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  1. @=FB=Vaal Is there support for the rearm, refuel and repair feature? Thank you for this great tool. Cheers
  2. Great additions but we still need the Li-2, C-47 and the IAR-80. Those would be very nice as well to complement the expansions.
  3. I believe there is. We had a single account system before. I hope the TAW devs can have a single campaign system with both fronts available and single account per player to avoid the side switch we know will happen once we hit the Rhineland map.
  4. I wonder the same about you as I can consistently see planes at less than 10km, specially in the right conditions and some at 15 km and further out. What you described above it is exactly how I see the game in "Expert" mode and you, yourself, describied as realistic. Now with AV on, I see everything from 20km and further and can't ID closer planes due to messed up zoom. Also, planes disappear and reappear often when they are in the transition zone (rescale/non-reascaling zone). And now when you lose your argument, you claim to be able to see what other people can see lol. Keep up the good work in proving your point ... Lol. Outstanding!
  5. The aircraft disappearing issue, I believe, is only seen in with Alternate Visibility when you approach them. It seems that in MP when the system has to turn off the rescalling, if there is some lag, the aircraft takes too long to re-render and disappears. The regular mode ("expert" as some call it) doesn't seem to suffer from the issue as the aircraft does not rescale as far as I know. The expert one is very reallistic in terms of far contact spotting since it makes it highly dependant on angles and light conditions. If those change as it does during a flight since you and the contact are moving, it os only natural to see contacts not be visible anymore until those aforementioned conditions are again favorable for spotting. This does not mean the aircraft has disappeared at all. The ac still there. Under favorable conditions, in Expert mode, you can clearly see contacts between 10 to 20km so your claim that this mode is only around 10km is incorrect. Since you are in a game and airplanes in such game are represented as pixels, pixel hunting represents airplane hunting. There is nothing more to it. It is a game and regardless of how hard or close we get to the real thing, it will never be the real thing. As it stands, the expert mode is the closer we have. Because these changes are not for the better. That is your opinion just like he has his. For him and many others, spotting people from 40km away all the time is unrealistic. That is our opnnion and you can have yours but you will realize that most of those who have real flying experience will agree that spotting enlarged planes at 40km away is not what they experience in RL. Do what you want with that notion. I dont expect to change your mind in the subject and understand why some people want to have better visibility to make the game easier but, at on point or another, we should ask urselves regardless of the issues seem in both system what is more realistic? I can play in both settings and I take the AV for what it is. An arcade approach to the issue. That does not mean it is not enjoyable ... It is ... My air kill to survival ratio goes up so I benefit from it but I rather play in a more realistic envinronment where I actually have to work to see things around me, plan my routes and probable locations where the enemy might fly by and use the sun in my favor to help me spot the enemy. All of these factors matter in the expert setting just like they did in real life. Is the system perfect? Nope, but it definitely beats the bloated aircrafts at 40km away.
  6. Bugsy, when ur skin pack os ready, would you mind sharing them with us in SCG? We like the imerssion of being able to see the other historical units in the MP envinroment. You can find our packs here in case you want as well: https://www.simulatedcombatgroup.com/scgskins
  7. I'm glad to hear that! Regular spotting is not perfect but far more reallistic. It might not be more popular as some say but that doesn't mean it is not better. It just means some individuals want easy mode spotting and a giant Berloga arena. Combat Box should strive to become a tactical envinronment where bombers can feel confortable as well in their mission without having to worry about people spotting them from 40km out.
  8. Me too as I've now decided to play the next TAW on my tablet. While you are at it admins, please make sure you increase the contact visibility and bloating of their size 5 to 6 times so my spotting experience is better. Thank you!
  9. Thank you for the continous support!
  10. Reverse psychology script activated: - Attempt to use the reverse psychology script will increase the regular "When will TAW start?" script effect by 2-fold. Damn ... These guys thought about it all Siddy 😕
  11. I believe that depends on you as well. If you just take off without communicating to other people on your side where you are going and request cover, I'm afraid not many fighters stay around the air base to cover people taking off. Try to let people know in the chat your intentions first before taking off and I'm sure some fighters will be more than happy to cover and escort you for the mission.
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