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  1. Any freak of nature built by Blohm & Voss. More realistically I really want the He-219. If I can't have crazy seaplanes I want twin-engined grasshoppers.
  2. Luftschiff + BoN Thank you for your generosity!
  3. Since the 109 is largely a matter of removing the boost I wouldn't expect any fancier plane to arrive sooner than that. It's practically already in the game!
  4. While there is no difference between the sides in how they handle G-forces (allied g-suit aside) there IS a difference in how responsive planes are at high speeds. Giving equal RL stick pressure can result in different g-loads depending on the plane. That might be what you're experiencing. Many allied planes have more responsive elevator controls at high speed, for instance, which makes it "easier" to G-loc if you're not paying attention. It's not axis bias, you just can't pull out as hard in a 109, so the pilot will still be conscious when they lawn-dart into the ground after a shallow dive
  5. I love the P39 to bits, personally. The 37mm has a flawless arc for ground attack and the rest of the guns hose down any overshooting aircraft like a full complement of super soakers. It's hardly a plane I'd put up as top pick for air supremacy but then no country did that either, so it fits nicely. A very competent plane that just didn't quite hit the competition with the right timing. I love flying it.
  6. Permitting myself a somewhat cynical joke, one could say that the C-6 is in IL2 for exactly the same reason it was in Normandy in 44: Old, existing hardware reintroduced because of a lack of time and money to produce something better. 😉
  7. RoF has a decade's worth of content, single player careers and campaigns - and while I love that FC is being made, and hope it will one day live up to its predecessor - there's very little in it right now to truly recommend it over the older game. The planeset is condensed, the FM's and models are basically identical, and there's no mission or SP content for it whatsoever. Additionally, though this is entirely subjectively my own opinion - I think FC is even a step down in some areas of graphics, clouds and damage modelling. The biggest draw of FC is populated servers and VR support. The latter alone was enough to warrant the purchase for me, but if I could own only one I'd take RoF any day. Value for Cost is clearly higher. That said, why not both?
  8. I mean, to be fair, they DO have several hundred people on their team, an exploitative ecosystem and millions upon millions of dollar revenue. That helps.
  9. Unlike the bubble tops they're aesthetically pleasing.
  10. As much as I love the 88, the C-6A version doesn't bring all that much to the table, and was only operational in the theatre very briefly. It suffered heavily and achieved nothing, which I believe will be the historically accurate fate of players flying it online as well. A FW is going to be a better strafing platform in exactly all use cases. The night fighter with radar would be much more interesting of course, but to be honest I don't see much use for it either as there aren't any proper targets to engage, the AI doesn't really support sneaking up on a formation of bombers, and night missions in general work so-so at best. All in all I want to love it but next to a 109G and 190A it seems a rather anemic addition. ...but it has two engines so I'll fly it.
  11. I can't lie, even with the Ar-234, Mosquito and Me-410 I'm disappointed. Even the planeset contains a lot of re-used craft with questionable value. Make no mistake, I appreciate that you have a difficult task steering this ship in this day and age, but... aw 😕
  12. Diver recovery and Contact altimeter, I never thought I'd see the day! Bloody hell about that 110 armour though, I knew something was off about that! Fantastic gift, thank you devs!
  13. And realistic. Personally I find starting the Me262 really fun. It's the most success I ever get to enjoy in a fighter
  14. Well it's a 70-100 FPS drop for him, which is what people who aren't Saudi oil millionaires call "stuttering" on this forum.
  15. Waiting for some great bombs torpedos news to drop right down my funnel on december 7th!
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