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  1. Luftschiff

    Kurfürst fans?

    I'm way too rubbish at flying the 109 in any capacity. The Mk108 and the Erla-Haube are two very nice improvements but beyond that I'm unlikely to survive any longer in the K4 than in the E-7. Tissue paper is tissue paper regardless of the engine torque.
  2. Luftschiff

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    Always liked the Pfalz. It's not for nothing it was mostly a second line fighter but it's a capable all-rounder and it can dive all it wants, which is its leg-up on the Albatros series. Performance alone won't win you many battles but a skilled pilot can do anything they want in that thing, and it's pretty, to boot! Exposed engine rocker valves....Mmmm...
  3. Luftschiff

    DD today?

    Stop posting these tantalizing picture of the gorgeous razorback we won't be getting 😠
  4. Luftschiff

    DD today?

    For Swedes, calling someone a Dane is, of course, the worst insult. But only if we're doing it, some other bastard pick a fight with our bro and we'll shiv 'em.
  5. Luftschiff

    Thoughts on the P39...

    I don't really know if there's really a scenario in which HE rounds are better than AP within the confines of the game right now. AP rounds still deal accumulative damage to everything it passes through and are just about always better in air to air situations because of it. The only real advantage of the P39's M4 over the Sh-37 is the ammo count, and maybe the gentle and predictable ballistics, neither of which is to be underestimated. I certainly prefer them, but the Sh-37 will destroy or cripple a plane, the M4 is inconsistent. I've had Pe2's survive anywhere from 1-15 hits.
  6. Luftschiff

    Thoughts on the P39...

    Well it happened like a year ago now, I posted that in march - but if memory serves it was on an MP server with icons on, it was very full in the days following the release. It was also firing at me at the time. 500m seems like a worryingly low draw distance, but I know tanks behave much the same for me. Finding tank columns is an exercise in futility when they lod out at twenty paces as though they expect me to duel them with pistols at dawn...
  7. Luftschiff

    Ta-152 Collector Plane

    If we're making wishlists for unicorns gimme the He 219. Hoot hoot!
  8. Luftschiff


    The short answer is no, being kicked from a server or similarly punished does not look like your plane being shot down. Judging from your logs you were shot down by a russian warplane piloted by a player, just like the rest of us.
  9. Luftschiff

    Macchi 202 - really?

    I'm sure you do, and I congratulate you for it! The world needs more Macchi aces - but such data is statistically insignificant, and while I would be interested in seeing a qualitative analysis, I have neither time nor inclination. Don't get the wrong impression, I love just about everything about the 202. Compared to the FM, DM and Survivability of its contemporaries in this game, however, and perhaps even compared to its historical performance, I do not consider it to be what it should. In any given time-appropriate MP scenario I can think of, there's another plane that'll be a better choice - regardless of mission profile. I'll still fly it based on personal preference, but were I to select a real ride to fight and die in, given the in-game FM's, the macchi would be far, far down. In a duel on equal terms, however, I have no insight, and defer to your experience in the matter.
  10. Luftschiff

    DD today?

    At first I thought someone had photoshopped gatling guns onto that thing. I'm afraid!
  11. Luftschiff

    Macchi 202 - really?

    Wrong in what way? I know it is faster, but in a competitive setting your chances of scoring and surviving are still better in an I-16. As I said, it is possible to score well in the Macchi, I have done so myself, but I maintain that it is the worst plane in the game (for its intended role).
  12. Luftschiff

    Macchi 202 - really?

    I adore the Macchi, as a plane - but not as a fighter. It is one of my absolute favourites in the game in a wide variety of aspects, ranging from looks (GORGEOUS) to handling, temperament, comfort... But I do believe that is is worse than it ought to be, and probably the worst plane in the game currently. Now, of course you can be successful in it, but comparing it with any other plane in the game, even older planes like the I-16, it is completely outmatched. I fly it every now in then in MP because it's such a pleasure to fly, but I know I'm signing myself up for one-shot destruction as soon as an enemy is within view. It saddens me, because its profile makes me drool - but it is unfortunately mostly in SP I get to get my grubby mitts on it and try to figure out how to pronounce Radiogionomiomononomgnomeionomoemetro.
  13. Luftschiff

    Weapons after the last update

    I am aware of what the IL-2 is and how it was constructed, yes. It was clumsy of me to use the term "center mass" to mean 'a direct hit', as the center mass of engine and cockpit were indeed the most protected. Irrespective of that armour tub, I maintain that solid hits from 37mm shells, let alone hits to the wings, quite rightfully down your invincible Ilyushin with relative ease, clearly we do not agree - How many hits do you think it fair that you should survive for the game to meet your demands for "much realism, very simulator"?
  14. Luftschiff

    Weapons after the last update

    Any IL2 I've ever opened fire upon with airborne weaponry begs to differ with you. As for the rapid-firing AA, you'd typically be talking about 37-40mm shells that would and should destroy just about any single-engine plane with a direct hit. The AA's accuracy is to be questioned, not the efficacy of a 3.7cm HE shell striking the center mass of your IL2. I don't know what brand of realism you desire.
  15. Luftschiff

    Developer Diary 208 - Discussion

    It might just as well mean that development of the Pacific can start sooner than expected, or a buyout from EA, or the Arado will be the next collector plane, or [anything]. No need to take out disappointment in advance! Beatiful shots of the Pfalz will keep my prop ticking over for another week!