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  1. Getting more & more interested which way the dime falls....(and the reasons why)
  2. Since latest Windows update to 1903 vJoy doesn't work anymore. If you are looking for binding buttons & switches have a look at RS Mapper. This free tool does not support axis (maybe in new version) but you can bind all keyboard keys with it. Works great for me.
  3. the dutch online shop now says: pre-sales. Shipment 26-5-2019, delivery next day.
  4. https://www.pcgamer.com/the-valve-index-vr-kit-sold-out-in-under-30-minutes-in-the-us/
  5. This is a request to Jason and his team to make the career mode available in offline mode. For all who fly SP and don't have a reliable/fast online connection the career mode is not available. And that is a shame as the whole career mode looks so good and immersive. It would also give the SP much more content and missions to fly. I know that the whole team is working hard to give us a flightsim for WWI and WWII that simply has no contest on the marked. It's the best. And that makes it much more a shame that this large part of IL-2 Great Battles is not available to those who cannot use the online mode for gaming. So, please, at least have a look and see what can be done. Regards, Huub.
  6. I signed up for Flying Circus volume 1 the moment it became available. And can't wait to do the same for volume 2. Being able to fly these planes in VR is the best experience for me. Yes, I know, it's a personal opinion and the same can be said about me being thankful to Jason and the whole team for giving us this opportunity. Despite quirks etcetera I really hope that the team will continue and have more time/resources in the future to address whatever issues there are. In the meantime I just enjoy this great flying experience!
  7. Brief description: U-2VS screen error in VR Detailed description, conditions: This happens only in VR as far as I could test it. When selecting the rear cockpit and then try to look to the bombsight in the right wing the window jumps around. Looking at the base of the left wing is not a problem. When you activate the rear gun (select 'T') then you can look into the bombsight. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software):
  8. I received this console a couple of weeks ago and I must say, it's awesome. It took some time to get the muscle memory (VR!) but now I would not want to use another console anymore. Compared to the Warthog console this is a whole new experience. Trimming the various axis and controlling the various coolers & shutters feels so much more "real". The quality is excellent and the help from Ismo in setting it up is very good. The key mapping in IL-2 is now only for the axis and rotary switches, all other buttons and switches are defined in the console. In one subject I changed the setup from Ismo's advice as I use Joystick Gremlin instead of SV Mapper to define the buttons and switches. SV Mapper does not recognize all key combinations and Joystick Gremlin does. So that made it a lot easier. A big "Thank You" from me to Ismo for this console. Huub.
  9. hsthhsth

    FC settings

    This is a more of a question as I don't know what the plans for development are. Will we have separate settings for the WWI planes? Because that would make it possible to create different console & stick profiles for FC and for BOX. For example, the altitude throttle or gun-changing angles are typical for FC planes. As I said, maybe Jason has said it somewhere but I could not find it. Will FC be a separate install based on the same engine as BOX or will it be fully integrated? In the meantime, I'm really looking forward to future developments. So far it is a great future!
  10. Looking forward seeing more of the IL-2 grip. And hoping that you will find time & means to make & sell these.... as it would be a great salute to the founders of this sim and the plane that started it all.
  11. "WWI aircraft FM for IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles engine for Flying Circus project", can't wait to see this project coming alive...
  12. If you can find one of these https://produkte.k-m.de/en/Accessories-for-stagestudio-and-home-recording/Headphone-holder/16085-Headphone-holder-with-table-clamp-black they fit perfect for the Rift so that lenses always face down not collecting dust.
  13. this will make my new year... any idea when the first orders will be delivered? are the labels printed as well?
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