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  1. SCG_Riksen

    Dangers of high alt flying in non pressurised AC

    No ... thr body does not produce O2. The body produces 2,3BPG to decrease Hb's affinity for oxygen so it can better unload it in the peripgeral tissues. In addition, there is stimulation for synthesis of more red blood cells but both of these effects take longer hence the need to adapt for a few days.
  2. Vector to home base command could be disabled in the previous il2 so it was not horrible implementation. You could disable that and retain the other flight coms.
  3. SCG_Riksen

    Tactical Air War

    Agreed. Just to be clear, I'm not here to compete with anyone .... just to have fun. I'm afraid I have to step away from this discussion as I'm not claiming to be better than anyone nor would wish to be. I appreciate the kind words nonetheless. Like I said, I'm here just to have fun and enjoy flying as a group and friends. I'm not nearly as good as some other guys here individually but that is not what the game is about for me anyways. Well enough of that, let's change topics and focus on TAW please.
  4. SCG_Riksen

    Wing Walkers' Memorial Flight for WWHappy

    Great video! Did not have the honor to meet him but I would like to express my condolences to you and his family. May WWHappy continue to fly high in the skies!
  5. SCG_Riksen

    Looking for a squadron

    If you are looking for trainning, flying in an immerssive way, with experienced pilots, you should checks us out: simulatedcombatgroup.com Cheers
  6. SCG_Riksen

    ✙ 6. Luftflotte [MILSIM] ✙

    You almost had me then you said War Thunder ... 😂
  7. Simulated Combat Group: www.simulatedcombatgroup.com
  8. SCG_Riksen

    Coop Is it working .

    Fixed that for you. Also, I would suggest the title to be: "Is Coop working?" Cheers
  9. Flying with wingman is a routine for my group. Maybe you should fly in a squadron that promotes more immersive flying. Check our group out if you are interested. Cheers
  10. SCG_Riksen

    Getting a Dserver to work

    I have an issue with the DServer. The needed ports have been forwarded and firewall is inactive (tested the ports with port tester tool). DServer opens and logins correctly into the master server but no one can see the server but me ... I get the image below: Any ideas? EDIT (ISSUE FIXED): Found out the issue. It's the external box that was not ticked
  11. SCG_Riksen

    Bf 109 K4 information?

    I guess that's why planes have 2 wings ... just in case you lose one. Spits won the war 🤣
  12. SCG_Riksen

    Simulated Combat Squadrons.....

    The 4./JG52 (109 unit of SCG) would like to welcome our newest member, Mr. X-Man! Good friend and a nice addition to the group
  13. SCG_Riksen

    Bf 109 K4 information?

    Never had more an aircraft take more than 2 30mm rounds for me. It is usually 1 to 2 hits ... 4 hits is just too much
  14. SCG_Riksen

    Spitfire IX

    Yup. The Spit is a great plane. In Berloga, it is really easy to get 3-4 kills before you either run out of ammo or have to ... errr ... bail. Anyways, I see a lot of Bf-109 pilots either have no ideia on how to use their planes, don't understand the concept of energy, or simply overestimate their machine. I'm not talking about Berloga here but it is very common to see 109s trying to turn fight spits and yaks, trying to climb on you with lower energy, or even diving when you arr already too close hoping to escape.