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  1. Can we please save the 30mm complaints until we've actually seen how the Mk108 and others perform in the new DM? This is a time for excitement ( and a thread for discussing the DD).
  2. Fantastic video, I loved every minute of it. Beware the ides of march, old DM!
  3. I'd just like to posit that there's a possibility of USB interference as well. Just as some game get inputs from my rudder pedals and believe they are gamepad inputs, IL2 can get ghost inputs from other USB devices. Occasionally, when I was using a powered USB hub, I'd sometimes get ghost inputs during flights and the plane would lower gear, open canopy, turn on landing lights and suddenly change trim or pitch up. Have you added any new peripherals or USB devices recently? If you have too many power-hungry devices plugged in you can also get this issue. I don't really see any alternative to the game getting inputs from something, whether an accidental bind, electrical interference, or some other setting mishap. Mouse control disabled?
  4. What a fantastic DD, one of the best! Thank you for your thorough and exhaustive work! Also: Finally the P-47 is pretty again!
  5. As someone already pointed out there's a ton of adjustments to existing FM's anyway, and I imagine some guesstimation had to be done for certain RoF planes as well back in the day. I'd have no issues with a slightly lower accuracy if it brought Japan into the fight. Some quibbles could arise I suppose, but there's nothing this forum wouldn't start arguments about given the chance, so it's kind of moot.
  6. I would love to have better control over the UI data and display, but I suspect the UI tech to be buried very, very deep in this current engine and I don't expect any big improvements to customization unless they move to a new engine or commit to an equally large rewrite of their UI code. Development is weird sometimes, usually things that sound or seem easy are the most difficult to change.
  7. I believe you can just use the recorded track, the cockpit view will still follow your track-IR data as far as I recall, though I haven't used this feature for a while.
  8. Damage model and AI improvements are extremely welcome, always welcome! Binoculars on top of that? Sounds like a wonderful update en route, thank you for your hard work!
  9. Takes a bit to get the hang of taking off using ailerons as air-brakes to correct during the roll-out as well! Gods I love that crate...
  10. As if landing a Gotha isn't hard enough in the first place!
  11. As mentioned above - It's not taking up the space of a fully modelled plane, it's a free extra.
  12. Any freak of nature built by Blohm & Voss. More realistically I really want the He-219. If I can't have crazy seaplanes I want twin-engined grasshoppers.
  13. Luftschiff + BoN Thank you for your generosity!
  14. Since the 109 is largely a matter of removing the boost I wouldn't expect any fancier plane to arrive sooner than that. It's practically already in the game!
  15. While there is no difference between the sides in how they handle G-forces (allied g-suit aside) there IS a difference in how responsive planes are at high speeds. Giving equal RL stick pressure can result in different g-loads depending on the plane. That might be what you're experiencing. Many allied planes have more responsive elevator controls at high speed, for instance, which makes it "easier" to G-loc if you're not paying attention. It's not axis bias, you just can't pull out as hard in a 109, so the pilot will still be conscious when they lawn-dart into the ground after a shallow dive
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