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  1. Yep I use that to centre the view, but it still has me way too far back.
  2. Flew the Halberstadt for the first time in VR yesterday and the gunner's wooden ring was sticking out of my neck - I couldn't seem to get a cockpit position where I was seated in the actual pilot's seat. Is it a wrong IPD effect? Suggestions welcomed.
  3. Hi all, I use Voice Attack to help control things in VR, but nothing complicated. I just watched Requiem's video on using the Stuka contact altimeter and wondered what the best way might be to use VA to adjust altitude warnings? Any suggestions welcome.
  4. I second Pilot Pierre's suggestion - Req's profile is excellent. I used TR5 software with a TR4 device.
  5. I found Ape of the Year's video here useful:
  6. This is very cool - more power to your arm and let's hope it becomes reality.
  7. I've only just gotten into the campaign and had a pre-dawn IL2 locomotive attack mission as my first non-tutorial mission. My first impression was it was beautiful! The map, the lighting, all were gorgeous. As we flew towards the first waypoint, I watched a ground firefight off my right wing and later during the attack, a nearby enemy airfield was illuminating the scene as I flew around brassing up the loco. Lovely. Then the dawn - again, lovely. Very enjoyable. The other noticeable thing was the smooth performance. When I reinstalled for the big update, it defaulted to High settings, wher
  8. First attempt at campaign for me last night and had a strange occurrence. Completed the first tutorial mission, but the second mission was a re-run of the first - no action, just a fly to action point, then directed to exit. I was expecting, from watching some YT videos, to see a ground attack mission in the Lagg-3 against a line of vehicles. After second run-through of the first tutorial it progressed to intercepting a Stuka, from takeoff to landing. Now, if only I can land the Lagg without pranging it, I will be able to progress. Some other feedback: Some mangled English and spel
  9. This is a great idea. Thanks for working on it.
  10. Here's the answer! http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/10265-no-joy-yet-toe-brakes-saitek-pedals/?p=157591
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