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  1. My preferred MP servers. Always recommended them to others. S!
  2. im already impressed with the S's screen without SS, ill try it with it on later My only gripe is that it doesnt feel as posh as my OG rift.
  3. keep hanging around and contribute to the forums, you'll likely get your wish. Its rare, though not unheard of, to be sent planes etc after a post but there are often giveaways, try your luck when they come up. Good luck! L
  4. Its a map specifically updated for tank combat. The devs have been nice enough to allow us to fly in them but that's not their main aim afaik. The bodenplatte map will not be up to the same fidelity as the tanker map so dont worry about it. It should perform around the same as Kuban mostly.
  5. I don't need it either, just wanted to say "good stuff!"
  6. Not modelled afaik. No need at this time.
  7. anyone have completed files? Yup, im lazy!
  8. I, too dont have the time I hope someone picks up the ball! Thanks for all your previous hard work! o7
  9. +1 for VR only servers too. BUT how would that work? How would you stop the owls from using the server to gain an advantage?
  10. 99pc of the time I play Allied as I have little to no flighttime with Axis except the ju52.
  11. look at the rift. lovely built in headphones, less system hungry and the standard for current simming. I'll not fly in 2d any more.
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