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  1. ShamrockOneFive


    And probably the RP-3 rockets too. I'm ok with these as they are real loadouts and as you say, we don't have the Typhoon. I think my position would be different if we had both
  2. ShamrockOneFive


    They did, but rarely and typically towards the end of March and into April.
  3. ShamrockOneFive

    Good Allies higher altitude bomber?

    It's not a rumour. The B-25 (AI only) is part of the Bodenplatte announcement: Further, Jason addressed questions about the B-25 in the Q&A that he had with us. I've scribbled the notes here (or its in the fully Q&A): https://stormbirds.blog/2017/11/19/a-qa-with-jason-williams-on-il-2-battle-of-bodenplatte-and-so-much-more/ The B-25 works for Bodeplatte as the RAF was using them tactically and the same version was used two years earlier as well and across virtually every battle. Pacific? Yep. Eastern Front? Yep. North Africa? Yep. So the intention as I understand it is that they will hopefully make this B-25 into a flyable one day and when they do they add an aircraft that may have taken a lot of development time to build but it would be relevant and useful for a large number of products both past and future all at once. It's a smart move. As for the OP and bombers in general. Yes, bombers are awesome and we want them but it will be a tough go to get more than a few due to the complexity and development time. The B-25 seems somewhat likely. The big heavies are less likely. Some of the unique ones like the Mosquito and Ar234 might happen sooner than later because you don't need to model all kinds of different stations. The B-25 needs 6 stations (the waist gunners are semi-shared) while the Mosquito and Ar234 need only a single station plus bomb sight. I'm all in favour... But if we do get a Mosquito bomber variant I also really want the fighter-bomber variant too 😄
  4. ShamrockOneFive

    New hangar

    At some point they will probably redo the GUI and I suspect the hangar along with it too. The hangar worked relatively well for the series Eastern Front WWII roots but with the expansion into tanks and WWI it seems like a variety of options may be better suited to the overall feel of the series. If we go to the Pacific would a carrier deck or hangar under the deck be more suited? An island airport backdrop? Not sure how they will handle this over time but I imagine its been thought about. I'm sure that the hangar is pretty low on the priority list but perhaps as a longer term strategy.
  5. The fogging is a result of reducing the draw distance to 40 KM. You can't remove it because its covering for the reduced distance. Until patch 3.001 came out in March, this was how IL-2: BoS looked for everyone. The improved draw distance is beautiful but they left in the feature to help folks out. As others have said, your CPU and RAM are the limiting factors here while the other components are quite strong. You can tweak some settings but I don't think you'll see much different until these components are replaced.
  6. ShamrockOneFive

    RIP FA_Monguse

    Sad news. Thanks for sharing that with us Bearcat.
  7. ShamrockOneFive

    WOW what a sim

    Welcome aboard! This third generation of the IL-2 series has grown, expanded, and refined itself into an incredible sim experience. It's a lot of fun and it's only growing from here.
  8. So I had some time to do a little testing tonight (busy with plenty of other things). Flew a Yak-1 and downed 4 109s. It's anecdotal but I had assumed that they were really soaking up the damage and that you just had to use up a huge amount of ammo to bring them down. You don't. They do take a few more hits here and there but not anything shocking. Took a Bf109K-4 to see the "massively nerfed MK108" and I couldn't find any evidence of that. One hit to a P-47 and I had peppered his entire aircraft. He crashed a short time later. Or if I want the more spectacular... 3-4 hits will obliterate just about anything (unless you work really hard to make every shell hit a different part of the aircraft). Split a Pe-2's wing right off. A Spitfire lost a wing and lit on fire at the same time. Ultimately I think the total change is more on the subtle side with the exception of a few named aircraft in the patch notes (like the P-47). Structural failure is a little less frequent but all of the other effects are all still there and they do tend to reward shooting vital components like engines, the fuel tanks, ammo boxes, and other components a little more than before. I think this is a positive change and things are looking great!
  9. You're welcome! The replayability of the missions with some random elements thrown in is pretty interesting sounding. Many thanks Zami! Black Six certainly does know his stuff!
  10. ShamrockOneFive

    A.I. in 3.008 patch

    I've had 20 minutes of combat flying in the QMB only since the patch came out and the AI's defensive flying is definitely more aggressive. I've seen some rudder coordinated snap rolls which I don't know if I've ever seen before. That should keep me on my toes for a while
  11. Hey folks, I'm very fortunate to be able to share with you a very interesting and timely Q&A with 1CGS' Black Six, the creator of Ten Days of Autumn, Blazing Steppe, Sea Dragons and now the Fortress on the Volga campaign. I ask him about everything from when he first started with flight sims to what some of his processes are behind mission creation, historical research, and balancing history and playability. Black Six was also able to provide me with some exclusive screenshots from the new campaign. https://stormbirds.blog/2018/12/06/community-qa-with-1cgs-black-six/ Enjoy!
  12. ShamrockOneFive

    AA effectiveness with 3.008

    I'm not really surprised. All weapons are treated the same way so if the damage model has been modified for the aircraft that will affect all weapons interacting with the damage model. It'd be surprising if they didn't.
  13. I'm not by any means an expert here but my understanding is that fuel tends not to explode under normal circumstances but rather when you introduce enough oxygen into the mixture. A full fuel tank won't actually explode all that easily... it's a half empty one with fuel vapours (and say a leak) that once it reaches a critical level has the chance of exploding.
  14. ShamrockOneFive


    Worked fine here. You haven't given us much to work with on this... What happens? Why can't you update?
  15. ShamrockOneFive

    DCS news

    The model and the internal and external textures are getting an update. ED has been retroactively going back through some of their older content and updating it so that it better supports the new tech in DCS World 2.5. They are doing the same for modules like the A-10C. It's just going to be a slow process