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  1. I agree. And as I started this topic, I have to ask everyone to focus on the original objective, which was to raise the devs attention for some petty, but obsolete (in my opinion not-too-hard-to-manage issue) which was once created well in Il-2: 1946. All-in all I think - from some perspective - the old Il-2 series (the latest versions) gave a better sim-experience for many of us, than this franchise. Which is - whilst it is revoulutionary in the graphics and damage model etc. - a little step back in some perspective, like the AI, radio communication (squadron management system) and in the co
  2. Brief description: AI problem - Escorted Stukas are not bombing in BoSDetailed description, conditions: Escorted Stukas are not doing their jobs. Nor level, nor dive bombing was performed by them. Probably they are flying low (1500 m). Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Win 10, GeForce 1660, latest drivers
  3. SOLO CAMPAIGN SHORT TEST I choose I./JG 51 both in PWCG and Il-2 BoS. My sum-up is hereunder: - Although PWCG generates better, more realistic missions, it puts the I./JG 51 (equipped with FW 190A-3's) in the Kuban-sector in September 1942 where it never fought, but the accurate front line is very impressive. No change in the AI of your team-mates, so the are not (or limitedly) responding to the WWI-style orders, and they are almost useless in air combat. (But at least not greens sits in the cockpits like in BoS as this unit was on of the most experienced in 1942/43.)
  4. Thanks, it worked. πŸ™‚ Unfortunately this will be the case till the developers uses basically a WWI AI engine (coming from Rise of Flight) in a WWII air combat sim. Ridiculous. At least we learnt the possible reaction of von Richthoffen on the the fighter jet. πŸ™‚ Unfortunately I can't share your optimism. This is a hard question (not a bug), and can be seen as a critic to the business modell because questioning basic issues. Therefore they immediately put these kind of topics in the complaints sector. 😞
  5. Thanks a lot. And also thnaks for the Christmas tree! πŸ™‚ Best wishes for the new year.
  6. You wrong and I do not understand your direct voice. I am declared as an expert in WWII air combat by one of the European universities, now I am the leading researcher of an archive dealing with WWII documents. I also published several articles and books, but nevermind. I am just loking the title, which is BoS, not BoP. I'm not interested in others sim experience, so havent watched yet. πŸ™‚ Agreed.
  7. Thanks. I will try it. Tried, not working for me. I have the latest Java. Exactly this is the reson of not liking 3rd party add-ons although I am pretty sure that this might be a magnificent tool.
  8. Excuse me, but I thought this sim is made for professional, semi-professianl SP users with a huge amount of historical interests and some knowledge behind. As far as I know for these kind of individuals the coop battles are not meaning a solution. (Especially when flying with US P-38's over Stalingrad.) I fully agree with this. I have just put very simple questions and raise an important topic, but the devs decided not to respond intelligently, but became offended, and postet LOL's, ROFL's whatever those are meaning. πŸ™‚ Very annoying behaviour. Fully ag
  9. Dear All, I don't want to offend the devs, so let me express that this sim is basically suberb. The graphics and flight dynamics is amazing at all, but unfortunately the sim experience is limited by the incorrect campaign mechanism. Please find below my impressions from BoS (replayed after a couple of months), which are worth to correct later on. - The generated missions are monotonous. There is four categories (bomber escort, free hunting, river crossing cover, intercept) with insignificant changes in locations, opponents. After a couple of sortie you ca
  10. Indeed, okay. Let me note that I am ready to pay for smaller packages as well. For eg. additional AI plane packs (can start with the Wellington from CoD for eg.), that might be easier to implement than a fully flyable aircraft. But I am not an expert just thinking loudly. And of course, I also ready to pay for skinpacks, and individual markings. So I am supporter in generating the revenue required. But those are just modest proposals from and old man. Thanks. Best,
  11. Dear Devs, As I mentioned in several topics, this franchise slowly but surely became better and better. I would like to ask you to rethink the complexity of generated WWII air combats (so only in BoM, BoS, BoK, BoP, BoN). Please consider some of the possible radio orders (and AI finetune) below: 1. To Squad: Rejoin to the leader. / AI = The sqn. leader separates from combat and will be followed. 2. To Squad: Regroup at a geographical location. / AI = Escape (dive) from combat and regroup. The place might be marked in the Planning Room. 3. To S
  12. First of all: please understand that I am coming from a different "culture", and perhaps I am a "bit" older than everybody here. That is why my critics can be seen as a harsh disappointment. Sorry for that, hurting/insulting anybody was not an "objective" of mine. This is a brilliant franchise at all, beautiful graphics, impressive physics, correct historical researches in the background (the campaign map is brilliant), and so on... For me two very little issue are missing: a bit better squadron AI (the individulual AI - evasive maneuvers for eg. - is pretty good) and squadron man
  13. Ho-ho... Please take a step back. Do you understand the content of your sentence? Let me translate: you just said that I do not have any right as a customer and shut up. Reflecting on your unacceptable and very inteligent style, I will send this whole conversation to the given authorities, and I immediately consult with my lawyers.
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