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  1. SCG_Riksen

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Tip, The roster for the SCG: - SCG_Riksen - SCG_HeinzBar - SCG_Drifter - SCG_Sinerox In case that is needed ... Thank you and it is good to see FNBF again!
  2. Don't know what you are using Shadow but tou should probably consider droping it man. It is clearly affecting your mental stability lol
  3. Exactly. Something are only learned the hard way.
  4. And that is your opinion buddy.
  5. Never said I didnt deserve the ban, I know what I did and Im just telling him why I did it and how to properly behave in MP servers. Please read the entire conversation and spare us of your "idiotic" comments.
  6. You were pulling into the runway when I was on final ... read again. I understand it is hard for you to grasp the concept of take-off and landing but please keep reading over and over again and perhaps it will eventually get in your head that you were wrong. Im not saying Im right for shooting you but I rather break your plane than mine. Some lessons are learned the hard way Before you say anything again, read it one more time
  7. Read again and you will see the reason but, in case you are still having a hard time, let me help you understand: - Always check landing traffic before pulling into the runway; - Do not take off across the runway. Taxi for takeoff; - Land on the right side if the runway. That is, the side of spawing point in order to facilitate visualization; - If there are any aircraft in thr runway when you approach, abort and yield for them. I understand that in WT or in Counter Strike or whereever you come from, they have no etiquete but here we do. Common sense!
  8. Rolling into the runway when an airctaft is on the final. Watch traffic before moving. If an aircraft is on the final you shouldnt move into the runway. Common sense man
  9. I shot some "friendly" aircraft that were taking off across the runway and disrupting landing and got banned. How long does it last? It said 15 min but I still cannot connect ...
  10. SCG_Riksen

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    4 G-14s please Oh nevermind. I see that Drifter already requested them ... Good to have you back Tip
  11. Using Chrome. It asks me to upload the file and I do but ot doesnt change from the default one
  12. Yes, I did. Unfortunately not working for me ... Could you take a look when you get some time?
  13. I do .... weekends are the best times in this server I think.