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  1. Luftschiff

    Minimize or whatever?

    Aye, I have tried every conceivable way and permutation as well as dozens of 'fixes'. It remains broken, although only for IL2.
  2. Luftschiff

    Minimize or whatever?

    I've had an issue for months since updating to Windows 10 where alt-tabbing out works fine, but getting back in freezes the game completely for 3-4 minutes, which is absolutely maddening. No issues in RoF, and it wasn't an issue until win10. Hardly the same problem but alt-tab and windows 10 aren't great buddies it'd seem.
  3. Luftschiff

    Developer Diary, Part 197 - Discussion

    Certainly, there's also a difference between poring over screenshots and how something looks in motion - Fret not, I do not doubt that it looks better in the new engine, and as long as I get a WW1 sim where I get points for destroying buildings my bomber heart is pleased. I trust in turn you understand that any criticism or comparative lack of enthusiasm is coming from a place of love - Immense love, in fact, love for your previous project, and for your current project. Any comparisons being made is made to the top-tier quality of your current offerings - and I guess therein is the perceived issue. Comparing an IL2 plane with RoF, the leap in quality is immense and immediately noticeable - in these screenshots, possibly because it's a rework of old models rather than all new ones, it's just not as readily apparent is all.
  4. Luftschiff

    Developer Diary, Part 197 - Discussion

    I'm amazed by how much crisper the shadow resolution is in RoF compared to IL2, it took me several pictures in before I even realised half of them were from Rise of Flight. I support the team and as an avid WW1 fan I'll certainly buy it, but visually... With the fantastic cockpit quality of the last few IL2 releases I guess somehow I was expecting more? Very sad to hear the career won't be coming, that's sort of my entire thing, but I can understand the reasoning. Here's to hoping it'll pop along sometime in the future, and until then I guess Rise of Flight is still a fantastic (and great looking!) option. Clear prop!
  5. Luftschiff

    Worst enemy for germans

    I fear the LA5FN's somewhat cherry-picked performance, but the title of 'worst enemy' still goes to the PE-2. Now, I don't mean that it is necessarily the most dangerous, but it's unsatisfying and difficult to fight. It can soak even 30mm hits, the gunners trade targets from dorsal to ventral with perfect accuracy and no delay, it's fast and maneuverable and the armament can knock out any german plane with a single hit - Engaging a PE-2 always comes with a heavy sigh and a 'here we go again'. I just plain don't like fighting them.
  6. Luftschiff

    Would love to buy the new DLC on Steam

    Just buy it on the website, it's cheaper and the content is added to your steam version of the game regardless? I play on steam, but I've bought everything but BoS here. There's really no reason to buy it on steam other than specifically wanting to keep money away from the developers. I like steam, but believe me, Gabe earns enough as it is, and the dev team is struggling.
  7. Luftschiff

    carreers concerns

    Well, the AI in the old IL2 games were using a simplified model, any direct comparison is extremely misleading. More importantly though, while I certainly support your opinion, please keep in mind that AI is an incredibly complicated and specialized skill, you can't just assign any engineer to nebulously 'improving' it. I believe the blocker or bottleneck for improving the AI in the game (which I agree would be very useful for career) is the lack of (or enough time for) an AI programmer. There are also performance issues to take into account.
  8. Luftschiff

    Update Today?

    Aw, that sounds way too much like my regular sorties
  9. Luftschiff

    Update Today?

    I would definitely pay for the ability to play a Stuka raid on a football stadium.
  10. Luftschiff

    Flying Circus/WW1 Aviation

    I would not take an N17 up against a DVa unless I had some good dogfighting rockets on me.
  11. Fresh install for me
  12. I have also had this issue since the creator's update, windowed or full screen makes no difference in terms of freeze time (~20-40 seconds by my estimate). No attempted solutions so far have affected the issue in any way. I thought it might be some leftover reshade/sweetFX files causing the extra load but no luck there either.
  13. Luftschiff

    No guns!

    This happened several times to multiple people on WoL earlier, myself included. Definitely a bug, the input is registered, you can see the trigger depress and hear a 'click' as though the guns were out of ammunition. Switching plane type usually solved it but that is of little comfort to a person already in a dogfight.
  14. Luftschiff

    Which 262 Will We Get?

    I imagine 4 MK108 would be quite sufficient for basically anything with wings.