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  1. Wow, what a patch - A surprise to be sure but a welcome one. I'm on vacation and won't be able to get my grubby little mitts on the P47 for a while but just reading about all these fixes make my mouth water. Amazing work, devs! That SRS integration just had me spontaneously cheering!
  2. I can understand that there's a difficulty in getting out, and I've definitely noticed a significant difference lately in how often I manage to bail - what's puzzled me more is that many times lately it seems that the pilot is unable to even jettison the canopy in aircraft which has such systems, such as the 109 and 190. Perhaps it is because jettison canopy is tied to the bailing out, and the latter being prevented also stops the former? I would expect in most cases even a pilot who cannot climb out of the cockpit could pull the lever.
  3. I think a great many of us are.
  4. While I will happily take drop tanks because of its necessity for the pacific, I have really never felt a need in the sim as it stands - and I'd rather not fight more jockeys of the 5% fuel Dr.I breed you saw a lot in RoF, but c'est la vie. I hope and wish for some added complexity/revision of fuel DM, as well as 'Manual fuel tank- and gauge control. Looking forward to whatever we get! Now, torpedos...
  5. Hm, I've always found the Heinkel a real pleasure to fly, taxi, take off and land - but as someone mentioned above, I cut my teeth on the Gotha and bombers in general and by comparison the Heinkel is a dream. That said, I know you are a seasoned veteran pilot many years my senior and so I have a hard time coming up with any reasons you'd have the issues you describe, aside from being A. VERY overloaded or B. Somehow forgetting to adjust Pitch/RPM. The latter seems unlikely, and there's been plenty said about the other point by others above - but the H6 is most certainly flyable! I hope you figure it out!
  6. Definitely works, but it's not always easy to pull off consistently. It's much harder in single-seaters as you need the flames to go away from you, not fan them faster into your face. It's saved me many times in twin-engines like the PE-2, 262, 110, 88 and Heinkel though.
  7. I cannot be held accountable for your evidently poor taste in aircraft, my good man! *dive siren noises*
  8. Look how beautiful my girl is in her 4k skins, FINALLY the Stuka will truly be untouchable as the most beautiful plane in the sim ❤️ Thank you devs!
  9. I'm far from an expert in this field but just as a reference point I believe I returned to flight sims and IL2 with the Saitek X55 (now 56) but that's definitely a setup in the mid segment. As an entry point that offers full HOTAS capacity I hear good things about the X52. Lower down on that scale in terms of price you'd find something like the Hotas X - rather ugly piece though. A HOTAS system is of course not all that easy to stuff in a bag, except maybe the hotas X, so I'm assuming size really is the key point here. If you're looking for just a stick - Thrustmaster have two in the budget segment that I believe are just called "USB joystick" and "T-Flight X", CH products has a high end stick-in-a-box on the market as well, and it's hard to leave the trusty ol' "logitech extreme 3D" out of any discussion - but I've no personal experience with any of these. Finally, it should be noted that many of the HOTAS solutions can be had as separate pieces. Just make sure you get a stick with twist grip if you're running without pedals! Oh, and welcome back!
  10. The Luftwaffe inches its way toward victory, and we toward functioning bomber formations!
  11. Anything with twin engines get my vote, particularly looking forward to the Me410 and Arado, but one day - ONE DAY I'll have my Heinkel He-219
  12. Wow, as someone who's been sitting on a high end, new GPU but saddled with a very old CPU, the performance boost in this latest patch has blown me away. I have an average FPS increase of 15-20 fps during heavy load and in best-case scenarios or idle cruise my FPS has nearly DOUBLED in VR. That sort of performance boost is damn near unheard of. Colour me impressed! Thank you for your hard work as usual!
  13. As the same arguments keep coming up in other threads about engines, tech chat, zoom, sound, blackouts etc etc - I want to reiterate that most of the occasionally 'gamey' UI or Effects options are there to provide feedback and information that a real pilot would get through methods that cannot easily be replicated through a monitor in a home. Vibrations, Gravity, Tiny differences in timing and cues of sounds and movement, force required to move control surfaces - even peripheral vision is something we do without. In many cases these must be replaced or supported with other solutions. Simply put - A pilot firing his guns would be aware of them firing. The easiest and most satisfactory way to give that feedback to a sim pilot is through meaty, well designed sound effects. It may not be an accurate representation of the amount of sound feedback the real pilot would get, but it's not an unrealistic representation of the amount of total feedback they'd get - and moreover, sound plays a HUGE role in how weapons are perceived in games. I've even personally ran balance tests where a much lambasted weapon was "buffed" by simply changing the sound it made, and all complaints about how underpowered it was went away. I definitely prefer the current solution personally, a more subdued effect might work for some, but asking for complete silence seems unreasonable to me - that'd be just as unrealistic, only in a slightly different way.
  14. Still a huge noob, I came over from RoF and got into IL2 back in 2017 or some such. I consider myself a good attacker, but as a fighter I've only started getting regular kills in the last few months. Things are definitely improving, but it's very slow progress as even if you play often, fighting is only actively practiced for a few minutes on the hour, as 99% of most sorties are uneventful. It's easy to forget that part, and most of your enemies, moreover, have several thousand hours and years of experience. That said, there's more noticeable improvement in other aspects. I definitely I remember the days when I absolutely couldn't land a 109, I practiced it over and over and just couldn't. Shooting, Flying, Spotting, Formations, Communication, Tactics - all these are areas I can easily see improvement in - but I still fuck up all the time. The number of times I overshoot an enemy or even just ram my own right into the ground after controls lock up are embarassingly numerous considering my flight time. It's a hard and complicated piece of software, and it's occasionally very frustrating - but I keep coming back because there's nothing that quite compares. I do understand though, and I sincerely hope you will find a way to enjoy it again some time, maybe with a friend or in co-op.
  15. As others have already said, it's become a matter of risk, reward and time investment. The time and effort to fly an effective sortie as a fighter hasn't changed, but for a bomber, most of the payload options that gave a decent return on time spent flying a safe route to target have lost their use, requiring more and longer sorties per target with less satisfaction given, while the risk is - if anything - even greater than it was before. I like that the 50's now are more useful but on the flipside we're seeing even fewer people fly ground missions, and there weren't many of us to begin with. One can certainly argue that the new model is more realistic, and in most cases I'd fall in that camp, but it can still be an issue if it negatively impacts gameplay. Much like paying for dead snakes can lead to an increase in snake population (because farmers start breeding them for cash), there are situations where a more 'realistic' system can create less realistic scenarios in game, because of knock-on effects and player psychology. Unlike real life we don't have large fleets of bombers, we have brave individuals. We don't have a complex damage model for houses, we have vodka crates hidden in treelines - and we aren't ordered to fly bomber sorties, we get to choose. I'm not saying the current bomb damage is necessarily wrong, but I'm also not sure the effect it's having is desirable or in the best interest of our common flight experience.
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