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  1. You mean a console like this http://www.kanttorinkone.com/console.html ? It certainly does the job for WWI and WWII planes.
  2. Hi Vander, Thank you very much for this mission generator. It really is a tool that could have been integrated into IL-2, especially FC, as it has so much more immersion as the standard QMB. Would it be possible to enhance it with training flights? Where the route does not take you into the war zone and you can train flying in formation. Maybe with landings and starts on different airfields in the planned route? It would also give you the opportunity to train basic skills like following the terrain as shown in the flight plan and try to be at specific points at specified times.
  3. To keep your seat position after an update use a tool like OVGME to restore your position. Attached the file I use. To keep it simple, in the snapviews folder are all cockpits so you don't have to single out the ones you modified. Cockpit seat.zip
  4. hsthhsth

    Shop status

    As the shop is growing and more is coming it would be nice if you could see at the page of an item if it is already bought. After login of course. I'm aware of the 'Purchases' overview in the personal profile but seeing the status in the shop would be nice.
  5. I think that the data like you have for BOX planes would be useful also for FC. Items like max temp (water and/or oil) and time constraints on these. I don't have specific knowledge on the RPM limits but I think they are limited by the airspeed. If you go over the max airspeed you will overdrive the engine rpm, at least that is my experience in FC. it would be great to a document for FC like yo do for BOX because you can print the required page and have the data when you start flying the plane.
  6. If you have trouble finding user files for SteamVR use the default Steam tool. Follow this guideline: Output from C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\bin\win64\vrpathreg.exe. (=program to run) Run vrpathreg.exe in command window and redirect output to txt file. (vrpathreg.exe > path.txt, this txt file will be in the directory where you started the program) This was the content in my txt file: Runtime path = C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR Config path = E:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\config Log path = E:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\logs
  7. Thank you! Great documents! Dare I ask, did you consider making documents like these for Flying Circus?
  8. Hi, Error 404 on both files, Word and PDF. Could please have a look?
  9. Thank you for this video! This was a great idea. Let's hope that you have convinced VKB enough to develop this FFB idea, the market will be bigger as maybe some people think. Combined with the JetSeat it would give us so much more immersion. But..., this will also require some development at the software side... The waiting has begun.
  10. Hello, Although it is a really good looking map I was wondering what the development of it will be. As it is now the cities and roads do not look like the ones in the region at that time. If you look at some pictures of Maastricht taken between 1935 - 1940 you will see that it does not look at all like the one in BOB. It is not that I would expect everything historical correct to the building & street but a bit more like it was would certainly look better. For example, there are no bridges at all in BOB. And at the time most (bigger, intercity) roads would be asphalted, not country roads. I do hope that the map of BOB is also wip and that these details will get updated over time.
  11. Hi, I'm curious as to what information in this document https://archive.org/details/AirPowerPattonsArmy refers to the BOB we got. Because that information would be quite helpful in creating missions & campaigns. Thanks.
  12. Thank you Arfsix, this is a great help with all the commands were having now! I hope you can keep up with all these new planes coming. :-) Could you please have a look at the export width of the excel sheets into the Word document and into PDF? For example, in PDF at the line 'Switch to attached cameras' the key F2 just falls of the line. In Word I could adjust the right side margin and make the full line visible but I cannot do that in PDF.
  13. Is the Rheinland map another map? Because the Battle of Bodenplatte is about the Low Countries and Rheinland isn't a part of that.
  14. Obutto R3volution works perfectly with MFG Crosswinds if you install Crosswinds with MFG width adjustment plates. I know because I have this combination and there is no problem at all.
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