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    3D Artist and PC Games Alpha/Beta Tester. I was in Pink Floyd's The Wall (ancient history) and I'm also assisting with the PC hit game DAYZ.

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  1. just landing is an achievment for me.
  2. im positive ive turned out in the tiger whilst driving.
  3. no problem we do tend to get passionate over games/sims we love. i try to remember that the devs arnt doing anything deliberately to spite us, even if aspect X or Y "appears" to fall by the wayside. im sure the team would love to drop in all the older RoF content if they could but they have limitations that are simply not and cant be made public to us. its a great sim to us but to the devs its their livelyhood as well as their passion. they want it to succeed just as much as we do, if not more! i hope i didnt come across as harsh with my response!
  4. A bit harsh dont you think? The devs are doing their best for *all* of us.
  5. I fall in and out of love with DCS. Currenty BoX feels "better" all round, to me. DCS always feels so sterile. YMMV. Picked up the carrier though and looking forward to what DCS *and* BoX etc will bring us in the future.
  6. i use double sided velcro on carpet and in my old flat wooden floorboards, no tilt, no carpet damage
  7. not as groovy as others, but ittl do me for now
  8. OrLoK + BoN worth a punt! congratz to whomever wins! and thank to The Doctor for astounding generosity. great for the community!
  9. i also "heard" that its not vr supported either. both a sub model and no vr are a bit of a turn off, for me. id love to get hard info from those of you on the know!
  10. sometimes I like to fly the underdog, thats why ive always flown Allied.
  11. I tend to test all my skins in the viewer and then make pretties by flying in VR and then switching of VR to recore or take screenshots. I also wish there was a basic "walk" feature too!
  12. ta for the info. the editor terrifies me somewhat though! i may well be back witg questions!
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