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  1. ShamrockOneFive

    An Flying Circus related interview with Jason Williams

    You know, I hadn't actually gotten that far in my thinking but I suspect there's a strong possibility there. It seems like they have a groove going now and that makes additional types all the more possible.
  2. ShamrockOneFive

    An Flying Circus related interview with Jason Williams

    IMHO, I wouldn't read too far (or too negatively) into Jason's comments about if there is a Vol 2, etc. My impression is that Jason and team are always very careful when taking about the future. They are willing to talk about it a little bit but I don't think they want to overpromise anything. If Vol 1 does well then Vol 2 becomes a possibility. That's always been the case and I'm remaining firmly optimistic. I wasn't around for the heyday of Rise of Flight's popularity (I was still playing IL-2: 1946) so I may be seeing this a bit differently but I get nothing but good vibes from Vol 1. The lack of a true campaign/career option from the start I think will be partially solved by things like Pat Wilson's PWCG and I suspect the community will at least partially fill that. The multiplayer scene too is looking pretty good and we have groups like Jasta 5, Hotlead, and GCF and many others (sorry for not shouting out everyone) doing great stuff there. These sims definitely need the content and the platform to succeed but if we want to see them do that then the community needs to as well - which I think many absolutely are. Here's to many more volumes of Flying Circus! 👍
  3. ShamrockOneFive

    Bodenplatte standard?

    We weren't all that cool until about 5-8 years ago when the prices in TO started pushing everyone here. Now prices are up here too. But we did get a bunch of great places to eat at least As a content package I think Battle of Moscow is my favourite between BoS and BoM. I love the MiG, the I-16, the Ju-88, Bf110E-2, yeah... lots to like. Also the Moscow map is quite good. Not quite as scenic as Kuban but quite good. As for the interface. I think that's part of the story of how this series got started. When Maddox games and their follow up to Cliffs of Dover died out, 1C Game Studios got the nod to use their Rise of Flight game engine to develop the next IL-2 series. But they had to get Battle of Moscow basically up and running in around 2-years(ish) and that's not a lot of time. So things like the UI were done very simply. The team has never had a chance to go back over it. It's not immersive but it is clean and simple and it gets the job done.
  4. ShamrockOneFive

    Bodenplatte standard?

    I feel it too. I'm the one from Hamilton... CanadaOne is... Toronto I think? I honestly can't remember It seems to be hovering around 0.75-0.76 cents US.
  5. ShamrockOneFive

    Absolutely can't control the 190...

    We definitely need a video of this I think to try and help. Or at least record a track and send us the file so we can watch what you're doing.
  6. I'm really hoping that it's not any more dire than it typically is. It has been a similar message over the years at how challenging a business proposition it is to do what they do. *fingers crossed*
  7. Hey folks, I've been doing an interview series with Jason Williams and Daniel Tuseev and I thought I would share in this forum because part three is Flying Circus (and Tank Crew) related. I ask him some questions that are fairly general but also some specific ones that I know have come up in the community before. I hope you enjoy! https://stormbirds.blog/2019/03/21/part-3-an-interview-with-jason-williams-on-tank-crew-and-flying-circus/
  8. Hey folks! I'm very pleased to be able to present part three of my interview series with Jason and Daniel. Daniel was busy bringing us two patches in two weeks but Jason was able to answer my next set of questions. This time, the focus is on Tank Crew and Flying Circus. I hope you enjoy! https://stormbirds.blog/2019/03/21/part-3-an-interview-with-jason-williams-on-tank-crew-and-flying-circus/
  9. ShamrockOneFive

    Absolutely can't control the 190...

    Yeah the Dora threw me for a loop (literally and figuratively) on takeoff the first time. Phew.
  10. ShamrockOneFive

    Absolutely can't control the 190...

    I'm assuming we're talking about the A-5? I haven't had any real trouble with it but a few basic pointers. Pull stick full back - in the FW190A-5 this locks the tailwheel. Throttle up slowly and not all at once. Not too slowly either. Find a balance. At extreme low speeds tap the differential brakes (I have them mapped to keys on my keyboard because my setup is fairly basic still... this works just fine) only IF you need to keep it straight. This is not something I tend to do much. Once speed builds gradually centre the stick and use the rudder to compensate for torque. These two actions kind of happen at the same time.
  11. ShamrockOneFive

    Bodenplatte standard?

    No that's not what I'm saying. Standard will come only after release. The $10 discount on the Premium early access will also end after release. If you can wait and you're price conscious, sales are the best way to pick stuff up, but there's definitely a waiting game involved with that strategy.
  12. ShamrockOneFive

    Bodenplatte standard?

    Throughout the history of the series, the early access version was always the Premium package (with a $10 discount applied throughout early access) and the Standard edition came out only after release. Battle of Bodenplatte is likely several months out from release so you have lots of time if you want to wait for Standard edition and the $10 discount will go until its officially released. There will likely be a fair bit of warning on that too. I'm also doubting if we'll see the map released next month. It'd be a welcome surprise but I think it'll be a while yet.
  13. ShamrockOneFive

    Why is career online only ?

    You have to be logged in for Career mode to work. Try going offline mode and see how it goes I don't know what the answer is except that the Career mode system seems reliant on some resources that are server side. I'm not sure if its the missions themselves (that doesn't make a lot of sense to me) or something else. Not sure what the solution is for someone with an intermittent internet connection. Sounds frustrating.
  14. ShamrockOneFive

    Battle of Bodenplate

    I think we've got at least a decent chance of the Spitfire XIV being on offer. Nothing is a guarantee until they announce their plans of course.
  15. ShamrockOneFive

    Battle of Bodenplate

    Let's see... We got our first Battle of Kuban aircraft (the Bf109G-4) in December 2017 and the final launch patch for Kuban was March 2019. That's 16-months if my brain is working right. First Bodenplatte release was in May (the Spitfire IX and the Bf109G-14) and we're at 12-months. Probably going to take more time than Battle of Kuban but only by a few months is my guess.