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    Real SP Career Mode

    This is a request to Jason and his team to make the career mode available in offline mode. For all who fly SP and don't have a reliable/fast online connection the career mode is not available. And that is a shame as the whole career mode looks so good and immersive. It would also give the SP much more content and missions to fly. I know that the whole team is working hard to give us a flightsim for WWI and WWII that simply has no contest on the marked. It's the best. And that makes it much more a shame that this large part of IL-2 Great Battles is not available to those who cannot use the online mode for gaming. So, please, at least have a look and see what can be done. Regards, Huub.
  2. hsthhsth

    Fokker D.VII bug (present in RoF, too)

    I signed up for Flying Circus volume 1 the moment it became available. And can't wait to do the same for volume 2. Being able to fly these planes in VR is the best experience for me. Yes, I know, it's a personal opinion and the same can be said about me being thankful to Jason and the whole team for giving us this opportunity. Despite quirks etcetera I really hope that the team will continue and have more time/resources in the future to address whatever issues there are. In the meantime I just enjoy this great flying experience!
  3. hsthhsth

    Graphics, models and maps

    Brief description: U-2VS screen error in VR Detailed description, conditions: This happens only in VR as far as I could test it. When selecting the rear cockpit and then try to look to the bombsight in the right wing the window jumps around. Looking at the base of the left wing is not a problem. When you activate the rear gun (select 'T') then you can look into the bombsight. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software):
  4. Use your Feedback option, maybe that helps...
  5. hsthhsth

    KANTTORIN KONE Throttle Console

    I received this console a couple of weeks ago and I must say, it's awesome. It took some time to get the muscle memory (VR!) but now I would not want to use another console anymore. Compared to the Warthog console this is a whole new experience. Trimming the various axis and controlling the various coolers & shutters feels so much more "real". The quality is excellent and the help from Ismo in setting it up is very good. The key mapping in IL-2 is now only for the axis and rotary switches, all other buttons and switches are defined in the console. In one subject I changed the setup from Ismo's advice as I use Joystick Gremlin instead of SV Mapper to define the buttons and switches. SV Mapper does not recognize all key combinations and Joystick Gremlin does. So that made it a lot easier. A big "Thank You" from me to Ismo for this console. Huub.
  6. hsthhsth

    FC settings

    This is a more of a question as I don't know what the plans for development are. Will we have separate settings for the WWI planes? Because that would make it possible to create different console & stick profiles for FC and for BOX. For example, the altitude throttle or gun-changing angles are typical for FC planes. As I said, maybe Jason has said it somewhere but I could not find it. Will FC be a separate install based on the same engine as BOX or will it be fully integrated? In the meantime, I'm really looking forward to future developments. So far it is a great future!
  7. Looking forward seeing more of the IL-2 grip. And hoping that you will find time & means to make & sell these.... as it would be a great salute to the founders of this sim and the plane that started it all.
  8. "WWI aircraft FM for IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles engine for Flying Circus project", can't wait to see this project coming alive...
  9. hsthhsth

    Storing the Rift

    If you can find one of these https://produkte.k-m.de/en/Accessories-for-stagestudio-and-home-recording/Headphone-holder/16085-Headphone-holder-with-table-clamp-black they fit perfect for the Rift so that lenses always face down not collecting dust.
  10. hsthhsth

    Metal Throttle Consoles

    this will make my new year... any idea when the first orders will be delivered? are the labels printed as well?
  11. All three pre-ordered. If possible would have pre-ordered Flying Circus right now, can't wait for this to happen. And will pre-order Tanks as well even though I'm only interested in flying but just to support devs.
  12. hsthhsth

