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  1. If you think the LW has inferior equipment than the problem is clearly you. Maybe they should replace you as one of their pilots?
  2. You're watching too many James Bond movies sir hhahahahahahahah
  3. @Pennato Whata great pic mate! Congrats on that one. Beautiful shots and editing!
  4. @=LG=Blakhart Maybe you guys could let SCG or OPFR switch sides for this one? Or perhaps let them have 2 accounts as they once did?
  5. IMHO, @CSW_FMF_Tommy544hit the nail on the head here. Creating a system that accounts damage according to number of players will solve fast movements of the front. For example: - For example, if a team flies 20 x 10 in a map, whatever damage that team inflicted is halved for the front line calculation; - The individual kill still counts, for example, if player XYZ destoyed 10 tanks in the mission, he still registers those 10 tanks but the amoint of tanks that actually count to calculate the movement of the front would largely depend on the general balance of the mission; - Make
  6. To fix it, if you still remember your password, do the following: 1 - Login into your "IRFC_SmokinHole" TAW account 2 - Click in Edit profile and change the name to "=IRFC=SmokinHole". I think that will fix your issue. Good luck
  7. You are correct. The longer mission time is a positive thing IMHO. It gives more time to plan and organize on the ground. The lack of airfields is a hindrance for short range fighters though ... but I guess that is not so easy to fix as there is a road system associated with troop movement in TAW so they must have some sort of connection as far as I understand it (correct me if I'm wrong). You can always take-off from less used airfields or play for the side with less players/outnumbered to overcome that limitation but for the overall scheme of things the Overlimit system
  8. I agree with the comments above as well. The long distances make it very difficult for planes like the Spit and the 109, giving you little patrol time over an area. This is specially important when the map has a lower player count but if you disable the AF mechanics alltogether then it will be pointless for the tanks to attack and try to capture an AF as the defenders will always get to them first, giving the attackers very little chance to help them out. Maybe just disable the overpopulation mechanics and allow people to take-off even when there is an excess of players in one base but keep "A
  9. TAW Day Two: D-Day + 105 (B.79 Airbase) Spitfire Mk.IXe EB-N "Sweet Ellie" of the No. 41 RAF after a sortie in which the squadron encountered the fierce opposition of the I./JG4 near Wassenbrug. Later reports suggest the fight to have included pilots Oblt. Hans Dugo ( @JG4_Dugo ) and Obfw. Enrich Lebano ( @JG4_Lebano ). Note the 20 mm shell hit and associated shrapnel damage to the left side of the plane. Surprisingly, the pilot was unscathed and the plane controllable after the hit.
  10. @=LG=Kathon Could you, please, add one or even 2 more radios (if that is possible) to the servers SRS? Currently, we only have one radio with 15 channels in it which makes it impossible to communicate with other squads in different channels effectively. Thank you for all the work on the server!
  11. TAW Day One: D-Day + 103 (B.79 Airbase) TAW Day One: D-Day + 104 (B.79 Airbase)
  12. Pathetic. You've lost your chance to apologize and do the right thing. Own up your shit at least man. Perhaps it is you who should never show your face around here again.
  13. Macchi outruns the P40 and all other planes except the MiG. So the only true advantage to the red is the MiG and it is not really a big one. I dont see the issue here, making a planeset more competerive to the reds brings more red players in and more targets to LW only guys like yourself. You should be happy about this and not upset unless you are only happy when you have the best plane and outnumber your enemy 2-3 to 1 ... I'm starting to think the latter.
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