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  1. Funny thing is that this is a Russian event and they dont have enough players to play Russian planes. Even the Russians dont like their own planes lol ...
  2. Click on the arrow in the right inferior corner (the one above the green "Accept" button) to open the LoadOut and Skin menu.
  3. Last event report for SCG (Operation Ravok): https://www.simulatedcombatgroup.com/airwingnews Thank you all for the participation and @Alonzo and @[TWB]Sketch for the invite!
  4. @[DBS]Tx_Tip I got one more pilot for the 110: - SCG_Limbo
  5. @[DBS]Tx_Tip, SCG will have to drop 2 of the reserved Bf-110s as the guys supposed to fly they wont be able to attend anymore. So, our final list is: Bf-109 F4: - SCG_Riksen or SCG_Sinerox, - SCG_ErwinP, - SCG_Vieira, - SCG_redcloud Bf-109 G2: - 3./JG15_Schnaufer - 3./JG15_Geist - Son_of_Aerroc - 3./JG15_Eich Bf-110 E2: - SCG_Kuppis - SCG_Jordi Thank you!
  6. @[DBS]Tx_Tip There is a mistake in the updated roster. You placed one of the 3./JG15 guys in an E7 when we reserved only Bf-109 G2s for them. They should all four be in a Bf-109 G2 and not in Bf-109 E7s. Only one of them speaks English so separating them will make it hard on the person who is isolated.
  7. Simulated Combat Group (SCG) is recruiting again for our Luftwaffe units. If you are interested in flying using team tactics as well as participating in an immersive and challenging "Dead is Dead" campaign, look no further. We have active members from all over the world (Europe, North and South Americas, and in Asia) and we pride ourselves on being very dedicated to the immersion aspect of the flight sims. For those interested, click HERE.
  8. 4 Bf-109 F4s + 4 Bf-110s for SCG please 4 Bf-109 G2s for 3./JG15
  9. I would say October (probably second week of Oct).
  10. Last mission report: https://www.simulatedcombatgroup.com/airwingnews#
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