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  1. Go for the fastest GPU you can right now if that's the priority but plan to make it part of a multi-stage upgrade plan where you swap out the CPU/mobo/RAM later. You're going to see performance improvements but they won't be fully realized until the rest of the system matches the GPU. The other way to do it is CPU/mobo/RAM first and then GPU. Things are compatible enough these days that you can do it and have a decent enough experience.
  2. That is an interesting comment. The series certainly can do pines such as on the Moscow map. There was a note from Jason that the map team was likely to do a little more work on the Bodenplatte map so we may yet see more varieties with the trees as an example. There is precedent for that as IL-2: Battle of Moscow was launching, the initial version of the map looked a little like we have right now and then later they updated the map using real tree type data to populate the different areas of the map appropriately. Perhaps we'll see that!
  3. I'm willing to bet that most of the folks who were asking for those aircraft are now very happy and the few that wanted something else are posting. One of those things where you never seem to be able to satisfy everyone but as long as most people are happy things seem to be fine!
  4. The GTX 1660 is a pretty good price for performance GPU right now so I don't think you would necessarily go wrong with it. But I would only purchase that as part of a concerted effort to perhaps make a more major upgrade. Your CPU is going to bottleneck your system as will the 8GB of ram. If you want the best graphics and performance in IL-2 you'll want to jump to a 9th or 10th gen Core i5 and 16gb of RAM.
  5. My update didn't actually get published. Now it should be there
  6. Not much can be done with the F2 padlock. You can't adjust the camera positioning at all from there. I would love to do that for cinematic purposes but it doesn't seem to be a thing right now. With F11 you can then padlock aircraft. I'm trying to remember the muscle memory on this because I do it all the time but I think it's Shift or Alt F8. Definitely possible to padlock from F11 free camera view.
  7. As both of you have pointed out, yes indeed those two titles don't have Career mode. I had written that section a bit differently, changed it, and then that point was no longer accurate. I have corrected it! Appreciate the comments from everyone. With my reviews I try and point out the good, the bad, and try and present something that someone new to the series need to know. I try and avoid the hyperbole and focus on the facts with my take on it. Of course I may see things differently than others which is fine too! Thanks MercCrom! Generally speaking I think IL-2's damage model on the whole is great and class leading but nothing is perfect and I really think the developers might need to have a quick peek at things for that one aircraft in particular. I don't think it needs to soak up many more bullets than it does now but the engine and the wings might be areas for them to look at. Anyways, I don't want to turn it into a P-47 damage model thread
  8. Hey folks, After a few weeks spent with IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte plus the intervening two years of development, I wanted to present to you my full review for IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte. This latest title is more evolution than revolution that iterates on the series while giving us some legendary aircraft to fly. I think the developers made the right choice picking a late war western front scenario and I think the features and iterative evolution of the series over these last two years have made the IL-2 series stronger than ever. https://stormbirds.blog/2019/12/03/il-2-battle-of-bodenplatte-full-review/ I hope you enjoy the review and I of course welcome others to share their own take on reviewing IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte!
  9. Put distant landscape detail to 3x or 4x and it should push that circle out further. It isn't going away but it becomes less noticeable.
  10. I don't think it's hard and I think if we have a look at features they have implemented such as detailed jet engine simulation (including things like compressor stalls) or their new pilot physiology... it's clearly not a case of troublesome programming but rather time. I hope that in doing the Ju88C-6a they will find a little time to wrap up a few other features. They just added the dive recovery pull-up system for a bunch of aircraft so it's possible that we'll see them do some of these fixes. I'd love to see the Stuvi show up.
  11. Completely agree. I'm definitely in the amateur historian range myself and I get excited when we get to explore the different aircraft of WWII and even the progressions. The Bf109E-7 through K-4 is an interesting journey in and of itself. Having the P-51B/C next to the P-51D or the Hurricane to the Typhoon to the Tempest... all very interesting aircraft with unique capabilities even when maybe on the face of things they are "the same" - I'd argue they really aren't. IL-2 models with enough fidelity that little differences make a difference. I'm currently flying the latest TAW campaign with a few people and we've spent about two weeks flying the Pe-2 Series 35. Now we have the Series 87 available and while yes it's very similar... it feels quite different. The details of the way it handles are different, even some of the systems are different. I find those subtle differences fascinating!
  12. Everyone's guess here is about as good as mine. I'd love it if they decide to go from winter through summer on this map as that would give us a lot of flexibility for scenarios. Part of the reason why I thought doing Normandy would be a great idea was because of the continuity between scenarios through to Bodenplatte. If the Normandy scenario ends roughly in August then we have a short jump and we're into September and the start of Bodenplatte. For owners of both, that means you can dig into a single player Career that spans all the way from say February 1944 through to April 1945. That's awesome!
  13. I like having them in for extra variety in Career mode so I do hope they stay. Also the RAF skin, though a simple thing, has been quite nice to have added to the mix. Not single player but recently I flew with a large mixed formation and all of us flying A-20's had the RAF skin on. It looked awesome!
  14. I haven't seen that happen. Was it just the one time?
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