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  1. It's a Series II. The developers have said as much and the short barreled Hispano V's confirm it. I took one half second look at it and said: yup... Kuban. It's very recognizable.
  2. I think a narrower view of what might be on offer needs to be taken here if you want to set expectations. If you want to just do wishlists that's fine too It looks like 1CGS will be following the same pattern that they have before with IL-2: Battle of Kuban getting the La-5FN and Bf109G-6 added on at the end of the development cycle. That informs what's happening here and that means that the aircraft are likely to be Bodenplatte oriented. It's also likely that at least one of them is a modification of an aircraft that already exists (i.e. a Bf109G-4 to G-6). Finally, 1CGS may also leave room for themselves should they tackle another Western Europe title in the near or far future. That narrows the list considerably. I also suspect that, due to time constraints, that it won't be the B-25. I think what will happen is that a future title (possibly the next one) includes it as a flyable and that the interior is built over the course of that project. I could be wrong on all of this but I still think the most likely candidates are the Ar234 and the Spitfire XIV. The Mosquito, Meteor, A-20G, and others are all possibilities too. It's harder to find another German type on the list that could be done and that would be worthwhile. Some would clamor for the FW190A-9 and that's fair. A more exotic D-13 or Ta152H-0 could be done too. Those are getting pretty rare though and the series has typically done more typical types. I thought about some other American types but I can't think of any that offer a substantial enough change. I.e. a P-38L is going to be very very similar to the J-25 we're getting. We'll see! Lots to be excited about!
  3. I know IL-2's flew at a variety of heights but 1000 meters and lower were typical. Some missions were flew at treetop height. The AM-38 engine isn't much use at medium altitude anyways.
  4. One of the questions I get asked consistently and sometimes frequently is around choosing flight sim hardware that works well with IL-2 (or DCS or insert your favourite sim here). While a couple of my recent reviews have focused on higher end pieces, my latest hardware review is focused on Thrustmaster's T.16000M FCS flight package - a three piece kit that includes stick, throttle and pedals. There's pros and cons to any setup but there's a lot to like here and its well suited to working with a sim like IL-2. If you're interested in this package I've got the full review posted on Stormbirds and I'm always happy to answer any questions about the setup. https://stormbirds.blog/2019/08/13/thrustmaster-t-16000m-fcs-flight-pack-review/
  5. None of the improvements they were referencing in the last dev diary are in yet. There have been some slight changes to the AI a couple of patches ago with regards to formation keeping but nothing else yet. Combat AI improvements are going to be a big thing when they do finally arrive.
  6. Thanks! That was a specific request from Haash and I couldn't resist making sure that it was the final scene
  7. That's not really what I meant. Sure, during offensives you've got tons of activity. During some of the in between periods there was more sporadic machine gun fire, snipers, etc. But far less intensity. The point being that the entire front line doesn't have to have machine gun fire snaking across it at all times for it to be believable.
  8. Some of you may not have experienced this in IL-2: Great Battles but many of the campaigns and even the career mode now have zones setup where enemy machine gunners face off against each other. It's relatively simple on the ground but from the air, flying over, it looks like an intense firefight going on between opposing squads of troops. It's a good effect and it really helps up the immersion. I think they will be able to pull that off here no problem. Perhaps there won't be action along the entire front but then that's probably not wholly accurate to the real world situation either. There were quiet times.
  9. Tutorials and training is one of the most difficult parts of the experience and its not an issue strictly limited to IL-2. I've found similar issues with DCS World and X-Plane and it comes down to developer time that just doesn't exist to do the extra bit to get training going AND keep it up to date. Eagle Dynamics has tried over the year's but its been nearly impossible for them or their third party devs to keep the training missions working over the long haul. Some of them were turned into videos and just left that way. For all of those series the best place to go is YouTube and user generated content. For IL-2 it's Requiem's absolutely brilliant Air Combat Tutorial Library: https://www.youtube.com/user/RequiemBoS He's got tutorials on everything that flies in this sim or if its not there he's busy generating it. There are others but the basics are here.
  10. Every couple of weeks we get a pretty serious dev diary and at least some of that diary is devoted to Flying Circus. FC actually got all of its aircraft first before Bodenplatte and before Tank Crew got all of its tanks. Obvious reasons why (virtue of rebuilding rather than creating from scratch) but that together with at least some tweaks for the FC birds and some effort into things like new gun sounds, new FC specific features (revolvers and handguns, scarfs from before, etc.) all suggest to me that the dev team is working through their plan to bring a proper WWI experience to IL-2: GBS and to make sure that Flying Circus is up to par. The biggest issue for single player right now is the AI. They are especially bad with the Flying Circus aircraft for some reason although you can still have passable dogfights with them. In the last dev diary it was announced that they had hired a new AI programmer and that this person would be working on the dogfight AI. Presumably for WWII and WWI (or maybe its just one AI with branches I don't know). I suspect this was always part of the plan but sometimes it can be hard to find the right person to do the job. There are other things like we haven't seen the full map yet but I have high hopes that it will look good when they do reveal it. IMHO I think it's good to air concerns and be critical but also put things into context. FC is still a work in progress, not released, title and that means that we don't have the whole picture yet. Almost all of the IL-2 series releases using this same formula haven't really come clearly into view until the last patch or the second to last patch. There are so many interconnected components that you have to wait until they are all in place before making a judgement. You can bet that I'll be writing a full review of Flying Circus Vol 1 once it's officially released and "done" but its awfully hard to do that right now.
