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  1. As cool as the rockets are. The stock D-9 is by far the most common configuration and the rockets were something trialed in combat but not commonly equipped. They were also meant to be fired into the middle of a large formation of bombers to break it up. Right now we don't have too many uses for them.
  2. It's REALLY difficult to help pick an aircraft for someone else. My suggestion is to fly them all in the QMB, get a couple of hours on each, and see which one starts to fit your style. That's the freedom that a flight sim gives you.
  3. Going to have a lot of fun just flying around this map too I think. Maybe not quite as scenic as Kuban but I suspect the urban areas will make up for that.
  4. Looking forward to all of them too! Jason mentioned a few months back that the P-51D would come after the Me262 and that the Tempest and then P-38J would follow. In that order. The P-51D was also first seen with a fully textured external model in an update from March 15. The Tempest fully textured has only just recently appeared. It's possible that project plans have been altered and the Tempest is coming first but at this point the logical choice, given no other info, is that the P-51D is coming next. Jason did say originally that it would be June with a high likelihood that it would slip to July. I actually am wondering if it may be August sometime. As for the original post...a semi recent dev diary update includes these details: This is definitely all on one map.
  5. Tough for me to choose! Yak-1B Series 127 Spitfire LF.IXe A-20B FW190D-9 And soon.... Tempest V I love how beautifully the series represents all of these aircraft. Really a lot of care and effort gone into making them and I really appreciate that balance of giving us a mix of types and spending the time on them.
  6. I'm seeing the same launcher crash this morning. Happened after the spring update for WIndows 10 (I had held off on doing it). If I launch the launcher.exe with admin privileges its ok. Otherwise it crashes. My game is in a custom H:\Games\IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad folder. Any ideas?
  7. It's really interesting to me that it is. The Hurricane is by far not the best fighter out there so I guess I'm fascinated by the interest. Even in the Battle of Moscow planeset it would be a bit rough going. Not that I wouldn't fly it anyways and that it doesn't have at least some advantages. I guess it would just be a fun aircraft to have and that's why so many people want it. Not a bad thing
  8. It's that fundamental tension between regulars and less regular members. The topic has come up a whole lot recently and tends to play out mostly the same way so by the 10th or 20th time folks get... short. There are some good reads out there if you're interested. Especially in the suggestions section of the forum where there are multiple threads. The good thing is that everyone is excited about what comes next which is always a good thing for the series
  9. Yeah I think that'd be a popular choice. I was a bit surprised but a recent poll on the IL-2 Facebook group (unofficial) put the Hurricane either first or second place.
  10. Well... every about 10th thread on the forum right now is on this subject. Have a quick look back through the last 3 pages and you should see about a half dozen at least. I put together an article detailing where the series *might* go next: https://stormbirds.blog/2019/07/06/what-is-next-for-il-2-great-battles-going-into-2020/ The reality is that the devs will have to make a decision based on a variety of factors (marketing, aircraft research, feasibility, etc.).
  11. Jeremy Soule's IL-2: Birds of Prey theme song I always thought was rather good.
  12. There's definitely a wide selection here. Expanding things a bit... there's the Yak-9 series which hasn't yet appeared in the series. The early Yak-9 is very similar to the Yak-1B but the later versions like the Yak-9T get pretty interesting with the moved cockpit, aerodynamic refinements, and 37mm cannon. A late series IL-2 with the "arrow" wings would be interesting if only to complete the IL-2 series from early to late. I'd love to see the DB-3/IL-4 some day and the Tupolev Tu-2 is a really interesting aircraft that just doesn't show up in sims all that often. There's room for earlier types too. The I-153 and SB-2 would both be interesting.
  13. That's a good question. I have enough RCAF pilot biographies and associated information that I could come up with a pretty convincing fiction on a Canadian pilot bio or two. IMHO, I think that'd be the right call. The 2nd TAF was made up of RAF, RCAF, RAAF, SAAF and RNZAF (have I missed any?) as part of the organization. Oh and that's not forgetting pilots like Pierre Closterman who were free french pilots.
  14. I haven't read anything new recently but the last word we had was probably a few months ago and that was that the team was working on a more sophisticated fuel management system that would include drop tanks as part of that system. Presumably the new system would let you control the fuel tank you were draining fuel from along with all of the weight and centre of gravity influences that such a system would incorporate. If they are going to that level then it makes sense that they want to do fuel tanks along with it.
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