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    3D Artist and PC Games Alpha/Beta Tester. I was in Pink Floyd's The Wall (ancient history) and I'm also assisting with the PC hit game DAYZ.

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  1. OrLoK

    Engine-Sound Mods and official sounds

    but mods do work in multiplayer if the host chooses to allow them. or was that from a while ago?
  2. OrLoK

    Expensive aircraft in Il-2?

    I think that for newcomers the initial asking price *seems* steep. I can see why when one compares the game to other more mainstream games like WT etc. even I, for a long time, didn't understand the reasoning behind the many 109s and other variants. I just didn't know the facts. so, to me as an casual player in most ww2 games, it seemed odd. once one gets into the meat of il2 and hops into the various 109s etc it suddenly "clicks" and the differences become clear as well as the historical facts. but to a prospective gamer, it might seem like there's (ironically) to many il2 variants etc. a "starter" pack of utterly disparate aircraft might assist in this. (as will the planned demo) personally, I do find the games are expensive overall, purly as an initial cash outlay, to the average gamer. a release for a lesser price with a smaller plane set again would bring it to the attention of more players imho. all that said, do I thing the series is worth it at the current price? absolutely. as a result I own pretty much everything (except tank crew and the new lagg) And I highly recommend the game to others on a regular basis. L
  3. OrLoK

    DD today?

    I'm sure the devs are aware how "invested" we simmers can be in certain things, unless it's a quantum shift in development, and even if the next one is Tank heavy, I don't see them leaving you flyboys out of the picture Don't forget, the more tankers we get to buy in the more resources for all!
  4. OrLoK


  5. oh well! I wish them all the best but think I'll stick with Box.
  6. OrLoK

    Developer Diary 202 - Discussion

    I think that BobP' s biggest draw will be the map. one flaw I see in BOX is the inability to fly a non historical campaign in any aircraft, from a Spad to a Spit IXe. sometimes it nice to just have fun. regardless. Bodenplatte I think will attract a new user base. I'm excited.
  7. OrLoK

    geneva convention

    apologies in advance but talking to a few vets I know well the GC only comes into effect where applicable. this has been from verified chaps who without a shadow of a doubt have been in theatre X or Y. in the heat of combat often it seems all bets are off whereas PoWs are treated well if a little roughly depending on their background/behaviour. I apologise for my vagueness and can understand if my tales are seen as apocryphal. I don't feel I can go into too much detail but right or wrong there can be huge shades of grey as well as massive infractions which in a said scenario may well break a ROE/convention but in the time and context can be "justified". I'm all about the GC and ROE and general humanity and fairness but humanity is fluid and isn't always fair or indeed "right" again, apologies if I'm out of order. I mean no offence.
  8. OrLoK

    Waist Gunning Physics

    I find all the gunner positions a little flawed. but I do play in VR. however, old training films always help!
  9. I put trim on a hat water/oil radiator on another. (you can cover most planes with this even if they have different cooling just assign whichever type they have) prop pitch I've never assigned. correctly or not. mixture, rpm and throttle will go well on your saitek levers. still useable on multi engine planes. there's no real right or wrong ratherif yo can control your planes, whatever works for you is good. tbh, I find Box just as complex as DCS except for engine startup. indeed, compared to my DCS hawk, Box planes feel far more invoked to fly once I'm off the ground.
  10. OrLoK

    What allows you to drop into someone's vehicle?

    I'm MP I *think* any user can jump into a gunner position on an aircraft but not pilot. this is what I've read but not tried. I don't know about tank crew but on imagines one might be able to gun but not drive.
  11. OrLoK

    Developer Diary 202 - Discussion

    hugely looking forward to the new map
  12. OrLoK

    Feature Requests for Tank Crew

    textures seem ok to me. how could you imagine them improved? I've only seen the interiors in VR so I might not be seeing what you see.
  13. OrLoK


    tanks are part of the BoX series. I don't know if the original one's are drivable in a pure FC install. I'm assuming so. I fly ww1 aircraft in mp alongside ww2 one's all the time. edit: it's fine and normal. don't click on a tank mission if you wish to avoid em