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  1. When it crashes what does Windows Event Viewer say for the reason of the crash? Will probably give clues as to what the problem is.
  2. As far as I know you have to own one title to be able to play as a gunner. Any title will do but you have to own something. I got three or four people to buy Flying Circus because they sat in the F.2B's gunner seat and they fell in love. So there's something to putting someone in the gunner station that seems to then convince at least some to buy in after
  3. I assume you're talking about that other sim There is a reason why we have 59 aircraft here and the other one has less than 1/4th of that. There are always going to be trade-offs. IL-2 does great at punching above its weight and providing in my estimation 90-95% of the same experience but with far more depth and variety of content. That confers plenty of benefits too.
  4. I love flying the Yak-7B. It's not as nice looking as the Yak-1B and it doesn't have the clear rearview that is unparalleled compared to most fighters but it flies beautifully and yeah it has a little extra punch with that extra machine gun. I do think people underestimate it's performance which as has already been pointed out is functionally very very similar to the 1B. That's the radiator. In your shot is fully opened.
  5. The team does seem to have gotten better at their art design on most new aircraft haven't they. I would doubt, given busy schedules, that they have time to go back and work on older types right now. Maybe eventually? I do have to say that even the LaGG-3, the first aircraft in the series, still holds up fairly well 7 or more years later. Yes the newest ones have improved but the old ones aren't so bad either. Not what you were asking about specifically but just wanted to say! Separately, I did notice that the gunsight is a reflector type. It was an iron sight in the earlier developer screenshots. Frankly the ironsight surprised me but I was wondering if it might be a modification. And if so, did some Yak-9's come with an iron sight.
  6. Hey VampireNZ! Great to hear! Thanks for the kind words. The Yak-9 is pretty exciting for me as fan of this series of aircraft. The Yak-9 is going to be cool, the 9T should be really fun too
  7. I wrote this a long time ago but it compares some basic stats and comments on the Yak-1 vs Yak-1B. https://stormbirds.blog/2016/11/11/comparing-the-yak/ The Yak-1B Series 127 is my current favourite Russian fighter. Probably of all time but also currently to fly... the Yak-9 has some big shoes to fill if it ends up dethroning the Yak-1B. We'll see
  8. A Career mode doesn't seem likely in the short or medium term. I do hope to see it eventually but I wouldn't hold my breath. There is a Scripted Campaign out now that is being made official soon but you can download it already. Also, Pat Wilson's Campaign Generator can create it's own campaign system that plays a bit like career mode. There could be more but this helps get things rolling in single player.
  9. Hey there and welcome! You've picked a pretty good time to join in as there's a 50-75% off promo code available right now (see here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/59581-cabin-fever-promo-codes-launched-50-75-off-select-items/) so you should be able to pick up what you want for a decent discount. IL-2: Great Battles Series that these are grouped under is all one core piece of software so when you download it you technically have everything. Whatever you've purchased becomes unlocked. This is great for multiplayer as a wide variety of players can join in without having to own everything. As for which title to get, there's a lot of options but I think it ultimately comes down to what aircraft you want to fly. The IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad pack is the oldest but it's constantly being kept up to date and it's a very popular first purchase. It has a good variety of aircraft that work fairly well all over the eastern front. Battle of Moscow is an earlier battle with some very interesting aircraft. Battle of Kuban takes the eastern front into 1943 and has by far the most beautiful map in the series. Battle of Bodenplatte is the most recent release and it's all about the late 1944-1945 western front with some of the fastest and most powerful types. Not sure what appeals to you but hopefully that helps a bit. As for the joystick, that's a classic stick but it should work just fine. Any USB Windows compatible stick is fine to get you going.
  10. Japan does seem to have been spared. The reasons are beyond me, however, downplaying this virus is not a good idea. The number of cases is spiking all over the place and there's not a single person working in healthcare that will tell you that this is being overplayed by the media. Sometimes they do that, yes, but this is not one of those times. Take it seriously folks, self isolate.
  11. Hey MLSK. Welcome to the forums! I think with 100 hours of War Thunder under your belt that you'll be able to transition to IL-2 without too much trouble. There WILL be a learning curve as IL-2 is much more of a sim than War Thunder is, however, some of the basics are still there and there are enough difficulty modes to make the transition smoothly with basic engine management and some helpers turned on at first and then you can gradually turn them off as you desire a more realistic experience. That's typically what happens with many people - though some jump in the deep end. Depends on your level of patience A couple of suggestions for you. Hop on YouTube and watch as much IL-2: Great Battles related content as possible. That should help you see what it's like. Don't mind the folks who are 15 year flight sim experts showing off. Everyone starts small Then go check out Requiem's Air Combat Tutorial Library. His videos will get you up to speed no problem: https://www.youtube.com/user/RequiemBoS As for your laptop, hard to say as there are many different Acer Aspire 5's. If you've got at least 8GB of RAM (16GB is better) and their Vega integrated graphics you should be able to run it. IL-2 is well optimized these days for the most part and you can typically run things at lower details and still have the sim look really good. Also strongly recommend having a joystick to get a solid experience. I can recommend a few if you need some help there!
