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  1. Thank you for the continous support!
  2. Reverse psychology script activated: - Attempt to use the reverse psychology script will increase the regular "When will TAW start?" script effect by 2-fold. Damn ... These guys thought about it all Siddy 😕
  3. I believe that depends on you as well. If you just take off without communicating to other people on your side where you are going and request cover, I'm afraid not many fighters stay around the air base to cover people taking off. Try to let people know in the chat your intentions first before taking off and I'm sure some fighters will be more than happy to cover and escort you for the mission.
  4. We fly both sides for casual flights and in TAW but LW for our Dead is Dead campaign. If this is something you want to try, let me know.
  5. No problem. If you guys are still registered in the SCG website, feel free to join us in one of our events so we can fly together. Cheers
  6. It depends if we are talking about a duel or regular MP scenario. In the latter, I usually do the following: - Find a decent wingman to join you. Flying alone will considerably hinder your SA. This applies to any fighters really but especially now with the new Alternative Visibility option; - Reach your area of operation at a high altitude at first (at least 5k) and assess carefully the area. Dont just jump on the first contact you see. Make sure you look around from approaching contacts and possible threats, even if they are far away. Try to mentality judge how fast it would take for those contacts to reach you once the spot you fighting someone at your position and consider the risk; - Position yourself properly during your attacks, preferably in the direction of egress and again use your wingman to cover your attacks; - Stay fast at all times during engagements, even if your wingman has eyes on you; - Make use of the stabilizer all the times to adjust AoA and help you in dives and turns (careful with passing out); - Dont be afraid to use your MGs in deflection shooting. When shooting, I often place the pilots head against the window to have better view of the nose and dont even bother with the gun sight. Look at where your tracers are going and the possible trajectory of the enemy. It is guess-timation work but if you master deflection shooting, it really does pay off; - Always engage from a position of advantage and do not stay in fights for very long. As soon as you fire, a lot of people show up as most of them can see tracers from 40km out now; - Use your MW50 to the full power in order to have the full pressure in the boost system. Full boost gives you either 1.8 ata (DB engine) or 1.92 ata (DC engine) and lasts for 10min. Partially pressurized boost will break your engine in 1 min or so. Therefore, make sure that once engage it is all the way up; - Avoid using flaps. Unlike the P47 flaps that make the plane turn like a Spitfire even at sustained turns, the flaps in the K4 will just wreck your energy without much benefit; - If you are sure you are clear with no nearby enemies or possible contacts nearby and if you have someone covering you then try to engage the enemy with lower speeds in order to be more maneuverable but be very careful to not equalize your energy with the enemy. A good dogfight for the K4 is the one which the enemy is kept at disadvantage at all times; - Use the 30mm when close or when you see the MGs connecting. Usually a single shot is enough to take the enemy down; In my opinion, all of the new Allied fighters are tough opponents and the major advantage for the K4 will be speed and climb rate but the gap is very narrow now so you have to judge the enemies energy very well before committing to vertical combat. - The P38 turns very well and usually has a good instantaneous climb so it will stay with you when you begin to climb. Make sure you are outside of gun's range when you start your climb and, if he commits, keep your climb and use the hammer head on him. It works very well but only if you are outside of gun's range initially or if the enemy is a bad shot (usually I dont like to find that out so I treat all of them as good marksman). The P38 also turns really well despite of its size so DO NOT under-estimate its capabilities. If needed, dive ... That is right, DIVE! The P38 must engage an air brake system during a dive in order to regain control of the aircraft and that usually gives you some room to escape. Again, make sure you have the proper room to dive and dont wait to long to do so as the P38 will stay with you until he engages the air brakes; - The P-51 is a fast Mother f****r, especially high. It will give you a run for your money when it is up high and, although it will not outclimb you, it is very fast and maneuverable when fast. Either use your superior climb rate to make him slow or try to get him into a slow turn contest which usually causes the P51 to stall before