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  1. Im what most folk would call a "snowflake" lefty liberal hippy, and i rather like CP:2077,but remember, just because one person is a "type" they dont represent the views of everyone of that "type".
  2. specs 1090 @4.8 32gb(64? I cant remember!) ram 2080sc Various ssds and Hdds Ive owned the CV1. Rift S and the Quest 2. They are all very different beasts and have very different prices. If I had to choose just one, it would be the Q2. Its just better all round vs cost. I LOVE my other headsets but theyve been packed away as backups. The CV1 and S have their own bits/attributes I would like to see on the Q2 but to be honest I forget about thiose once im in VR. There are some who delight in complaining about
  3. oh, i agree. I not saying that the game is poor (i was in a zoom meeting when i wrote that post so couldnt enlarge upon it.) just that , for me, and the emphasis must be on the "for me", the term "sterile" is one ive personally applied to DCS before so the post i repied too instantly rang true for me. Again, by all standards I should be in DCS lots of the time, but there is (for me! ) something that i cant quite put my finger on which stops me from using all those aircraft ive bought. Il2 isnt perfect and i regularly fall in and out of love with it and get irritated th
  4. i cant over recommend the Q2. its not *the* perfect VR headset of all time, but if anyone offered me a CV1, S, or Q2 id instagrab the q2. Also most folk wont *need* the 256 one, even if it seems the way to go. Grab the 64 and spend the extra on the elite strap with battery (which isnt essential either)
  5. i too have a stable of aircraft going mostly unused in DCS. I *should* adore DCS but seem to find it more frustrating than fun. Im sure its an issue with me but I cant get motivated to jump in any more.
  6. Its a (probably rather minor) issue that does raise its head quite frequently in the Stam forums, from what Ive noticed. The problem (imho) is that games like CoD are soooo huge that generally the wider gaming public already know by osmosis through their media instake that CoD X and CoD Y are different beasts. That said, to me, I have not a clue about CoD (since the original WW2 ones) and I couldnt reliably tell anyone what part of the franchise goes where and is compatible with what. So, the issue will raise its head in some quarters regardless, but this is
  7. looks amazing! EDIT : all the models from everyone look *A M A Z I N G*
  8. I adore my Quest 2. Its like buying one's first VR headset again. My rift S is now retired as a back up and the addition of the Elite Strap with battery seals the deal (ymmv) I even started playing "casual" games like beat sabre. Im a 50year old Goth Rock lover and even I got into the "kids new fangled music". Untethering is a game changer. The enhanced controller battery life is astounding, and the improved clarity etc pushes the feel of VR further. Is it perfect? No. But then again whch VR headset is? For the price its great an
  9. Do we know anything about multiple Pcs controlling different aspects of the sim? I suddenly find myself with a spare PC now my next intended career path failed and id like to see it put to good use.
  10. in game development *nothing* is quite simple!
  11. damn. just spent the last of my savings on fs2020. now terrified.
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