  12. Hey Mmaruda! Glad you were able to get going with IL-2 and enjoy it as much as the rest of us do. It's been a trying time and escaping to IL-2 for a little while is a really nice thing to be able to do. Some great questions... can take a stab at some of them at least How are you guys doing? I know it's tough in some countries, does a few hours of BoX a day help? I'm in Canada. We're in states of emergency all over the country. I've been working at home for a week now and have been doing emergency meetings for many weeks before that. Things for me personally a little bit settled for now at home but long term its hard to know. In a crisis like this, crisis managers tend to suggest taking things one step at a time. It's very hard to do anything but worry on long term consequences (and I'm a worrier by nature :)). A few mates I flew with yesterday mentioned there is a surge in players recently. What's up with that? Is IL-2 trending now? We getting into the Escape from Tarkov phenomenon territory or something? A bunch of things have happened recently. IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte being released is part of the phenomenon. Some people suggested that only a jump to the Pacific would bring the player numbers but I think the inclusion of western aircraft of any type has really bolstered the interest people have in the series. Kuban did that a bit but Bodenplatte really helped get into peoples imagination and rekindled the interest. There's also I think a critical mass moment where the series has enough aircraft and enough variety that people look at it and see possibility and interest for them so that prompts them to buy in on one title and then quickly buy the rest when they want more. There's also a bit of a coming together of the IL-2 community and more compelling multiplayer servers and server related events are happening all over the place. It bolsters the numbers and brings even more people in. Jason's new video on DM improvements blew my mind but also makes me concerned - less clip-wing kills seems good, but what about downing tougher planes when you're low on ammo? The Spit has terrible loiter capability because of not enough dakka. What do you think? We gonna have to aim better or rounds that don't do crits will have more of an impact? I think we're going to see more aircraft fly off streaming oil/fuel/coolant and then crash into the ground rather than instant wing folding. We'll take a bit to get used to it but I think it should be fine eventually. The short ammo duration of the Spitfire Vb I think will continue to be a problem but maybe not much more than it is already. More seriously, this whole situation already takes a huge dump on the economy and it will get worse, do you think it can affect flight sims in any way? Hard to say. Short term there are benefits to everyone being at home and more people have time for hobbies that they were too busy to do. Long term the economic situation is going to be challenging. That said, with history as a guide, after WWI and the Spanish Flu of 1918-1919, the economy came roaring back in 1920-21. They called them the roaring 20's. I think we are going to see a shift and I'm looking forward to some forward thinking economists to dream up what that will look like. Lastly, a question for any local scientists and big brained people in general: how come we're in this crisis so deep in just a few months when the SARS epidemic seems to have been similar, but didn't spread in such manner. Is it the time of year, less travel restrictions, maybe the governments screwed up? Being Canadian and remembering the SARS outbreak in Toronto, the "advantage" we had with SARS is that people who got it became sick quickly and didn't have a chance to spread it around. We locked it down very quickly here before it got around. COVID-19 is a different beast. Some people are VERY sick others hardly have any symptoms but they easily spread it to others. Also... we may have gotten lucky the last time. Time will tell. I have some faith with every county on the planet contributing research and working to find solutions that we are going to find solutions. Probably more than one. The folks doing that need the resources and time to do it and the rest of us need to stay home, isolate, and play some IL-2!
  13. In addition to all of the advice you see here (and are about to get) I'll shamelessly self plug the review I wrote when IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte game out. It covers the history of the series as well as the current state of IL-2: Great Battles and the latest content to arrive in the series. https://stormbirds.blog/2019/12/03/il-2-battle-of-bodenplatte-full-review/ As for which to choose, I'd primarily base your decision around the aircraft that you want to fly and experience. I have trouble choosing sometimes because I really do enjoy virtually every aircraft modeled in the series. There's fun and unique experiences to be had with each.
  14. Welcome! IL-2 is a great series and I'm glad you've had a chance to discover it and dive in. Lots of great multiplayer opportunities out there and the servers have never been busier. The P-38 I hadn't flown much until this latest season of TAW kicked off and I really had a chance to dig into it. What a fantastic aircraft. Although I feel it more suited to the strike role that we've been using it in, it's still a formidable fighter in a pinch and the performance it can put out even when hauling 4000lbs of bombs is outstanding. I can see that lots of other folks have found it to be useful a well. Enjoy and hopefully we'll see you in the skies!
  15. Start them with what they know. Lots of people are not good at connecting with an aircraft that they haven't heard of before or have limited knowledge about. The Spitfire is probably a good place to start.
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