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  1. It "works", but is also entirely ineffective because just about all the guns in the game except the german MG's and maybe the 303's will just go straight through it like butter. There was a more in depth discussion on the same topic a few weeks ago. At least without the armour plate you can see your death coming. Your mileage may vary but I never take it if I have the choice.
  2. May your enemies be below and unaware, and your runways free of Hartmanning 109's. Look to the exploding night sky and spare a thought for the poor bomber crews who had to fly through more aggressive variants. See you all 2021!
  3. I do think we fundamentally need this addressed at the code level and so for MP as well, rather than relying on mods, though the effort is much appreciated.
  4. Agreed - A long-running and consistent issue. Multiple gunners can trade off targets without any delay or fault of aim, even in a high G maneuver against aircraft moving in and out of their line of fire at 700 km/h. There are better and worse ways to attack, but the issue cannot be denied. It's ridiculous.
  5. Dive-bombing with 50's seem to be the only reliable way to do damage to ground targets these days. I guess dud bombs inadvertently serve to decrease demand for those 4 engine bombers but I was hoping to have this addressed in some shape or form.
  6. For someone waiting for one of these CPU's (and having to rebuild my entire rig to do it because of old MOBO architecture) this is very fine news indeed. Thanks for sharing!
  7. The first aircraft will be ready sometime in spring, and I don't think the exact order they will be produced is certain yet, but otherwise you are quite correct, sir!
  8. What an overwhelmingly positive row of news - not only Gothas and recons but a potential (likely) Volume 3 confirmed, and new (???) collector planes?! I was going to wait until after payday/christmas but I think I want to show my approval right away. Excellent news and thank you for elaborating in the Officer's club!
  9. The Tipsy-twirlie 'aces' can keep their 10% fuel Fokkers and Camels - Taking off and Landing in the Gotha was the truest test of skill Rise of Flight had to offer. I salute my fellow bomber pilots, may your suffering never be forgotten.
  10. Once I got both a kill AND survived in the SAME sortie!
  11. While I will be content with just one of these categories for Volume 2, I desperately want the bombers, the seaplanes, and the early birds - the E.III, N.17 and the Halberstadt are my babies.❤️
  12. If you're trying to attack a russian bomber in the MC.202 you might as well armour your monitor screen for all the good it'll do you, I salute your bravery (and excellent taste in aircraft) And thus, are useless in 99% of cases, which is precisely why I'd rather have a better view behind me so I know I'm about to be PK'd instead of having it be a total surprise.
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