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  1. @Alonzo Thanks for the help setting up the Friday Night Flight. The map worked great and the server completely full. Awesome work! Thank you @[TWB]Sketch for organizing it and all those who showed up!
  2. @77.CountZero Great addition! I hope all servers use your mod for the stats system. Cheers
  3. Links: TWB Axis flight sign up: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GRzfTj99hyR8SeurTWz5TvbOWOT1N_V0-hGdN5x5uyg/ SCG Axis flight sign up (must register in the website first): https://www.simulatedcombatgroup.com/combatevents See you there!
  4. Yeah, I was trying to fire from the wrong position that is why. Thank you all!
  5. Still no luck. I've tried with both the Commander and the Gunner and the gun simply does not fire.
  6. Anyone know how to fire the gun in this thing?
  7. Hey Fen, There is a way but it is currently causing an error in PWCG. Pat is looking into it and it should be corrected soon. For more details look at the original thread here:
  8. You should take a look at this one here (click on the image below to be directed to the website): Note, we are currently not actively recruiting but, if you are truly interested, willing to learn, and have decent flying skills, we can work it out. S!
  9. The latest copy of the Der Adler magazine has a dedicated cover to the brave man of SCG and friends that helped out in the ground war:
  10. So the hatchet is actually historical? Humm interesting. We learn something new everyday. Anyways, it did not seem to be widely used right? I have the impression the sword one was more common ... At least based on the number of photos Ive seen but the sword one is actually a general symbol for the whole JG52 and not specific for any particulat Gruppe.
  11. to admins: Could you check on the kicking timer for when a player selects a plane he does not have in the inventory? It is kicking way too fast and before you are able to end the mission (15 sec)
  12. The skins configuration is working and that is not the issue we are having. The problem is that the generator is not randomizing the skins if you have more than one defined for the same time frame. It only selects the latest.
  13. You give up? Does that mean you are going back to Wol? Yyyyyeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy!
  14. Pat, Have you had the chance to look into it? Cheers
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