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  1. Although I currently dont have a working gaming computer and I've been extremely busy at work with the pandemic, I also ordered mine to support the project. I'm sure the passion and dedication of the team will pay off! Thank you!
  2. Yup. Just happened to me tonight and this is not the first time either. It is frustrating because you cannot properly aim as the plane just teleports away ... It is crazy to me that people can get away with things like that. Anyways, you are not alone.
  3. You either write it in briefing (specifing which one can be attacked and those that cant) or write it on map something like Safe AF. Then when someone complains they have to clearly state where they are at. Cheers
  4. Although Im one of those who enjoys the risk of flying behind enemy lines, I usually do my absolute best to never approach the enemy AF but I do believe @ACG_Smokejumper has a point here and it would be nice to have to scramble some missions. Maybe, when you guys conclude the testing phase for the RRR feature, you could think about creating AFs closer to the front line where RRR would be enabled and AF strafing allowed (only allowed at the RRR airfields). Then it would be down to the pilot to decide either he wants or not to take that risk but, at the same time, having the benefit of being able to take-off in a position closer to the action and also preserve his plane.
  5. Great work as usual @rOEN911
  6. @curiousGamblerr Is there a way to allow certain html codes into the description field like <u> for underline <img> etc? ... They work as of now but not when sharing/streaming (people are blocked from connecting if these codes are present).
  7. @SCG_Gustav_Hagel Hey Gustav, I don't know if it will help answer some of your questions but we also have this (http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/150grade/150-grade-fuel.html) on the 150 oct fuel. Check it out and see what you think. S!
  8. Oh I see. Anyway to introduce that into the software? I made some numbered skins for several squadrons in Moscow and it would be great if the AI units could also use the skins in a randomized manner so in mission we could see planes in the same squadron using similar skins with numbers and all that. For example: I have the above code in both the bf109f2 file and the II./JG52 file and they represent 12 aircraft skins (a skin pack specifically created for the II./JG52) with numbers 1-12. I set them up specifically for the same dates in hopes that PWCG would randomly pick one for each pilot unless specifically assigned by the player. However, the system only uses whichever one is the last for that squadron and aircraft (in the case for the Bf-109 F4, the system always uses #12 because it is the last one). Could you introduce a feature to randomize them so the community could create skin packs for the squadrons?
  9. Perhaps try looking at the "Virtual Squadrons" topic and doing some research into the available units? https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/17-virtual-squadrons/
  10. Great work Pat! I just tested with 5 missions and no problems encountered except the skins are still no working when you configure the needed files. I mean they do work but the squadrons only select the last skin that was setup in the files. It does not randomize from the list. Anyway to include that in the next update?
  11. Very nice mate. I too come off in a bad way a lot so I get it ... We just need to try, as much as possible, to be united as a community even when we disagree ... The community is already small as it is. Anyways, take care and stay safe! Cheers
  12. It is his opinion and he is politely trying to make his point. There is no reason to mock him for it and you can still have a civil discussion even if you dont agree with him. Although I personally would prefer to have it off, I can see the points being made here by both sides and agree with your point of view Red. I wont change much and give the individual who chooses to keep it on a massive advantage. I guess we will have a better idea on this when they introduce the labels OFF in TAW. Agreed. But again, maybe it is the fact that it kinda meets both arcade and simulators half way that makes this game more appealing?
  13. I've invited you to fly with me many times but you never paid much attention to it. Some people have different learning curves but this can be helped when you have someone helping you. It did for me and many others as well ... Insisting in doing it all yourself when you are stagnant is just going to lead you into frustration ... When I started in 2009, I too was pretty much in the same situation. Stay on your track and you will go nowhere ... Find a squadron .. A good one ... and you will notice the difference soon enough. Cheers
  14. @LLv34_Temuri Pilot 1./JG42_flesch just bombed my tank twice despite server warnings about FF and writing in chat. This is the third time in this campaign I get shot down/destroyed by friendlies ... Is there any way to have the damage they do to friendly units turn against them or something like that? Or a temporary kick from the server when you destroy a friendly unit? It is incredibly frustrating to drive a tank for 30 min only to be killed by a friendly or rammed by enemy planes.
  15. Actually you did not apologize. You said it was an accident but no apologies. Also you only wrote it was an accident here in the forum after I complained about it and not in game when you were caught. All of this could have been avoided with a simple sorry and explanation in game. Overall, really bad job at apologizing while continuing to offend me by calling me a girl. Keep up the good work!
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