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  1. SCG_Riksen

    Tactical Air War

    ZG1 mission in the server today:
  2. SCG_Riksen

    Tactical Air War

    The rare moments VVS has an advantage lol ... cmon man, u have better AC and numbers 90% of the time.
  3. SCG_Riksen

    Tactical Air War

    If he did not do it intentionally he should have apologized in the game chat ... I dont see any remorse shown here (forum) or in game ...
  4. SCG_Riksen

    Tactical Air War

    I agree with Zombie. We need to limit the server to 40 Blue vs 44 Red. VVS should have a slight advantage with numbers as well as number of planes. It s fine to keep the models more historical but VVS pilots should have more numbers available to them. I believe this is the best way to keep things more balanced and to stimulate people to fly red ... just my 2 cents
  5. SCG_Riksen

    Tactical Air War

    Cannot connect for the life of me
  6. 4./JG52 - FNBF 10.12.18 Schwarm "Adler" over Kuban
  7. SCG_Riksen

    Tactical Air War

    Yes lol 😈
  8. SCG_Riksen

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    4 F2s please
  9. SCG_Riksen

    Tactical Air War

    "I love the LW. I'll only fly LW as I want to be like the Aces back then and will not accept VVS planes being better mine! Ever. That is why I love the LW!" ... comes map 7-8 ... "Screw this, VVS has the 5FN ... I'm going to back to WoL!" lololololololol
  10. SCG_Riksen

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    These additions look nice! Custom skins open in the server now as well? Thanks for the server!
  11. SCG_Riksen

    Tactical Air War

    Might be easier to do with LW than the VVS, I agree, but it is by no means Easy as you say. That is just a lame excuse in attempt to disregard someone else's efforts and skill. Some of you are trying to make a point that you have to strap a bomb to your aircraft to be usefull but forget that attrition is also a winning condition. If I were to fly a bomber, I would rather have an effective fighter squadron escort me than some random that dies every 1-2 kills. We just stick to what we do best to help the campaign or perhaps you think having more deaths than GK/AK is better just because you are carrying a bomb? You are also forgetting the most important thing ... to have fun. What if someone does not enjoy flying bombers or multirole in the campaign? What if enjoys just flying fighters even if he sucks at it and is not good at any of the aforementioned things? Well, as long as he is having fun, I'm ok with that because in the end, this is just a game.
  12. SCG_Riksen

    P51, if you like it , you must see this video.

    Looking forward to flying it in the sim
  13. SCG_Riksen

    Tactical Air War

    Tell that to 244 aircrafts we shot down. They avoided us all right lol