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    3D Artist and PC Games Alpha/Beta Tester. I was in Pink Floyd's The Wall (ancient history) and I'm also assisting with the PC hit game DAYZ.

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  1. Do we know anything about multiple Pcs controlling different aspects of the sim? I suddenly find myself with a spare PC now my next intended career path failed and id like to see it put to good use.
  2. in game development *nothing* is quite simple!
  3. damn. just spent the last of my savings on fs2020. now terrified.
  4. I still use my cougar throttle in DCS. Hopefully OP can in IL2. Not everyone can afford to upgrade. Circumstances change.
  5. no heathrow unless premium??
  6. Im just searching for a solution to this. if i find one ill post it here!
  7. not sure it *is* easy. if it were, likely it would have already been done. The devs are aware of the frustrations around the limit. stuff to you and i which appears easy to do, when confronted by the magic of game development is often hideously problematic to alter. it can often appear very counter intuative to us mortals. there may also be very salient reasons for the hard limit as well.
  8. http://www.twitch.tv/orlok3d/v/673636558?sr=a&t=4877s heres a link to a career mission, a scrpted mission (ww1), and a quick mission.
  9. Rift S Corsair Vengeance 3000 (32gb) This was in the inbuilt campaign generator with enemy population on meduim. There were alot of aircraft and ground targets.
  10. be aware that even with great specs you still might not get a smooth ride 100pc of the time. im still experimenting with settings to stop big drops in fps at times. 80-35 fps. 10900k @ 5.3 / 32gb / 2080super / nvme ssd.
  11. OrLoK

    Future for VR

    6dof? issues? interesting
  12. and if you dont, that sounds about right to me
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