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  1. I know you probably already know this so please forgive me for my suggestion or if it has been mentioned before. Have you tried having the option external enabled. I'm no in front of the pc right now but I believe there was something that said external or something like that near the area where you put your ip.
  2. That also happens with u press enter or tab when holding the key. I call it the auto drive system and often use this bug to move while I go grab a drink lol. ..
  3. I think your best bet is the Combat Box server Siddy.
  4. I tino the game currently captures the sense ir deadliness of the Tiger when in close-medium ranges (updates to 1000m) and it does not cause immediate kills from far. Often you have to shoot several times (3-6) to kill a T34 at 2000m which Im fine with bUT the tiger seems abnormally too resistant to the t34 at close range (10-100m). Often, 3-5 shoots have to hit the tiger at those distances to effectively destroy it which mat be too much imho.
  5. That is not bad at all and very managable for the VVS still.
  6. I would add to that folliage camo as a mod for some tanks giving us the ability to cover the tanka with some vegetation.
  7. Likewise, seems better now and more well behaved individuals are present. Some of the, let's say rude players, are not frequently present and the kamikaze behavior is gone. Overall, the server is good and stable with well designed missions. Like you said ... hopefully, the arrival of new Russian tanks will stimulate some VVS pilots to join the ground battle as well because, as of now, the only thing you van do against Tigers is from the air.
  8. Not only at point blank ranges, the tiger guns is more than capable of penetrating the t34 at long ranges at the right angles.
  9. I agree with the balance thing there Mundi. Just like in the air side of Great Battles series, we currently have the Tiger-only horde destroying the MP environment. I play for both sides and always try to go for balance and understand why there are so many VVS planes in the air .... Basically, that is the only weapon we can currently use against the Tiger. I'm not complaining about how the Tiger is modeled since I'm one of those who bugged the devs to correct the absurd weakness of the 88mm we had a few patches ago and I'm all for the historical aspect of it even if that means I'll play in a weaker tank that can be blown up with a single round. I like what has been introduced with the latest patches except the turret re-centering thing when you switch position ... that is indeed annoying. The balance issue, I believe will be better once the Pz.IV comes along ... This way, IMHO, the balance will be better and the T34 will finally have a chance and tanks to shoot at (since then, I hope, Tigers will be more limited in the missions and blue players will have a tank that is more on pair with the T34 than the Pz.III is). BTW, I think the Tiger rear armor is somewhat too resistant at close range ... I find myself often shooting at Tigers at point blank range, which should disable it in a single shot, having to take 4-6 shots in order to take it out. Maybe some additional tweaks are still needed but overall I like what I see. Soon, we will have a PzIV and the Red Army will have some heavier caliber weapons as well (I heard the Su-122 and the Su-152 will also be pat of the sim) and then even if the Tiger is in the mission, we will have better tanks to counter it. Be patient my friend and soon we will see a better, more balanced, battlefield and the tears of the so-called "Tiger-only" guys.
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