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  1. Got it! Alright folks, courtesy of a random number generator the following people have won: 25% off Flying Circus, Tank Crew or Battle of Bodenplatte: @Tonk99 @FMF-Tommy544 @Cpt_Cool @Wolferl_1791 And 50% off Battle of Kuban, Moscow, Stalingrad, Collector Planes and Scripted Campaigns: @Lemsip @Eisenfaustus @Faminepulse @CptSiddy I'll be sending PM's shortly! And a big thanks to @TG-55Panthercules who put in a few more codes.
  2. Alright folks. 24-hours has expired and no further names will be considered. I'm going to run the random number generator (and hopefully get those additional codes from @TG-55Panthercules) and we'll take it from there. I'll try and get everything out tomorrow morning (EST time) if I can!
  3. Turns out I was at 102% of my allotment. Obviously I went over! That's for offering those up. If you want to PM me with them I will add them to the pot. That means there can now be 8 winners!
  4. Oh that'd make sense. I should see about disabling it.
  5. About the engine timers... I did chat with Jason about that subject at FS Expo. I'm not clear on how they are going to handle it but there will be some sort of option or change coming. The shorter version of the story is they hear us and they know its an issue. I would suspect once they have solidified around what changes they will offer up, then we'll hear more detail. From what I read and this goes back several years the standard procedure was to drain the rear internal tank first which restored stability, then drained the drop tanks second and then switched to the remaining internal tanks after that.
  6. Hey folks, I have a couple of discount codes that I picked up from FS Expo that expire on the 22nd and I'm hoping they can go to some folks who could benefit from them. I was going to come up with a fancy contest through the blog but there isn't time and I've been so busy with real life since I got back that I'm just thinking about this now. I have four codes. Two 25% off Bodenplatte, Flying Circus or Tank Crew and two 50% off Battle of Stalingrad, Battle of Moscow, Battle of Kuban, Collector Planes and Scripted Campaigns. SO... I'm giving away codes based on these rules: You can actually make use of them. You're able to make a purchase before the expiry of June 22. Throw your hat in the ring by posting below. Let me know if you're in for the 25% or the 50% (if you say both I will randomly choose one if you win). I will choose randomly from the list in 24 hours. That seems fair yeah?
  7. I've been searching around but I'm coming up short on a Me262 question. The brakes. I have two buttons bound on my throttle to control braking. I use the right button for all brakes (for Russian aircraft with rudder controlled brakes) and I use the left and right buttons for left and right brakes. Double bound on the right button. But that seems to be an issue in the 262 where the right button activates both brakes. A bit of a mystery for me. Anyone able to shed some light?
  8. They are my two nominations for Collector Planes to be released after Bodenplatte. Here's hoping!
  9. Only the full release versions of IL-2 titles are available on Steam. Early Access is on the IL-2 website which you can still buy here and use with your Steam account.
  10. One week after the expo and I'm still on a bit of a high on all of the cool things that I saw there. Jason really pulled out the stops and had an awesome booth despite a pretty small crew compared to some of the other groups. The crowd around the 6DOF motion rig/VR setup was certainly getting some folks attention and I talked to more than a few people who were original IL-2 fans who hadn't heard much or had no idea there was a third generation of the series - they know now! 😄
  11. The Bf109 is good but the Bf110 is superb and so is the Me262. The Hs129 is also really good although I find it difficult to keep the gunsight in view as the cockpit is just so cramped. Moving the engines out of the way really helps.
  12. Not everyone has noticed it but prop wash generates the same kind of effect on bushes and grass in IL-2. It's a nice touch!
  13. Hey Sokol! Interesting. My understanding was that the store applied to the EU as well. Can someone confirm? I thought that was where VAT was applied whereas the rest of world one does not (although we more than pay for that with import fees). Also interesting regarding the travel. I prefer a short press but if that's what people are after then who am I to say According to VIRPIL's product page the twist sensor is contactless: https://virpil-controls.eu/vpc-warbrd-grip.html
  14. Cliffs of Dover is a separate title (still maintained by Team Fusion). IL-2: Great Battles Series contains Stalingrad, Moscow, Kuban, Bodenplatte (and Flying Circus Vol 1 and Tank Crew). IMHO the Steam Summer Sale is coming up soon if rumours are true and that means that there will be sales on most of the series. Keep in mind that its "only" 10 aircraft per Premium release (or 8 in standard) but these are at a higher level of detail and often contain multiple versions. For example the FW190A-8 has a modification that turns it into a F-8 and a G-8. The La-5 Series 8 becomes an early La-5F with an engine mod. The old Spitfire IX used to get a ton of different modifications but now is all in one aircraft (with clipped and non clipped and two engine options). So it's not exactly a 1:1 relationship to the old 400 aircraft listing.
  15. Oh definitely. I spent tons of time flying the Ar234 on IL-2: 1946. It's a lot of fun!
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