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  1. God I can’t wait to get my hands on that Me 262! It looks beautiful and I’m sure it will be a blast to play. Hopefully it goes well and this is a testbed for a possible IL-2 Korean Air War! It would be fun flying Sabres, Mig-15s.... but that’s a whole different topic The dev team keeps improving this game and it’s just getting better and better. Keep it up!
  2. I just recently got back in to the game after a good 1-1.5 years of a break. What exactly did they change with the FM on the P-40? I kinda liked flying it in the past but I always felt more wobbly than other planes so I was never very good at using it effectively.
  3. Scrolling down the page on my phone and suddenly, BLAM, this pops up!! Dang that’s a big emoji.... But it does capture how I feel - when I get home I’m going straight to buy Tank Crew!!
  4. Gotcha, that is actually what I figured. I certainly understand it is not a small undertaking by any means to create platoons of infantry, and I never meant anything in my post to be construed as unappreciative of all the hard work going in to Tank Crew to have accurate tank warfare. There will be tons of fun to be had in destroying convoys of trucks, AAA vehicles, tanks, etc along with artillery/AT gun emplacements and storage depots. If I knew how to code infantry, I would offer my assistance without hesitation, but I certainly have no experience in that realm. I am constantly surprised by the work that this relatively small team is able to undertake to create such a game that offers as much as it does. Should be tons of fun!
  5. Jason, just a quick question if you are able to answer - when you say you don't have the technology to make infantry, are you meaning player-controllable infantry (like a first person shooter) or just AI infantry in general? I certainly understand not having the player-controllable aspect of infantry (and I think most are not looking for that in this title, this should be focusing on tank simulation), but would hope for AI infantry to be added to have more complete battles with tanks/armies. I do know that killing infantry can make it more difficult to sell a product in certain countries due to age restrictions, gore, etc but I still think it would be important to have the best simulation possible. With or without infantry, I will still be excited to play this title as much as possible! Looking forward to early access to try it out!
  6. As far as I can tell, Russia started getting the M4 around the time of Kursk (can’t find much info on whether they actually fought in the battle tho), but the first shipments were the 75mm version. I would be very surprised if we get the 76mm version because I don’t think they started getting those until 1944 but again, info is a bit sparse unless someone has a book on it (anyone feel free to prove me wrong!). I won’t complain if we get the 76mm version though As as much as I would like the American 76mm version for the better firepower, I think we won’t be so lucky. Either way, it will be fun to play! As mentioned above, I think the key for Russians to win will be outnumbering Germans but all of the available tanks can easily destroy Pz III’s and Pz IV’s which should be the most common tank you go against.
  7. Man, this is going to be fun! Been waiting for a modern tank simulation for quite some time. Looks like this will be a ton of fun and offer some intreresting challenges - should be awesome being a commander on expert level and rely solely on what you can see (and I presume hear over the radio?) in order to coordinate your attack or defense of a certain area. I hope the devs pay special attention to sound effects - great sound effects adds tons more immersion than almost anything else, especially if you are playing in a buttoned up tank heading into battle. Imagine hearing shells whistle by, bullets pinging off the tanks, the loud clang of a tank shell ricocheting off, dirt falling around you after an arty shell hits close by, all the clicks/grinds/hum of the internals of the tank, sounds of the distant battle getting ever closer, etc. It’s already getting me excited!! I will definitely be purchasing this as a pre-order!
  8. I’m a fan of the Knights too.....but they are going up against my beloved Capitals. This is finally the year that Ovi can get the cup!! In all seriousness, good luck with the move!
  9. I’m getting increasingly excited about this aspect of expanding the IL-2 name to include a dedicated tank simulation. Being able to look around a WWII tank and control various positions in that tank realistically is something I’ve yearned for ever since I’ve been into simulations. Since they will be dedicating time to this game (instead of a small side project that the current Pz-III and T-34 are), it should hopefully be the best WWII tank sim we have seen in decades! I do hope they add infantry, even if that means they can’t integrate the tank part of the game into the same IL-2 BoX launcher due to the “gore” of killing infantry in a game making it have more strict regulations in some countries. One thing I was wondering about the tank set - would an Su-85 be a good TD for the Russians? The current matchup does seem to be favoring the Germans in terms of firepower (I know it’s realistic) but I think the Su-85 might help a bit. From what I can tell by a quick search is that the Su-85 seemed to enter service toward the end of the battle of Kursk but I don’t know how much they actually served in the battle. I would take an Su-85 over the Su-122 in most battle scenarios (aside from wiping out infantry and AT emplacements), though I know the Su-122 had combat experience in the area we will be focusing so it may be more realistic. Just food for thought, I will be more than happy with any tank set they give us!
  10. Just ordered all three offerings! Those late WWII planes (and our first jet!) sound like it will be a blast to fly and fight! I'm most excited for the tanks - I have been waiting years to have a modern WWII tank sim with accurate internal modeling and appropriate gameplay. It will truly be a joy to play and cannot wait for this to take form! Keep up the awesome work!
  11. Yeah the FW-189 would be great for loitering through the mountains, it would look quite nice. Plus if the devs come up with ideas to incorporate these birds in gameplay (single and multiplayer) like calling in arty or various other ideas, that would be great!
  12. Seeing the water with low level clouds as the spitfire dove down made me imagine how awesome it will be to dive bomb ships in the Pacific theater with machine gun fire and AAA explosions all around you... it will be epic! This map is looking great and can't wait to start flying missions over this! It will easily be my favorite map of the game thus far.
  13. Echoing pretty much everyone else, this map looks amazing. I'm sure I will be spending time flying over the mountains and ports just soaking it all in! This map will be absolutely amazing for recreating missions, both single and multiplayer!
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