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    3D Artist and PC Games Alpha/Beta Tester. I was in Pink Floyd's The Wall (ancient history) and I'm also assisting with the PC hit game DAYZ.

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  1. OrLoK

    P40E questions

    I couldn't live without my toe brakes on the p40. for me, they're essential.
  2. not seeing my BoS purchace displayed. assume it's cos it was a Steam buy back in the day (I think!) not a game breaker!
  3. OrLoK

    Where to after BoBP

    i *know* we have Clod but id love BoB and italy/north Africa.
  4. OrLoK

    Tried out soviet birds yesterday

    im having a blast flying the i16 and taking out axis columns and ground targets. very different to my usual p40.
  5. OrLoK


    BoX, for me, has the best in game clouds I've seen in a flightsim. but, I have found I needed a couple of "mods" to make them great. rarely see or notice any rotation now.
  6. nor with VR tbh if I changed the seating position in 2d it'd be allot easier for me but I rarely launch in 2d. lazy me.
  7. OrLoK

    Feedback -25% code to give away

    Ditto<----spare code here PM me. CLAIMED by itsthatguy
  8. OrLoK

    Oil on goggles?

    known bug.
  9. I initially bought BoS under Steam, everything else via the official shop. ( one plane hugely appreciatedly gifted via this forum). no issues.
  10. I'd trust the devs to do their best and to tweak as time progressed if possible. I'm not fussed if FMs are not perfect. just like the low fidelity aircraft in DCS
  11. I use a clicky pit in VR and just use my mouse to operate buttons etc. Xplane.
  12. Was it a known design flaw in the original or just a limitation in a simulation?
  13. in VR I always look around to get the environment/plane fully loaded in before take off. I run box of an ssd.
  14. OrLoK

    Illuminating the tank optics at night.

    us poor VR users suffer greatly as we can hardly see any tank reticule. I'd adore a colour change/zoom option.
  15. OrLoK

    DD today?

    Always assume everything is an estimate and not written in stone to avoid disappointment