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  1. Nothing specific to the gear doors when I went searching. There was comments about structural strength around the landing gear, however, and that high speed and high G could induce structural issues including wing failure. The doors could easily be ripped off in that scenario. As Matt just posted, it's intentional. There may be not only a speed but also G threshold here - I don't know if there are any notes in the Specs tab about it.
  2. The Mustang did have some structural issues in high speed dives. So it could be a feature rather than a bug.
  3. The Mark IV did. The Mark II may have received some Russian rockets in VVS use as a field modification.
  4. Fantastic. I think a future Community Q&A is in order!
  5. Hey folks, thanks for organizing these. I stumbled into the Thursday night fly-in with some folks that I regularly fly IL-2 multiplayer with and they had so much fun as turret gunners on some F.2B's that they ended up buying Flying Circus themselves. What a great time! I ended up writing an article about it without knowing that this was an organized event. The intention is to run this every Thursday? If so I will write something about it. Here's my write-up from Thursday night. Good times! https://stormbirds.blog/2019/10/11/fun-times-flying-on-flying-circus-jg1-server/
  6. Not sure if this helps with the discussion but I had some pretty severe stutter in online matches and had to do a couple of things to mostly get them to go away. The first was a RAM upgrade from 8GB to 16GB. That helped a bit but not as much as I had hoped. What really moved the needle was going from a GTX 960 to a GTX 1070ti and I think the biggest factor there was VRAM (2GB to 8GB). This patch plus the hot fixes hasn't appreciably changed the stutter on my system (now a slightly aged Core i5 6600) when in multiplayer. However, I still get a slight stutter when a large number of players is around. It's far less than before but it is there. I haven't counted exactly but I would guess its more than 6-8 players. Once it gets higher than that I get a little stutter - even after the hardware upgrades. I think there's multiple things happening. Obviously it's not purely GPU (the guy with the GTX 2080 has obviously more graphical capabilities than I do) but there may be an interaction between graphics, especially VRAM, and then something happening on the network side of things when a large number of players come together. That I think is the key thing. You need more than 5. Maybe more than 10 in say a 10km area or smaller for it to start to cause problems.
  7. Not a huge difference at lower altitudes. It's high up where the XIV really shines. I want to fly the XIV more for the mystique of having the last of the major Spitfire wartime variants, the one with the big engine, and the one with slightly compromised handling especially on the ground. The Griffon was a real beast and I'd love to see it in sim. It is marginally faster but the story is a bit more complex than that as the P-51D's supercharger tuning makes it faster over a greater range of altitudes. Not saying that I don't want the P-51B/C... I'd love an earlier Mustang. Heck, I'd love to see a Mustang Mark I, P-51A or A-36 as those variants get less press than the late war bubble canopy version.
  8. I love the clouds! They look great! It's changes like this that have an impact across the whole series that really make the biggest effects. This is more subtle than the new max 160km render distance that Battle of Kuban introduced but this still has a big visual impact or a performance impact. Great work team! I know the aliasing issue is a toughie that we hope to see solved sometime but in the meantime these are great steps forward.
  9. There is so much to like about this patch I'm kind of overwhelmed but I knew even before that I'd be completely overjoyed to fly the Tempest again and that much is true. But I do have to say that the Mustang is excellent as well. It's probably the best representation of the P-51D Mustang in the IL-2 series and in some respects I think it's at the top for combat simulations if only because 1CGS made sure that the Mustang fit the time period exceptionally well with all of the modifications (sight, boost, rockets, bombs, etc.) that it needed.
  10. That doesn't seem like a strategy that they would pursue. The only types that break out of the typical combat mold are Collector Planes (U-2VS and Ju52/3m). With the C-47 fitting that and it and Li-2 being similar, near identical types, its unlikely that they would build one as part of a "Battle of" title and then offer another as a Collector Plane. It would be without precedent with their strategy so far and I suspect part of the community would balk at a "non-combat" type taking up one of the slots from a Battle of series. With Jason and team already stating that the concept was for them to work with Ugra (or Yugra) Media on the U-2VS and then, if all went well, to do the Li-2/C-47/DC-3 after. It would almost certainly come as a Collector Plane.
  11. I am kind of hoping that they ultimately build a C-47 rather than an Li-2. Reason being that the C-47 did serve in some numbers with the Soviet Union but the Li-2 didn't serve anywhere else. With the scope of the sim expanding, it'd be handy to have the almost ubiquitous transport aircraft available. Also I'd be pretty happy to be able to fly such a classic aircraft. Not unless they can do both... in which case, ok cool
  12. Based on multiple pilot accounts about the think black smoke pouring out of aircraft on full throttle (especially 190s), the effect seems about right to me. Things clean up quite a lot when aircraft are on cruise settings and with the fuel mixture appropriately set.
  13. I'm very impressed with the map. It was a kind of dream to see this map and this aircraft set in IL-2 for me and it has finally happened. Frankly I think they did a fantastic job and while it may be missing this town, or that road, or whatever... eh. There's always room for improvement and I always appreciate trying to push the needle forward but there should always also be a taking stock of how far we've come with the series. Last night I only had a few minutes to fly and I captured this while flying over Cologne. Big multi-span bridges down the Rhine River with a detailed city beneath me and to the sides while skimming across the river. Outstanding.
  14. Kudos to all involved with doing the voices. I know the comms system is limited but everyone did a great job of making the best of it!
  15. That's basically been me online recently. I used to, once upon a time, be at least decently competitive, but recently all I get is bounced... bounced... bounced. Even when I'm not I seem to either suffer from some technical malady or just not be able to aim when I do get an enemy, rarely, in my gunsights. It's all very frustrating and it seems to come in waves. Nature of the beast I guess!
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