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  1. Luftschiff

    Me 410 and Mosquito

    The He219 Uhu is the dream of dreams, well, at least until the team come to their senses and start building only interwar seaplanes for the ultimate Great Battles: Porco Rosso.
  2. Luftschiff

    Hype about ME262

    It's a new plane.
  3. Luftschiff

    Hype about ME262

    Please just show me pretty pictures of the sharkbird, and tell me relevant facts about the plane like I know you want to.
  4. Luftschiff

    Hype about ME262

    When a new allied fighter is introduced people afraid of it are accused of being Blue Only Whiners. When a new German fighter is being introduced the people NOT calling it overpowered and broken beyond belief are accused of being Blue Only Whiners. Can't we accuse and throw slurs in both directions like gentlemen? Or preferably not at all? There are so many old tropes about the other side floating around these forums that aren't true anymore, and mudfights do us no good. Frankly, it's tiring. This happen every single time a plane is introduced, regardless of side, and yet people remain spread across the teams and spread across the planes once that two-week honeymoon is over. Some people fly only blue, some people fly only red. Most, I suspect, play the outnumbered side, and the aces of whatever nationality will ruin your day regardless of plane. Have no fear, Commisers, when I get my hands on the 262 you will have no shortage of jet kills on your score list.
  5. Luftschiff

    Hype about ME262

    Let's get back on topic, please. Me 262! Beautiful!
  6. Luftschiff

    Hype about ME262

    Well, I foresee no problems for the Pe-2 gunner to track a 262 going past on a perpendicular course at 860km/h while his bomber's flying inverted through a snowstorm.
  7. Luftschiff

    Hype about ME262

    The Schwalbe won't uber out anything. It's a plane with a specific role that doesn't exist in game, while its many drawbacks mostly do. Yes people will go for new planes for a while, and then it will be just another plane in the lineup. I'm wagering it won't even attract the typical aces. It -will- however be something very unique, beautiful and interesting, and so I am excited. I'm typically much more concerned with a chance to fly and experience fascinating old airplanes than I am to win dogfights. A plane uber enough to give me a consistently positive K:D hasn't been built anyway and so I tend to gravitate to, and be most pleased with, odder aircraft than the top performers. Give me Fw189's over Yak 9's any day. Give me He219, Swordfishes, the Grumman J2F Duck, the Greif and Short Sunderland. Certainly such fascinating pieces of technology as the Me262 and Arado! Can't we be happy there's something in the German lineup that isn't another 109?
  8. Luftschiff

    American and British Voice "Actors" Needed ASAP!!

    Bloody hell, I've been checking this thread every day for weeks for updates, and now I find the deadline is tonight! What rotten luck.
  9. Luftschiff

    Is there a sound bug in Great Battles?

    There are plenty of sound bugs when playing online, I've noticed it most often on WoL and European Official - where sound will either cut out, or get stuck in loops (machine guns firing non stop, or the engine sound playing on a constant loop regardless of engine setting and similar). Most instances have been triggered by someone joining a gunner seat on my plane, but it's also encounterable in single fighters, such as the P39. Presumably any sound can get 'stuck', including the radio.
  10. Luftschiff

    A20 Bomber.

    It is entirely in jest, as with the rest of my post - I'm just making light of the fact that compared to most contemporary countries, one cannot fail to notice a penchant for the...shall we say evocative. Camel? Stork? Owl? Dolphin? Rata? NO! SUPERFORTRESS! HAVOC! CORSAIR! WILDCAT! THUNDERBOLT! NOT-LOOKING-AT-EXPLOSIONS! I find it endearing, much like the A20 itself.
  11. Luftschiff

    A20 Bomber.

    A nicer way to say really pretentious cool.
  12. Luftschiff

    A20 Bomber.

    A really extra name a working damage model enough fuel to kill all maritime life in the south china sea fuel consumption to match 'MURICA
  13. While the idea is sound and most of us don't need, say, AI Bostons using Yak tactics and trying to dogfight you on the edge of stalling - it might not be possible to have two separate kinds of flight models coexisting, and the win in performance, if any at all, might be negligible. Either way as I understand it there is no AI coder on the team, and finding and paying one enough to sift through 10 year old engine code to optimize and improve someone elses AI solutions is proving difficult. I understand that, I would not want that job. I would like more planes in the sky, and I would like big bomber formations, and all that stuff - and the devs are aware, but neither tech, resources or Return-On-Investment is there right now to make it happen.
  14. Sometime after 3.001 my alt tab went from instantaneous to complete computer freeze for upwards of 1.5 minutes until the game resumes. Usually this also decouples the mouse cursor from the game window and I end up with two cursors on screen. I've yet to find a solution for it.
  15. I've repeated Crazyduck's tests myself with similar results against a variety of planes. Yak1B statistical outlier in terms of survivability. Will collect the data in a nicer format later. However, I was amused to twice (!) see the Sopwith Camel survive 2(!!) direct hits from the Mk108 and continue combat maneuvering. That particular data is useless, but still amusing.