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  1. Pathetic. You've lost your chance to apologize and do the right thing. Own up your shit at least man. Perhaps it is you who should never show your face around here again.
  2. Macchi outruns the P40 and all other planes except the MiG. So the only true advantage to the red is the MiG and it is not really a big one. I dont see the issue here, making a planeset more competerive to the reds brings more red players in and more targets to LW only guys like yourself. You should be happy about this and not upset unless you are only happy when you have the best plane and outnumber your enemy 2-3 to 1 ... I'm starting to think the latter.
  3. Link to Discord has expired.
  4. Hey Moxy, Discord link has expired. Could please confirm the time for the event? DO I need to register?
  5. Thanks TF. Im really enjoying the new game and updates! Keep up the good work!
  6. Yes. Nausea, vomiting and occasionally some anger and frustration against the AI.
  7. If they improve any more than that, they might as well put icons on and a glowing orb around the planes. Spotting has to be challenging still and it is not easy ... have you tried the Enhanced mode to see if it makes any change or your end? Maybe it has something to do with your graphics or setup hence the minor improvements you experience on your end?
  8. I`m very impressed with this update! Great job DEVS! Gameplay is much more enjoyable and tactical now. Both my wingmen were able to spot everything with me and, sometimes, even before I did. AMAZING and very well done! This might just be the best DEV team in a game yet. Just the fact that you guys actually engaged with the community to gather opinion and improve the game gives you guys my utmost respect! A+
  9. Maybe when flying attackers/bombers now you have to fly together, in lathe formations, and plan a better route to target ... You know ... The way they actually had to do to increasing their odds of survival against fighters.
  10. Thank you Jim. But isn't it keeping just Allied and Axis channels what we actually have right now? Sorry I may not have understood your point.
  11. There would not be a need because you can do the delay with the Dserver. So if the server has a 120 sec delay to spawn in the opposite side this would also mean a 120 sec delay to join the other side channel in SRS as per my suggestion above and therefore no spying. Having seperate delays for the SRS and the Dserver would potentially allow people joining the radio too early and before they actually switched sides in the game OR having a pilot join a side but still being stuck hearing the radio of his previous team if the delays are different. IMHO, and as per my image above, having SRS be in sync with the DServer delay would basically avoid all those issues and ensure timings are the same.
  12. @=TBAS=Sshadow14 Thats why I proposed the following but @ciribob considered my suggestion too complicated.
  13. Suggestion to SRS developer @ciribob: - Automatically mute bailed out and KIA pilots and allow them into the spectator channels once they enter map screen again. This would add an additional level of imerssion as, you know, the dead cannot talk.
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