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  1. As long as they put the Peshka gunner in the rear seat any mechanical quirks should be easily overcome. 😎
  2. Wonderful DD, so much content and interesting news. Seeing my gorgeous baby 410 in progress is a treat to warm the coldest of hearts. Gorgeous new skins for the 202 too, though I do think I'll miss the winter camo since so many maps are covered in snow. Excellent job!
  3. Going to copy my reply from another thread - I like that 50's reclaimed their usefulness in the latest overhaul, but it came at the expense of making every other bombload if not useless then tactically pointless. Bombs and standard loadouts grew larger over the course of the war, they were clearly useful. In game, not so. A 50 kg bomb and a 1000 kg bomb dropped at the same distance from hard or soft targets will currently do effectively the same amount of damage - and a 50kg bomb generally appear to do MORE damage than a 500kg bomb at the same distance.Even if we assume the calculations are
  4. I understand the frustration, but the let's be honest - "boom and zoom preoccupied pilots" is how most pilots chose to fight and win, in any plane, at any stage of the war. The 262 cannot dogfight, it is essentially incapable of shooting down any fighter that IS aware of it and since there are no bomber streams, it is thus fighting how it should. At those speeds, I'd also wager that even setting up those "easy kills" you speak of takes more skill than you seem willing to credit them with. As for your grievances and suggestions I can but suggest 1. Play earlier war scenarios
  5. Yeah I've noticed it less after lowering the in-game volume to 50. Strange thing but the lower the in-game volume (even if I maintain the same effective volume by turning up my speakers) the less crackling and popping.
  6. Appreciate it. I've tried a couple of things and I've confirmed it only appears in IL2. I've only noticed it in QMB and Missions, but that's also because I haven't had the chance to fly twin-engines in multiplayer yet. The ME262 with its big wooshy engines remain the best test case - sound starts crackling and then cuts out for one or both engines, back and forth with varying intensity. My first thought was that the old bug with disappearing sounds was back, as it seems to happen more often the more other sounds are playing - and previously IL2 had issues when too many sounds were going off si
  7. No you definitely don't want to be around stall speed in a dogfight. Maximum possible power is generally what you want, it's just a matter of moving the stick less when you want to turn. If you fly with instruments on you can check the G-meter in the lower left, it's deceptively easy to pull high G without realising it so if you're constantly going for tightest-possible-turn that's likely your culprit.
  8. Hey, bit of a Necro but I just rebuilt my computer as well, new CPU, new motherboard and - lo and behold, it's the exact same mobo and processor you have, and the exact same problem in game. I haven't noticed any crackling outside of IL-2, neither with movies, music or other games, but in IL2 the sound disappears, crackles, stutters, and generally just breaks. It's especially prevalent in twin-engine planes like the PE-2 or ME262. Did you find a solution?
  9. I do recall one incident where a yak on my six shot my canopy off, which proceeded to fly straight into him and wreck his prop. Luckiest escape I ever had.
  10. I definitely crave a bit of sun. Burma, New Guinea, Or carriers, but if you can't go to the pacific I hope to high heaven they go way back in time, I'm so done with 44-45... Italy or France or Spain or Malta, Greece, Britain...Anything really. I've been thinking for a long time though that I'd rather have smaller maps with more detail and effort put into them. The current maps are enormous, and take a massive amount of time to make, but end up largely devoid of life because the content and dev attention is spread over such a large area. While only 10-30% of the maps are actively used by
  11. I really really wish we could've gone earlier war instead of pushing even more late-war fighters on servers that are already full of them. As much as I love the JU88, the C6 is just absurd as an addition to the scenario, and must have been chosen purely because we already have the 88 modelled. No bombers in BoBP, One bomber in BoN - and little to no support or improvements for ground attack operations in general is certainly a lingering sadness in what is otherwise a great sim.
  12. I love the seaplanes, the torpedo bombers and the flying boats with a fiery passion. WW1, Interwar, WW2- I don't care, bring 'em on!
  13. You can keep your superpowered supermarines. *sighs dreamily and thinks of the Gotha and Handley-Page*
  14. Good answers so far - For dive bombing in something like the Stuka or 88 (and sometimes 109) I go for steep angles and higher drops. For glide bombing, which happens a lot more often, in Peshkas, 110s, the 88 or p much all Jabos - Try to make a single pass and jink during the approach. That is to say, observe the flak firing, and change bank, pitch, yaw, basically as many angles as you can, slightly after you observe the flak battery firing. As you come in you can easily "dodge" the stream of shells, and the closer you get the sooner before a burst you do the jink. The closer you get the mor
  15. It's from 2014, At present it's probably more accurate to write "5 meter" in every box for every bomb.
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