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  1. A week ago Jason said it'd be about two weeks for the next patch which means it's most likely coming next week.
  2. Yeah, shells that have a self detonation timer seem to be working now. I thought they did before but maybe they weren't.
  3. Also worth mentioning that the new Advanced QMB will probably bring back the ground attack/strike missions from the old Campaign mode which should make for a more enjoyable attack mission.
  4. Just the fact that we have exploding shells (they didn't before) I think has changed the visual impact. Agreed!
  5. Fantastic! Sounds like you had a great time on there!
  6. With some of the chaos in the high traffic areas I don't think you'd be dragging it down any more than the rest of us. It's worth checking out for the combined arms experience if nothing else.
  7. Week of the 19th 😄 Makes sense and there's plenty of logic here. Really hoping for both!
  8. I didn't get a chance yesterday but I did want to wish Jason a happy birthday! I'm also excited to bring to everyone a new Q&A with Jason on an upcoming edition of the Stormbirds podcast. Stay tuned for that!
  9. Yep. Flash sale! https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/70762-24-hour-flash-sale-on-tc-fc1-and-bobp/
  10. A fast light bomber would actually suite me just fine. I've managed to do alright with the A-20B on Combat Box so if I can hop over to the German side and fly the Me410 around in much the same way using both its powerful forward firing armament as well as ample speed and internal bomb bay... Yeah that would work for me very well.
  11. On occasion the sale has started before the announcement. I'm sure an official statement will be along shortly.
  12. Right! I did forget to mention that the bay doors couldn't be fully closed. Yep. I'm guessing although have no evidence to prove that those bombs in the bay, even with the doors not fully shut, would probably still be a bit more aerodynamically efficient than hanging them on the exterior.
  13. The internal bomb bay could carry up to two SC250's or two SC500's. It can also carry up to four SC50/70's on the wing stations. Vik's was also asking about the SC1000 and if it could fit in the bay. It sounds like two SC250's or SC500's on the internal bomb bay would be a pretty good fast bomber loadout. I would assume the speed loss to be minimal.
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