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  1. I really hope it will happen, but we'll have to wait and see. I'm happy as long as it's not another eastern front scenario (exempting finland), but I know a lot of people want that, too.
  2. Since it's not a "flybound sound" but just the engine sound with all the assorted and compounded effects of speed, atmosphere, doppler etc there's no simple file to turn off or delete AFAIK. But you could always remove the engine sound files I suppose, perhaps the exteriors can be removed separately.
  3. If you have BoS on steam and you have linked your steam and IL2 (this site's) account on your account page, then anything you buy in the IL2Sturmovik.com store will show up in steam. You just launch BoS as you usually would and the Flying Circus content will be there.
  4. That's completely fine, yet I can't help but feel like you could have communicated the same thing by not writing posts in this thread about how much you don't care about writing posts in this thread?
  5. I love both the Heinkel and the Macchi, they're just not very competitive planes. the Pe-2 is definitely the plane I find the least interesting to fly. It's very good, it just doesn't jive with me at all and I get painfully bored the second I'm wheels up. Then there's a few planes I feel like I would enjoy if they had been implemented differently - notably the P47 and Hs 129 - the macchi too I feel should be slightly more performant but it's such a joy to fly that it can't keep me out of the cockpit.
  6. I've won a 6 v 1 in a macchi career against I-16's by diving steeply and heading for home. Three of them broke their control surfaces following the dive and the other three chased me until their fuel ran out and they crashed. The devs have said that AI fixes are forthcoming. Though we know not of what kind, I think we can safely assume that they are aware of these issues.
  7. That was a much clearer description of what you meant, thank you for elaborating! I'm still hesitant to posit that this was the purpose of the 109's design, but it certainly holds true in the sim today. I'd say gun damage follows the reverse of your argument, but your point remains solid.
  8. I'm fairly sure no one designed their primary aerial supremacy fighters to only be operatively effective in 4-1 numerical superiority. That may end up being how they were used, esp. with older types in frontline service, but as a design principle that's a very shaky foundation. Operational tactics is another matter.
  9. What a content-full dev diary! Fantastic start to the weekend! I admit that I'm a little surprised - I have never seen any actual sources for engine fires and have always assumed it was a translation error that got turned into myth, as is common with many events and vehicles of WWII. If you have any reliable, esp original, sources for this as I assume you must have had, I too would be very interested in seeing them! Great work as usual, have a nice weekend!
  10. Conversely, there are many of us who are absolutely delighted by them and would gladly trade a dull pee-fiddyone for a Handley-Page. What makes it such a wonderful world to live in is that the devs manage to give us both what we want. Seriously, I've been impressed by how well they've mixed both into DD's and updates lately. Now let me dogfight a Schwalbe in a Morane.
  11. Stick forces are typically higher at higher speeds, are you comparing the airframes at the same speed?
  12. This will be in the official skins, I hope?
  13. Oh my good gosh, I wasn't expecting this much content and information this week - and not in my wildest dreams would I have expected to see AI improvements and the much debated/vaunted refuel/rearm feature to be not just mentioned but listed as en route, in the same DD! Truly an easter miracle. Thank you, once again, for all your hard work.
  14. Don't bring the poor Greif into this
  15. No arguments there, it's a tugboat, but I'm used to flying bomber sorties in WW1 kites that would look enviously at a hand fan. Don't insult her potency though!
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