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  1. I've been waiting for the chance to fly the Spitfire XIV again for decades!
  2. A DD would be great to have after the week that I've had. But I'm not sure if the team's been back long enough after holidays to be ready to show off some stuff yet. There's a lot coming down the pipeline so I'm guessing we'll see a bunch of really interesting dev diary's coming up.
  3. Nothing has been hinted at or announced and I suspect it will be another 12-16 months before we'll get to that point. That said, this subject has come up in a number of places recently and you'll hear everything from the Pacific, to the Mediterranean, to a Battle of Berlin. Years and years ago they even talked about trying to do Korea at some point. IMHO, I'll be happy with anything so long as the series is continuing. Berlin would be a nice bookend and there's quite a few Yak-3/La-7 fans around.
  4. If the Career missions are less than satisfying, Gambit's Hell Hawks Over the Bulge campaign is really exceptional with voice overs and detailed missions. It doesn't have much in the way of high altitude fighting but the occurrence of German fighters is about right for what the 9th Air Force would have faced. https://il2sturmovik.com/store/campaigns/
  5. For a lot of the 2nd TAF operations, yeah. 10,000 feet and below. Often the cloud deck would be low so they would fly lower as you're not going to spot truck traffic and low flying enemy fighters if you are also not in the weeds with them.
  6. You're going to need to support those arguments to get anywhere with that.
  7. When the new Phase II Arras sector map comes into play it will have all four seasons. For now its limited to what it is.
  8. This has been asked several times and the answer is SRS. The devs don't have the time or resources to build their own system in and even then it may not make much difference. DCS has its own radio system baked in now and while it still lacks a few features, everyone uses SRS anyways. The community is still learning to use SRS but its slowly gaining in adoption rates. Make use of it and encourage others to has been my approach.
  9. FC Vol 2 is already up for pre-order on the store.
  10. Yes for all of the Scripted Campaigns in the store you'll be able to tell if you've bought them from the in-game interface. If you haven't, there will be a lock icon.
  11. This is a weak area in the store. Perhaps the easiest way is to go into the Quick Mission Builder and see what you don't have access to in the list and cross reference that with what's in the store.
  12. Now that 1CGS has been able to hire an AI programmer again, we've seen small incremental changes every patch in how the AI performs. It's getting better at formation flying, strafing and ground attack in general, and defensive maneuvering. Welcome back 😎
  13. I'll guess at June. We've got quite a bit coming between now and then and their P-51B plans are ambitious (3 gunsights, two canopy styles, two engines, 150 octane option).
  14. I'd love to see a Spitfire F.IX (Merlin 61 or Merlin 63) version and an Allison powered Mustang. The later is rare to almost unheard of in combat flight simulation.
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