is an excellent plane to learn on but it's not super simple to master and can feel quite underpowered at times. however, it's excellent vs bombers and ground targets. also, once you can fly it with full engine management turned on any other fighter will be a breeze.
  10. OrLoK

    DD today?

    happy birthday!
  11. I'm on the side of the winners.
  12. OrLoK

    Dynamic Career?

    I never take anything as a straight "NO!". Rather not currently planned for in the development schedule as far as we know. I'll be surprised (if TC is a success) if we don't see something of the sort in the distant future. but, in the meantime, we have mission makers (like NETSCAPE etc) who'll create campaigns and perhaps Tank integration to the PWCG?
  13. OrLoK

    P40E questions

    landing is a lot easier for me too but I always land too fast!
  14. OrLoK

    P40E questions

    I couldn't live without my toe brakes on the p40. for me, they're essential.