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  1. As the others have mentioned, the first aircraft for Battle of Normandy is the P-47D-22. It's out now and you can fly it. Other aircraft will trickle out this year. The C-47 (AI), Fw190A-6 and maybe the Spitfire XIV or P-51B before Christmas (maybe) and then momentum will pick-up through 2021.
  2. Two different games and titles. IL-2: Great Battles Series has 8+2 aircraft for all releases. IL-2: Cliffs of Dover Series is also on the il2sturmovik.com website store.
  3. It is. I've been flying it in multiplayer and single player for a few weeks now and I've even written my review of the aircraft. https://stormbirds.blog/2020/07/28/thunderbolt-ascendant-il-2-battle-of-normandy-p-47d-22-review/
  4. My guess is that their plan with IL-2: Battle of Midway would have been to cover the range from Coral Sea to the start of the Guadalcanal campaign. Same aircraft, same ships (mostly), etc. Just as Battle of Bodenplatte has a focus around the Bodenplatte scenario but isn't specifically just about 1 day I can see the same for a title like Midway.
  5. It's a dream for IL-2's Lead Producer, Jason Williams, to take the sim to the Pacific and introduce some of the iconic aircraft of that theatre. It is, however, a challenge for the team to do aircraft at the fidelity that we've come to expect as resources for Japanese aircraft are hard. You can see Jason's comments here. If they do content in the Pacific, it's not likely to be Pearl Harbour. Aside from a few isolated dogfights, there was little in the way of US aerial opposition (the few that happened are of course enshrined in legend). The Battles of Coral Sea and Midway are very interesting as is Guadalcanal and the campaign up The Slot as is the whole battle for New Guinea. There's lots of content possible if aircraft resources can be sorted out!
  6. Changes are coming so the appropriate pilot models (and I would guess VO's as well) can be put into aircraft types that were operated by multiple nations.
  7. This community is an incredible one! Thanks for sharing your story, both good and bad, and sending good vibes and best wishes. Keep on fighting!
  8. ..... or too early? 🙂
  9. I am hoping for a hurricane update today
  10. What are your sound settings configured as in the control panel? If its on a lower quality setting maybe it runs out of simultaneous sounds and you don't hear it over other sounds.
  11. It's not yet. The standard established with this series if you're unfamiliar is that they announce a new title and slowly release finished content for it. At any point along the length of that development you'll be able to buy in as early access. Content is finished one by one and added to the sim. The P-47D-22 came out just a couple of weeks ago marking the start of early access content. By late 2021 or early 2022 I anticipate that they will be done and the pre-order/early access discount will disappear and the sim will officially be out.
  12. It's true. I struggle with the idea that because there are other similar aircraft we can't have a different version - I mean there are definitely differences between all of these types and that makes it interesting to experience. It's interesting to understand the complete Bf109 line-up from E-7 through K-4. It's interesting to understand the Fw190A-3 through D-9. If it's a completely pragmatic approach then the OP isn't going to find the A-3 all that different... but from a historical perspective it's fascinating to see the incremental steps along the way.
  13. I haven't flown the Fw190A-3 in a while. There's not too much different between it and the A-5 that comes with Battle of Kuban. The A-3 was very much a Collector Plane in the first Battle of Stalingrad release. It was a good foil for the La-5 Series 8 Collector Plane and when the sim had just 10 aircraft... it was a good one to have. Now that there's a whole range of Fw190's. Why bother having it? To experience one of the earlier models that is subtly yet noticeably different in handling is probably the best I can come up with. It is by far the sharpest and "purest" fighter Fw190 that you can fly. Oh... and if it still works, The JG51 campaign for the Fw190A-3 is GREAT.
  14. One of these needs to be modeled (visually if nothing else)
  15. Some great points there. Some more vegetation variety would be a great thing to see (they did such a great job on the Moscow map there) and there are some immersion features surrounding smaller boats and water traffic that would be interesting to have as well.
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