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  1. Im sure they did, but Ive not joined the RAF nor has my country been bombed by the 3rd Reich Im sure folk putting ref cards in their aircraft wont affect your gameplay!
  2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/nr0ybvkr4gwrbv9/custom_photo.dds?dl=0 A quick test inspired by II./JG1_Vonrd Needs work/justification etc
  3. I'd swear it's still working on my il2 as of last week
  4. I'm all for new planes but I suspect it's not as "quick" and easy as you guys think it is. if it were then we'd have the Pacific Theatre by now. I know more detail is available for other aircraft but that doesn't make the process any less time consuming or costly. I want all the plane they can throw at me but we gotta give em time, which is what it takes. I'm sure they'd like the profits too!
  5. really worth a look, makes the game look so much better. Best clouds in any sim as far as im concerned!
  6. under the screen shots. litle box in the text "data"
  7. OrLoK


    its a godsend for vr users
  8. OrLoK


    I beleive this is intentional and a compromise between pixel size and being able to spot distant contacts
  9. can the brightness be adjusted of the traders via the mod. it's excellent btw.
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