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  1. Because you have Target FPS on 'Off'. Dynamic resolution is supposed to help if program cannot keep up to target FPS. Forgot to add: that is in 2D, in VR you can always edit this option.
  2. Hello Pat, Could you please have a look at some questions for PWCG specific for FC? 1. Can you set lower speeds for the missions? I get speeds of 230 km/hr. for WP legs. For FC speeds of 120 to 130 km/hr. would be more applicable. As it is now all AI fly constantly at top speed but for me (humble human pilot) it is very hard work to keep up. 2. Could you please have a look at the mission objects? Because the mission never gets "successful" it looks as if the GB measurement is used for the FC mission generator. 3. Could the "egress" WP also be the trigger for the "return to
  3. Best wishes on your new house. Let's hope that everything goes smooth and that you and your family feel very comfortable in your new environment. Hoping to be able to place an order by the time you are up ad running again.
  4. Thank you for the explanation! I always get confused about the term "Quick Mission Builder" because there is the Quick Mission in game and there is the standalone Mission Editor. And only in the ME you can add these templates, not in the in game QM. We can only hope that one day the devs will allow (or make possible) to select templates in the QM. I'm glad that SYN_Vander has included your templates in his mission generator. I'll we enjoying your work in these missions from now on!
  5. Whatever career mode comes (vol. 1 and/or 2) I hope they will finally make it available offline. I know we have PWCG but that in itself should not be an argument to not making career mode offline. It sure cannot be a space problem since IL-2 already is multi GB size and I cannot imagine this career mode being too big to transfer. So, whatever comes, please make it offline available.
  6. Thanks for the update, looking forward to the new version. One question though, is there somewhere information available about these objectives? For example, how do I know that it would be 2 (enemy) planes destroyed for the mission to be successful?
  7. @Hamaha15, This looks great! Is it possible to include your groups into the Arras All group? And would that also make these towns & churches visible in all QMB missions? I play only SP so I don't care so much about mods on/off. Thanks.
  8. Hello @SYN_Vander, I'm so happy that you have created this tool. It's awesome and so much better then the standard QMB. That's no offense to devs but the freedom you offer in scenario's is so much better! Since I play only in SP there is one problem that I cannot get corrected. Whatever score I get in shooting down other planes, I never get the mission accomplished. I keep getting 'mission failed'. I've attached two generated missions with the config file for each. In the first one (20210308) I'm blue four, in the second (20210309) I'm blue leader. Can yo
  9. @Toxin1, Since I have the Obutto R3volution with MGF Crosswind I wonder if it is possible to attach the floor plate of the Obutto to the NLR V.3. I can see in your video that you have attached the stick and throttle to the seat so they move with the seat. But would that also work for the pedals? And your statement on 'more is less', does that mean lowering the effects or lessen the length of the movements?
  10. Will be interesting to see what your system specs are and how it all performs in the benchmark SYN_Vander BENCHMARK v6 to measure IL-2 performance in monitor & VR - Hardware, Software and Controllers - IL-2 Sturmovik Forum
  11. @DED-Rapidus Will do if you can give me the address where to contact them. You can contact me on hstheins(at)xs4all.nl if you want.
  12. Thank you Pat, solution 1 worked. I can now generate a mission without the error. Will keep this solution as a reminder! 🙂
  13. I think that this is te right place to ask the question because it seems to be a more generic mission generator problem. In both mission generators, PWCG and EMG by Vander, the missions generated can't be completed successful. 1. The starting point of a mission is not placed on the airfield on the map were the mission starts but a few hundred meters off. The player does start in the correct place. 2. The blue landing waypoint is also mis-located when you fly to the airfield for the landing. 3. The mission logic does not get past the 'primary object' stage despite having su
  14. Hi Pat, Tried today to create a new campaign & create a mission. Same error as reported yesterday. This time I've added a screenshot of the error displayed. Can you please advice? PWCGErrorLog.txt
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