  11. This is the struggle of flight sims and it seems the IL-2 series in particular that has had to overcome, multiple times, some bad press by either critical fans or people who don't really quite get flight simming to begin with. The critical fans I can get behind because I've been critical in the past as well but the passion that goes behind it doesn't always translate to someone coming into the series so all you see are the overly harsh comments and none of just how good things are. Glad you were able to get beyond them and join in! FC has a way to go still but it doesn't mean that you can't have a lot of fun right now!
  12. That's an amazing story! Thanks for sharing!
  13. It's possible that it was just useless. I don't know much about the rear gunner position in the A-20 but there must have been issues with it seeing as the Soviets replaced the position with their own turret in a field modification and the production model A-20s later got a powered turret in there too.
  14. As others have pointed out plans change, wishes are just what they are, and you can be sure when they actually promise something they really do mean it. As for the B-25 I have pretty high hopes that we'll see it become a flyable. Either as part of the aircraft package for one of the next project(s) or as a Collector Plane. There's a good number of B-25s out there, Jason apparently may be able to access at least one, and the value of the B-25D fitting into scenarios from east to west to the Pacific make it an ideal bang for the buck type of aircraft. I'm excited by the possibilities but we'll have to be patient.
  15. That'd be a nice little bit of immersion. It's not strictly necessary but a fun detail... I always appreciate fun details like that.
  16. I doubt that IL-2 is going to be asking for authenticity of your windows install. Copy us the message or show us some screenshots so we can see what's happening. That doesn't sound right.
  17. For sure. And so the last patch, as much as everyone was feeling a bit underwhelmed about it (even though its a fine patch), is really all about clearing the deck for some major updates in a few months time. Kuban was sort of the same way where the biggest updates needed to come all at once.
  18. Is this the launcher or after you've started IL-2?
  19. A shot in the dark but a very good one. We know they are working on stuff like that and the Mustang and Lightning are ideal aircraft to introduce it on. Actually so is the Tempest with four separate tanks of its own. So there may be a reason for the clustering. I think you're onto something.
  20. None of us know what the internal pipeline looks like exactly or what constraints are put on the project. This is everything from art to programming and it brings in the sometimes difficult to predict human resources side of the equation. Software development typically is fraught with issues that can't be planned for and can only be risk mitigated and then managed when they crop up. In all of that I'm very certain that the next plane being an Axis or Allied type comes up very little or never. Plans change and every time they tell us their rough plans they tell us that they are subject to change. I think it gets taken literally a little too often.
  21. Some seriously impressive stuff in there! Tempest cockpit! 😍
  22. That's definitely the case on all of those accounts in my experience. The Spitfire I think has as many fervent and passionate fans as the Mustang but the Spitfire's strengths are a bit easier to point to and understand than the Mustang's - a far more subtle aircraft when it comes to its pros and cons versus the opposition. I am super excited to fly the Mustang again but I am so very worried about how negative people might be about one of thing or another. That said, I'm hoping 1CGS efforts to make the Mustang translate well into the sim world and that at least a good number of people are happy flying it. I'm looking forward to it!
  23. You were actually arguing a different point above or perhaps we're all using different words. Nearly ever aircraft in the IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte was used as an attacker. Yes, even the Spitfire IX and most German bombers were grounded by late 1944. I know you think that it means that online activity will then be purely limited to dogfights because all of those aircraft are also fighters but I don't think so and I have some experience with this. Back in the IL-2 1946 days I was one of the server admins for the UK-Dedicated series of servers and we ran multiple scenarios (many that I created) that used almost the exact same aircraft set as Bodenplatte. We had objective based gameplay with both teams trying to take out targets before the other. What did I see? FW190F-8s flying low and fast trying to hit targets and escape on engine boost. P-38 and P-47s unloading rockets and bombs on target. There were a few A-20Gs and Mosquitos sprinkled in but the faster flying fighter-bombers ruled the day. A completely different point to make is if we all want some late war bombers. I think you'll find in a couple of other threads that were active recently that the answer is: Yes! Mosquito, A-20, Do217, Ar234, Me410, the list goes on. Lots of folks are hoping to see some of those and IMHO I've laid out a case in a few places that jumping back several months to Normandy opens the door to more than a few of those. So do other scenarios so I won't limit the thinking here too much. TL;DR: Attackers good and will be used. Bombers also good and almost nobody is arguing against having more of them in the future.
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