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  1. Dear LukeFF, I'm afraid you don't understand what I've written. Flare pistols were used primary for identification, not for communication in WWII. Secondary: flare pistols were used in emergency situations. Me 262 has a flare pistol hole in its windshield? I don't think so. But all of these does not change that the communication platform and the AI is wrong in any of BOS, BOM, BOK, BOBP.
  2. Dear Members, Dear Developers, I absolutely agree with you (henri290). It is high time to decide what the game wanna be? What is the purpose of the developers? Now it is almost an arcade style "Word of IL-2" not a professional (historically driven) combat sim, like its predecessor, Il-2: 1946 was. It seems to me that the sources were fragmented into three direction (Flying Circus, Prohorovka, Bodenplatte) without finishing any of the topics. For what? I am ready pay twice as much for one software if there is a chance of creating an accurate WWII combat sim. I am quite disappointed, and I afraid we have to wait for ages till those deficiencies will be solved. I'm sure there are plans for new topics (for eg. Afrika) instead of optimizing the existing ones.
  3. Dear Team, Everything is okay, and nice, and thank you and whatever. I don't wanna kill myself here, with a little criticism, but let me highlight a couple of thing which hasn't change for ages. - NO change in the AI at all (in Bodenplatte for eg.). (See ground attack, when your squadron mates don't attack, they are heading home with full ammo. Se the way of fight in WWII. And many more example.) - NO change in the radio communication/squadron control/leading/cooperation at all. (My team members shit on my orders. This is still the old and obsolete Rise of Flight stile stuff, but using gestures at he end of WWII?? Come on!) - NO change in the individual squadron related numbers and skins. (No numbers, individual markings on the planes etc.) I am sorry to point out these things, but these were working in the old Il-2 and I miss the better playability, closer to the real ambience of WWII air combat. Thanks for "hearing" me. Best regards.
  4. I think I was constructive, no need to take offense, and give me a high-minded lesson about criticism. On the contrary! This is not a free product, I'm just a costumer, who paid for this. And perhaps there will be some person (including me), who dissatisfied with the product. I think this is rightful. The normal answer from a paid developer would be: Yes, I understand, but... in progress or not... etc. You can delete my opinion, or you can put me into the ignore folder, but the carreer is originated from the RoF, maybe together with the AI. And it because, this is not a revolutionary WWII combat flight simulator. But I agree, the graphics is perfect. No need to answer, I give the floor to the laudatory comments. Il-2 BoK, BoS. I don't want to go into details, or give a historical picture, but the AI is not good. You mentioned the VVS, but I'm talking mainly about the Luftwaffe.
  5. DEAR DEVELOPERS, Great News and a suberb work as usual, but PLEASE PAY MORE ATTENTION ON THE EXISTING PROJECT (BoS, BoM, BoK)! - The AI is terrible (both soviet and german), and it because in the carreer system every team mates lives a day. (Collide with each other, not following the orders, do not drop their bombs, are not able to keep the formation etc.). And the top ace of the II./JG 52 is credited with 7 victory in the starting phase, come on guys! - Can you make individual planes for the units, or at least can we count with separate numbers on the planes? (Just to follow easier who is lost in the combat.) - Please make better radio communication and waste the gestures! Otherwise: superb graphics, this is the future! Thanks
  6. No I am not rude, I gave some compliments to BoS as did everybody. I don't care about DCS, it was just an example. I thought this topic is for the remarks and advices, but you right it can also be filled with positive emoticons as many did. I'm not alone with my opinion, hope anyone from you payed attention for this.
  7. That's true. In this way the question of the poor AI become more complex. :-) Maybe would be better finish the existing works (BoM, BoS, BoK) instead of planning new and new projects (Bodenplatte etc.).
  8. Yes I understand, but this AI is like originated from Rise of Flight. Can be good for WWI era (with the idiot flare pistols and gestures and lone pilots, lone bombers etc.), but nonsense in WWII. This was a totally different and comlex aerial warfare. The old Il-2 at least try to model the circumstances of WWII. There were separate wingmans, sections and they hear the orders, and the formations tried to stay and fight together etc. And I know simulators with much better AI. (For e. g. DCS.) I'm just saying that in this way (WWI style aerial "modus operandi" at Stalingrad) this game is a total falsification of the historical circumstances. Maybe cheaper of using the RoF AI engine, but I will pay more, if the game would became more realistic, and historically more correct.
  9. Yes, great job. But for me the carreer mode (and maybe the correction of the AI) is more important. Graphically the sim is already far the best ever created.
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