you. The instantaneous turn of the P51 is very good and the pilot will take longer than you to black out so dont stick to the Mustang's turn when he is fast. Also, you will not easily shake it off your six in a dive as it can keep up with the K4. The 50s are also very dangerous due to the large amount of ammunition they have .As a general rule, against the Mustang, I never let him have gun's range on me and a lot of times this means, at least for me, not letting the 51 get closer than 700-800m from me; - The Spitfire MkIXe (25lbs) is, as you know very maneuverable, and will definitely outclimb you as well, especially low. The main issue it has is the speed. The K4 is faster and can dive better so it is usually easier to escape from them if you have the altitude. Do not attempt to stay with it on the turns (something that a lot of 109 and 190 pilots seem to do when I'm in a Spit). Make him belled his energy with defensive maneuvers and climb to re-engage at a better angle. Be patient and keep boom and zooming. If you notice your energy being equalized, disengage; - The Tempest is one of the most dangerous in my opinion and you should try as hard as you can to not make any mistakes against it when it is low. It accelerates fast and is just a monster down low. The rule about staying away from gun's range is most important against the Tempest due to 4xHispanos it has. Make the Tempest follow you up high so you can have a better advantage. Overall, you always have to place yourself in a advantageous position in your attacks and avoid prolonged fighting with any of them. Train deflection shooting to hurt them in the first pass, even if the spot you and turn. Remember, MP is not a duel so you shouldn't treat it as such. Speed is life ....
  7. As far as I know, it only shows for those icons you purchased in the website and if they were purchased during the pre-order phase.
  8. I vote for the opposite if that is what we are doing. I hope to see TAW without the alternate option (Alternate Visibility OFF) since I don't believe the AV version is more realistic, unlike Veccu.
  9. Its because they are the so-called slow conduction velocity fibers (non-myelinated). I need to find myself one that is white so I can fly faster 🤪
  10. What I know so far: - Combat Box by Red Flight: GPS OFF + Alt. Visibility ON. Focused on late war scenarios; - Knights of The Air: GPS OFF + Alt. Visibility ON. Focused on late war scenarios but also some earlier ones in the Eastern Front; - Wings of Liberty: GPS ON + Alt. Visibility OFF. Focused on Eastern Front scenarios. Edit: Apparently Wol is also ON
  11. Last time I joined a random in the Discord, ot went like this: - Hi. Do you want a wingman (me); - Sure. I just took off from X (random); - Ok, great. I'll spawn there right now. Can you turn back so we can group up? (me); - It's ok man, I just took off. You can catch up to me. I'm on my way to Y (random); - ... (me). So, yeah. Flying with random people is very hard and awkward because most dont think like you do unlike a well organized squadron which usually is made up of like-minded people. On SCG, we always fly together even if someone is late to the party, we usually all RTB to fly as a single unit. We also fly tactically most of the time which can also be hard with random as it is hard to give/receive directions from people you dont know, especially when you realize they dont know what they are doing ... I'm not saying flying with people you dont know is always bad. I've had great flights with randoms that were amazing pilots and individuals like Fenderbird, Scharfi, Vade, Barnacles, Necathor, Chimango, Rani and many others. I had great times with them by not only making new friends but also learning Spanish Some other times, I wasnt even on comms with them to experience a great sortie but it is just hard to find the players that click with you in flight. IMHO if you want to experience organized flights as you describe, join a competent squadron (there are several of them in the Virtual Squadron section of the forum) or look for the comms of those squadrons to join them during their missions. Several of them are very nice and they usually dont mind having people join them even if you dont enlist. I can name several of them here but you can also check them out yourself. When I want to fly with different people, I just look who is online and ask those squads for their comms info ... It beats flying with total randoms or by yourself ...
  12. Any plans for including other squadrons in your private campaigns? If you guys need, SCG can provide pilots for Axis as an opposition.
  13. Thats because the server you do know is probably just Wings of Liberty. That is probably due to the inflow of players from WoL into the server. Since Wings has not yet a great amount of late BoBp scenarios, some of their player base is migrating to kota and cb for some action with late fighters.
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