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  1. Jason, I know we have two separate layers of clouds, old pal! I was referring to a single stack of cloud rising multiple levels , like a pillar. -Or perhaps less dramatically, just some more vertical variance. Many good memories of dogfights swirling around and in between steep cliffs of cloud. ❤️
  2. Wasn't expecting something today, very nice! These cloud updates make me long for the multi-layered cloudstacks of RoF. Even after all these years RoF still has the most beautiful clouds.
  3. Not expecting a DD today, but some standards must be upheld. This thread cannot be allowed to fall into disrepair. For some future DD I still have my eyes fixed on information on the air marshal feature, and of course the theater announcement. Further official confirmation of the Hurricane and Yawn-9 is more likely, however. Holding out hope for that sweet Arado action.
  4. Probably oversped the engine in that dive if you were following a FW in steeply and had full throttle. The I-16 must occasionally be flown like the rather early design it is.
  5. For me the preference for the LW planes has always been the fact that, being raised in western europe, you grew up seeing, hearing and reading about the German, British and American planes. I don't think I could name a single Russian fighter aircraft until quite late. It's not that they were worse, or better, there was just no romance or baseline fascination for the types. A blue preference would never keep me from the numerically underprivileged though, unless I had my mind set on flying the Stuka that night - and let's be fair, that's probably better for Red stats than me flying a Russian fighter Now american and british types, including the P-38 which is one of my all time faves, are making an appearance, and with some solid ground-pounding capacities as well! Good news all around! Once the novelty wears off I think we'll see less stacking overall to be honest - but personally I could get shot down in a 262 by an I-16 so I've long since settled in for being seal-clubbed regardless of airframe.
  6. Everything can be tweaked, but even as is it's a huge improvement. We've been asking for this for YEARS. This forum could be rescued from a sinking ship and start complaining about the colour of the rescue vessel before they're even on board. I find the mid-zoom area confusing too, but bloody hell - Great job devs, THANK you!
  7. More flight simulators is a good thing, and this truly looks fantastic. Commercial sims has never been very interesting to me, but I can't deny that cruising around my old haunts in the archipelago sounds...appealing. You have my attention, Microsoft. I'm a little confused as to the notion of gameplay though - is anything actually planned, or is it truly just a 'free flight' kind of deal through and through? No Missions? Careers? Jet liner jobs? No narrative or conceptual framing at all? I'm not at all familiar with how commercial sims normally approach these things, but surely it's more interesting to have the underlying structure of the actual jobs?
  8. After looking around it seems there's space for a .dds custom photo in the texture folder of each separate plane! So for instance: "SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\graphics\Planes\TempestMkVs2\Textures\custom_photo.dds"
  9. So, how do I add a photo of Her Majesty the Queen into my cockpit? I can't start the game before this is sorted!
  10. Aye, think of it more like an ATC or AWACS player in a commercial sim or DCS, and I think you'll be closer. Someone who can task other players, see intel from AI or Player sources, and perhaps to some extent control AI forces or allocate resources. However, we really don't know, I've been eagerly awaiting more information for a while now. I can't imagine it shipping with the patch since they've yet to even tell us what it is. Time will tell, no doubt.
  11. Eric Hardman was just one Private Eye in a city full of lies, a city full of bright lights - that cast dark shadows. He should have known she'd be trouble the moment she knocked on his door. She said she had a case for him.
  12. What a beauty... ❤️
  13. Heinkel, Swordfish, Kate, Avenger - I'll take any and ALL torpedo planes please! Throw an Arado 196 in for good measure!
  14. Getting something wrong is not the same as unfinished, though I take your point. I certainly don't remember the devs admitting to it being wrong or unfinished until, eventually, it was resolved. The point was: The Devs have extremely high standards and they have never given us any reason to believe a patch release would be 'unfinished' or intentionally sub-par just to get it out the door, and I thought it was a strange and rude accusation of the OP to make, given that there was no precedent. True enough - They can still be wrong, and make mistakes, I grant you - but so can we all.
  15. That P-38 is making me feel things I haven't felt for an allied plane since the Felixstowe... And the mud-mover in me is absolutely delighted at the prospect of being able to see my target before I've passed it and missed my drop cue. Fantastic job, this patch will be something truly special.
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