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  1. I do recall one incident where a yak on my six shot my canopy off, which proceeded to fly straight into him and wreck his prop. Luckiest escape I ever had.
  2. I definitely crave a bit of sun. Burma, New Guinea, Or carriers, but if you can't go to the pacific I hope to high heaven they go way back in time, I'm so done with 44-45... Italy or France or Spain or Malta, Greece, Britain...Anything really. I've been thinking for a long time though that I'd rather have smaller maps with more detail and effort put into them. The current maps are enormous, and take a massive amount of time to make, but end up largely devoid of life because the content and dev attention is spread over such a large area. While only 10-30% of the maps are actively used by
  3. I really really wish we could've gone earlier war instead of pushing even more late-war fighters on servers that are already full of them. As much as I love the JU88, the C6 is just absurd as an addition to the scenario, and must have been chosen purely because we already have the 88 modelled. No bombers in BoBP, One bomber in BoN - and little to no support or improvements for ground attack operations in general is certainly a lingering sadness in what is otherwise a great sim.
  4. I love the seaplanes, the torpedo bombers and the flying boats with a fiery passion. WW1, Interwar, WW2- I don't care, bring 'em on!
  5. You can keep your superpowered supermarines. *sighs dreamily and thinks of the Gotha and Handley-Page*
  6. Good answers so far - For dive bombing in something like the Stuka or 88 (and sometimes 109) I go for steep angles and higher drops. For glide bombing, which happens a lot more often, in Peshkas, 110s, the 88 or p much all Jabos - Try to make a single pass and jink during the approach. That is to say, observe the flak firing, and change bank, pitch, yaw, basically as many angles as you can, slightly after you observe the flak battery firing. As you come in you can easily "dodge" the stream of shells, and the closer you get the sooner before a burst you do the jink. The closer you get the mor
  7. It's from 2014, At present it's probably more accurate to write "5 meter" in every box for every bomb.
  8. Real world effectiveness aside, something is definitely iffy with the bomb damage calculations at present, a 50 kg bomb and a 1000 kg bomb dropped at the same distance from hard or soft targets will currently do the same amount of damage - and a 50kg bomb generally appear to do MORE damage than a 500kg bomb at the same distance. I will need to record new tracks as I lost my last tests in a disk move, but just looking at OP's tests I think at current it must definitely be considered a bug just based on how strange the damage effects are. The car furthest from the blast being the only one damage
  9. He's talking about how you can only have one per folder, while it is displayed in game as a drop-down list. If you want to have say, engine notes for a plane instead of your girlfriend, you'll have to overwrite the GF entirely. You can't stuff both pictures in the P51 folder and choose which one to use from the drop-down in game.
  10. The A6 variants mentioned confuse me a little, because I'm not well read on the A-6 model. I thought the A6/R2 were the wing mounted Mk108's, but seems to be the 50kg rack, and wasn't the G3 the long range version with drop tanks? Need a pro to fill me in on juicy details!
  11. I concede that they were unlikely to be completely surprised, but the rear position's job was not only to watch behind the plane, they were also the navigator, radio operator and, when applicable, radar operator. Plenty going on to miss a P-47 diving out of the sun until it was too late to get the gun operational. I agree with you in principle, but maintain that it's still reasonable to assume that in many occasions the gunner was simply not able to man the guns before it was too late.
  12. I do not have access to enough pilot accounts to make any sort of verifiable claims here, so take it with a grain of salt, but my impression has always been that pilots, especially in the second half very rarely mention/remember defensive gunner fire unless it's under exceptional circumstances like a B17 bomber formation. For one, I expect the usual circumstances hold true and that most of these Me 410's were fatally struck before they realised the enemy was coming, which would preclude gunner fire - But could it not also be a matter of how pilots recall or write down these events?
  13. This thread started with a question and then spiralled gracefully from the sky in a flat spin, on fire, like an LA5 with the wing tanks ruptured. You got your answer old bean, a solid one at that, the rest is just uncalled for. I confess I have never considered the ballistics on the D9 a handicap. Keep in mind most american planes fire only '50's, whereas most german planes rely more on heavy cannon shells that have to be fired at a much steeper angle, resulting in what you speak of.
  14. The 110 is a beast in the right hands, especially since - being always encountered in the strike role, it is consistently underestimated by fighter pilots who expect it to lie down and die. Their attack patterns get sloppy and then they get shredded. I'm sure we'll see people using the 410 to good effect as well, especially once the payload is delivered.
  15. Games that manage to harness the niche interests of dozens of tiny fields into a coherent whole are far and few between but deliciously interesting. Combined (F)arms Warfare sounds like a hit waiting to happen.
  16. It "works", but is also entirely ineffective because just about all the guns in the game except the german MG's and maybe the 303's will just go straight through it like butter. There was a more in depth discussion on the same topic a few weeks ago. At least without the armour plate you can see your death coming. Your mileage may vary but I never take it if I have the choice.
  17. May your enemies be below and unaware, and your runways free of Hartmanning 109's. Look to the exploding night sky and spare a thought for the poor bomber crews who had to fly through more aggressive variants. See you all 2021!
  18. I do think we fundamentally need this addressed at the code level and so for MP as well, rather than relying on mods, though the effort is much appreciated.
  19. Agreed - A long-running and consistent issue. Multiple gunners can trade off targets without any delay or fault of aim, even in a high G maneuver against aircraft moving in and out of their line of fire at 700 km/h. There are better and worse ways to attack, but the issue cannot be denied. It's ridiculous.
  20. Dive-bombing with 50's seem to be the only reliable way to do damage to ground targets these days. I guess dud bombs inadvertently serve to decrease demand for those 4 engine bombers but I was hoping to have this addressed in some shape or form.
  21. For someone waiting for one of these CPU's (and having to rebuild my entire rig to do it because of old MOBO architecture) this is very fine news indeed. Thanks for sharing!
  22. The first aircraft will be ready sometime in spring, and I don't think the exact order they will be produced is certain yet, but otherwise you are quite correct, sir!
  23. What an overwhelmingly positive row of news - not only Gothas and recons but a potential (likely) Volume 3 confirmed, and new (???) collector planes?! I was going to wait until after payday/christmas but I think I want to show my approval right away. Excellent news and thank you for elaborating in the Officer's club!
  24. The Tipsy-twirlie 'aces' can keep their 10% fuel Fokkers and Camels - Taking off and Landing in the Gotha was the truest test of skill Rise of Flight had to offer. I salute my fellow bomber pilots, may your suffering never be forgotten.
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