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  1. ShamrockOneFive

    Differences between Merlin 66 and Packard 1650-7

    Nearly all of the time the aircraft received different model numbers. For example, large numbers of Spitfire XVI came into service in 1945 with the RAF's 2nd Tactical Air Force. These were Spitfire IX's with Merlin 266 (the designation for the Packard Merlin) instead of the Rolls Royce Merlin 66 and in another example, the Lancaster Mark III was a Mark I with the Packard Merlin 224 engine.
  2. ShamrockOneFive

    I'm back!!

    A lot has changed in 10-years The original IL-2: 1946 is still played by some but the forum here is actually for the third generation of the IL-2 series which started in earnest in 2013. It has been building up new content and features ever since. The review I wrote last year for IL-2: Battle of Kuban is a pretty good primer on the history of the series and is still mostly relevant in terms of the major feature points (although development has certainly continued since then). Check that out here: https://stormbirds.blog/2018/04/11/il-2-battle-of-kuban-in-depth-review/
  3. ShamrockOneFive

    Any Chance At All Of A P-51 B/C?

    I'm very much in favour of more Mustangs down the line. The P-51B/C are definitely of interest but I hope to see the P-51A and the A-36 make it in there some day too. One thing I'd suggest isn't the case is "easy." A very different cockpit for the B/C and a slightly different wing with a different flight model make this project a little more than a bonus type. It's definitely deserving of the full treatment with the standard canopy and Malcom hood as an option too.
  4. ShamrockOneFive

    Annoying Black Screen FIX IT!!!

    KV-1S is part of Tank Crew. That's why it didn't work.
  5. ShamrockOneFive

    DD today?

    I love how this thread has developed its own sub-culture Hoping to see some Bodenplatte updates with some of the next updates. Can't wait for the Tempest to make an appearance.
  6. ShamrockOneFive

    U-2VS Tail Gunner

    Got it. I was wondering how I missed that and I'm also a lot less disappointed in the AI doing level bomb attacks in the Career missions now.
  7. ShamrockOneFive

    Game running so smooth now

    I'm VERY sensitive to frame rate drops and the like and I see nothing wrong with your clips. Maybe a slight stutter when looking around but that almost looks more like your TrackIR rather than the game itself stuttering.
  8. ShamrockOneFive

    U-2VS Tail Gunner

    Wait? The rear seat does have a bombsight?
  9. ShamrockOneFive

    Too many Bf 109s in the game?

    For years I've been telling people to get Battle of Stalingrad because on sale it goes to 66% off and because the aircraft set works well with Kuban and semi-well with Moscow. It's good enough for multiplayer compatibility with the servers I've flown on anyways. It's a good place to start and people can expand their aircraft set from there. I still am saying Stalingrad is the best place to start even in 2019. With Bodenplatte coming out I may change my tune and say OR Bodenplatte once it's finished. Because I know some folks are going to want to be West Front only and potentially play on servers that are West Front only servers. We'll see how that works out.
  10. ShamrockOneFive

    Final Results for new beginning.

    With Rise of Flight and IL-2: Great Battles Series you don't need to buy from Steam and you don't need to repurchase for a different computer. Just install on the new computer, login to your account, and away you go. It's a per account license rather than a per computer.
  11. ShamrockOneFive

    Really looking forward to the Prokhorovka map

    Check out the map posted in the latest Developer Diary. It's got dozens of airfields on it
  12. ShamrockOneFive


    Progress has been slow on AI but we have seen some improvements. They have eliminated a few more instances where the AI rams into hills and the ground and they've got the AI doing more defensive break turns to try and get out of your gunsight than before. It's progress but I know people would like to see more.
  13. ShamrockOneFive

    Me 410 and Mosquito

    Installed in some prototypes. There was a pair of MG151/20 cannons in the rear and aimed by a periscope system. In IL-2 1946 I managed to shoot down a few fighters with it in high speed chases.
  14. This B-25J is in my neck of the woods ... but I'm really not sure how open they are to access most of the time. Also the aircraft is apparently going to spend some time in the shop being converted back to a glass nose.
  15. I'm not sure about the economics here but from a communications/PR perspective ... it'd be great for the museums to try and find quality connections with people who would potentially want to support/donate to their museum. You'd have a very strong audience that way with a partnership with a flight sim. It's a niche market sure but the so called conversion rate would potentially be much higher than with the general public. You already have people passionate about the subject matter. I'm sure Jason would talk plenty up about a museum that had some sort of promotional partnership and it'd put that museum on our radar. Maybe I'm mistaken about that. I wish Monguse were still around (RIP). He spent 10 years researching the B-24 for IL-2 1946 and probably had a ton of reference materials.