    Announcing Project VPC MongoosT-50

    Would be great to see these labels as standard on the stick....
  13. Since couple of days I'm having trouble with SteamVR. When I close IL-2 launcher the VR Compositor, VR Dashboard (32 bit) and VR Server stay active. In the Task Manager there is continuous activity going with these processes. Also, the log file vrserver.txt in ...\Program Files (x86)\Steam\logs grows really big. Multiple GB! I saw this also reported by others on various sites. It's the VR Compositor that takes most processor time. This causes also heavy FPS loss in IL-2. Reproduce: - start Oculus VR runtime - start Oculus software. Can't run without it anymore like I used to, no picture in the Rift without it - start IL-2 launcher - start sim, everything runs normal, fps 90 - stop sim - stop launcher - stop Oculus software and VR runtime - SteamVR Compositor starts running wild, - start everything again, VR Compositor keeps eating processor time, massive FPS loss in sim What I tried: - reinstall IL-2 (delete update dir) - reinstall Oculus Rift - reinstall SteamVR.
  14. Update looks great in VR. It's just that I see now two pictures (left & right lens?) on monitor. In Rift as expected, one picture. And all ground targets are gone in Quick Missions. Still working on settings as this update really likes strong Pc..
  15. hsthhsth

    Metal Throttle Consoles

    Thanks for the info. Won't hold my breath for that long but surely will follow this thread.
  16. For this I always use the same SP quick mission, Stalingrad autumn, start from Plodovitoye airfield (right hand bottom corner). When flying over the square little forest north of the buildings I got trees disappearing and a complete part of the forest would disappear. Continue flying and it would all pop back. Happened in all planes but I tested most with Spit and mirrors on. Also tested all different settings, from Low to Ultra and various settings like SSAO on or off. Tested also with TrackIr. No problems at all, sharp picture & constant fps (vsync on). I used to have the "old" NVidia settings like max power & single display performance. What changed a great deal on my system was to put the NVidia setting back to multiple display. I still get some weird graphics form time to time, mostly related to (sun)light coming from different direction. But when flying high like in combat nothing serious. All this makes me believe that there is some sync issue in VR. You can see this also if you sit in the plane on the runway and quickly move your head left to right and back The cockpit frame seems to "jump", a bit like tearing in 2D. Maybe others could try and see if it is just me (placebo???).
  17. hsthhsth

    VR sync issue?

    hopefully it gets fixed as well.....this the best sim for VR
  18. hsthhsth

    VR sync issue?

    I did do a search before posting but did not find any. Do you have a link?
  19. hsthhsth

    VR sync issue?

    Sorry for the late reaction. No, vsync is off. I'm curious if it is just on my system that I see this or others see this as well.
  20. hsthhsth

    BoS with Rift without ASW

    What works best for my settings (Ultra, everything highest settings, HUD off): - start Oculus Tray Tool (DPI 1.8, ASW off) - start Oculus Home - start IL-2 Launcher & Il-2, Steam Vr will come up - in single mission fps = 45, drops to 30's - stop mission, exit game - stop Oculus Home (leave all else running, IL-2 Launcher, Steam Vr & Oculus Tray Tool) - start game again - start mission, fps now 90, stays > 70. So far this sequence gives me the best result.
  21. hsthhsth

    Metal Throttle Consoles

    Ordered the FIGHTER-BOMBER THROTTLE CONSOLE today. Can't wait for Autumn to arrive, will be a long Summer....
  22. Keep up the good work Jason, I hope you reach the goals you've set! Please make CoD also non-steam so I can buy another copy in your shop.
  23. While FFB update might be interesting, it's for sticks not sold (new) anymore. The one from Microsoft has not had been sold since 2004(!), the one from Logitech not on their website anymore. Would have been much better if output to SimShaker had been introduced. Feel the motion in your seat. Have been asking for this already before, hoping it will be looked into.
  24. hsthhsth

    Controls, GUI, texts

    Brief description: Key Mapping wheel brakes Detailed description, conditions: It is not possible to set both Dead Zone Low & High at 100%. If you try to set both, after "Accept" the Dead Zone High will always return to 0%. If you set only Dead Zone High at 100% it will stay there. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software):