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  1. I am looking forward to this. I'd love to participate in some "anti-diver" patrols as well as the Crossbow mission type where V-1 sights were sought out and destroyed. Makes a unique and interesting target zone with the launch rails, probably lots of flak, and the potential for large explosions
  2. You shouldn't expect one. If there is, it will be a bonus. Both Battle if Kuban and Battle of Bodenplatte had informal roadmaps. The first was communicated via Jason during a TeamSpeak based Q&A that he did with the community. The Bodenplatte roadmap was communicated via a couple of posts here on the forum. The bigger problem with roadmaps for the developers is that priorities can shift and change over a two year developer cycle. The Me262 was originally slated to be launched last but instead was kind of in the middle as priorities and various challenges with different aircraft came up. At least a few people were proclaiming the end of the world because of it. I use a bit of hyperbole by saying that but I don't think I'm too far off. That said, I love having a bit of a roadmap myself and I've tried to maintain one for each of the IL-2 series as information came along. I will create one for Battle of Normandy
  3. That's a significant frame rate drop. Curious what your specs might be. I don't find it to perform any differently on my system with a five year old Core i5 but a relatively recent GPU (1070ti). I am curious what the breaking point is and if its VRAM related or system RAM or CPU - though I suspect the first two over the CPU when it comes to map versus map performance. It's already implemented. It's called frontline density and it affects the number of aircraft, artillery and gun positions, truck convoys, trains, etc. The Rhineland map is larger than most of the other maps in the series and it has more cities and towns in it than other maps. Those are likely a partial cause for performance issues. Some people have had a few performance issues and others none. I have a Core i5 6600, 16GB DDR4, 1070ti and it runs smoothly at 60 fps even in Career mode with medium frontline density (I can't go high... that murders my frame rate). IMHO, with the specs you have, its either the older CPU and slower RAM that is dragging you down here OR you have some settings that might need to be tweaked because you're pushing on one of them with this map whereas the other maps need slightly less and it runs fine.
  4. Great time as always tonight on the fly-in! Great dogfights!
  5. That's the beauty of them picking the B-25D. It saw relatively good service with the Soviet Union on the Eastern Front and so if we have to choose from just one medium bomber for the short or medium term... the B-25D is ideal given the number of uses.
  6. Are you saying Battle of Normandy will release and be finished in 6 months or that we'll see our first content release in 6 months? I'm guessing that we'll see the three new Collector Planes release late February or into March and then the first Battle of Normandy aircraft will appear sometime in the spring. Say May-June with releases happening every 7-10 weeks after that. That's typically how it goes.
  7. My favourites are the Fokker D.VII, Bristol F.2B, and the S.E.5a. Really love flying those although nearly all of them are very interesting to fly.
  8. What you see there is a very old version of IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad with a Campaign system that was not very sophisticated. The new system is called Career. It won't show you the five panel arrangement that you see there but instead they are represented as phases that your pilot can take part in inside Career mode. The new system is a lot more detailed, more interesting, and offers dramatically more mission variety.
  9. Agreed. A month back or so I was flying on TAW and the cloud base was at about 900 meters and there was heavy fog. Navigation was even more challenging than usual and we got into a low altitude very tight dogfight with some Bf109s that would otherwise not have happened. Was a great time Too many people cry foul in anything other than nice clear conditions.
  10. Fair. The mode they are using is more like the old one except I think it may even be worse as contrast against the sky on an aircraft that I know to be there is extremely poor. I'd rather the ever so slightly messed up scaling personally as spotting has become problematic.
  11. I'm hoping to see some changes here too. I've started writing about it but I haven't finished yet because I'm trying to approach this from a big picture perspective and I'm not done thinking or writing. My take on spotting is this. The new enhanced spotting system that most multiplayer servers are not using is the superior spotting mechanic for the sim that has a few problems but that is immensely better than the old method that most servers are still using. A few players seem to think that "easy spotting" is too easy but frankly I think that normal/original/old spotting is not very good at all. I've been in IL-2 multiplayer scenarios where we're criss-crossing paths with someone trying to link up and just not being able to see each other. I've also been bounced or gotten into dogfights with aircraft that are only visible in a tangible way at narrow FOV and as soon as you zoom out they become invisible or nearly invisible. That was just my opinion but I've heard from others and I know it's a major issue for them too. The point was driven home for me when a couple of real world pilots weighed in with similar impressions. I also know that this isn't an easy issue issue for the devs to work out and I'm sure a happy medium somewhere can be found. Deferred rendering is an alternate system for doing more realistic multi source lighting calculations that are done in multiple passes by the GPU. DCS World went to deferred rendering with their 2.0 alpha and current 2.5 version and that proved to be a major leap forward for the series visually. I'm sure it can do the same for IL-2. It provides the basis for some very impressive lighting improvements that also have performance benefits.
  12. I'll bite. The only two aircraft in IL-2: Battle of Normandy that are going to be pretty easy to crank out are the Fw190A-6 and the Bf109G-6 Late. Beyond that...no, not really. The P-51B might as well be a different aircraft with all of the airframe and cockpit changes. The same goes for the P-47. The Typhoon has quite a few differences from the Tempest and the Spitfire XIV is based on the Spitfire VIII and then Spitfire XII airframe which was a total redesign and requires a lot of detail changes to be accurate nevermind the redesigned nose and tail. The Me410 and Ar234 are entirely new planes to the series. The Ju88C-6a shares some with the A-4 variant but there are some big differences too. Devil is in the details 😈
  13. Most servers are not using the new spotting mode (much to my chagrin). I don't think that has anything to do with stutter issues.
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