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  1. As soon as the VKB gunfighter base is available as a separate buy this will be my first next buy!
  2. @hegykc, Will you make these pedals also with outer mounting holes? So that these pedals can be mounted with the MFG width adjustment plates. These plates are required to mount the MFG Crosswinds in the Obutto R3volution cockpit.
  3. Hi Andre, Since last weeks (Windows?) and/or IL-2 update the changes to the startup.cfg to make Wings working disappear when the sim stops. I put in both keys as described in your first post and the Jetseat works. Then I stop the sim and both keys are deleted from the startup.cfg. Can you please advice?
  4. Pre-ordered as soon as I saw it. @BlackSix, now you got me hoping for some colder weather this summer...😀
  5. As Flanker says, the choice for GVL or Kanttorin Kone depends very much on personal likings. I'm using Kanttorin Kone's console now for 2 years and like it a lot. It left me nothing to wish for in terms of dials and switches. This console was build more or less fore IL-2 but works also great in a sim like DCS. And, of course, you don't have to follow the bindings that Kanttorin shows on his website. For me, the (standard?) switches for gear (4/3) and flaps (6/5) does not work. In VR I was always moving the throttle when I tried to reach these switches so I program them to switches 44/43 and 46/45 in all sims. Also a great plus, on his website he gives extensive information on programming the console. If you can wait the delivery time 😀 I can only recommend this console.
  6. @unlikely_spider have you already tried a ReliefBand Motion Sickness Control? They work great for car or sea sickness and might do the same trick here until your body has gotten used to it.
  7. Thanks all for your explanations. I still find it hard to believe that after 3 years of fighting in a war that pilots would not have a clue about their engine's temperature during a mission. I guess my thoughts were that many of these 'modifications' would be standard for planes coming into the war in 1917/18. Anyway, I just keep enjoying every minute in these planes. ☺️ Happy flying and FTV.
  8. Same planes like the Albatros have instruments like the temperature gauge or speedometer as an modification. So, how do you fly these planes without selecting modifications? How did the first pilots manage without knowing the temperature of their engine or speed or height of the plane?
  9. Looking forward to this release! As always, this team keeps amazing with their work and dedication. Stay save and indoors... ⚠️
  10. @Therion, Actually, you are right, I was wrong... I never noticed this before, maybe because my seat is reflecting the vibrations all over. But now, as I checked, only the motors on the bottom work and not on the back with only the engine running. and as soon as the plane starts moving the other motors start working as well. Thanks for pointing out, one more advantage of this JetSeat.😀
  11. @chili, I've been using the Gametrix KW 908 (forerunner of Gameped) since '15 in DCS. And now in IL-2. It's like VR for me, won't start the sim without it. Although the software sends the signal to all motors (doesn't differentiate) it still feels awesome. I don't use buttkicker and (very personally!) don't feel the need for it. Only 'mod', I placed a car seat cover (5 euro) over the Gametrix because the surface is plastics, and this way it doesn't feel sweaty. Believe the Gameped has different fabric. Can only recommend it, worth every penny and waiting time....
  12. Thank you Andre and the team of IL-2!!! We have been waiting a long time for this to happen. And now, flying in IL-2 has another dimension added to it. You just cannot beat the feel and the rumble when you are taxing, rolling on the runway, taking off and flying. It's another big smile to an already great sim.
  13. You mean a console like this http://www.kanttorinkone.com/console.html ? It certainly does the job for WWI and WWII planes.
  14. Hi Vander, Thank you very much for this mission generator. It really is a tool that could have been integrated into IL-2, especially FC, as it has so much more immersion as the standard QMB. Would it be possible to enhance it with training flights? Where the route does not take you into the war zone and you can train flying in formation. Maybe with landings and starts on different airfields in the planned route? It would also give you the opportunity to train basic skills like following the terrain as shown in the flight plan and try to be at specific points at specified times.
  15. To keep your seat position after an update use a tool like OVGME to restore your position. Attached the file I use. To keep it simple, in the snapviews folder are all cockpits so you don't have to single out the ones you modified. Cockpit seat.zip
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