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  1. As has been stated great DD. Looking forward to all the updates planned.
  2. As dburne pointed out much fun to be had. Chose what you like to do and stay with for awhile. Right now I fly PWCG because I find it gives more options in mission selection. Good after action report and the ability to write up your own after action report. PWCG does have a learning curve, but in MHO PWCG is worth it.
  3. Hum, good question. I will look and see. Yep I was wounded. 17 days off with the nurses.
  4. My Tempest career has a problem. Attached error log. txt. I cannot continue with this career. Thanks for any help. PWCGErrorLog.txt
  5. Same here. I posted early on this but no answers. My post was on Feb. 15th.
  6. Oh boy. Gamit you need an understanding with your CFO. I would go into details but my CFO and I each have our own accounts to spend as we wish.
  7. Hum, BSM is now up to 4.35, not 4.25. Like FlyingShark posted I just don't the time to get into Falcon BMS at this time.
  8. When I see tracers flying past me I will pull up and try to see who is firing at whom. If it is a friendly firing at the same target I just get out of the way . Most of the time the AI might do some damage, I will then come in and finish the job. Then I will thank the AI for making my job easier.
  9. Thanks for todays DD. BOX just gets better and better.
  10. Thanks for the update. I may get to fly later today, to much damn work. Hum maybe the boss will let me off, oh wait I am my own boss.
  11. Hi Pat, I have 3 allied campaigns going on the Bodenplatte map. The issues are 1. If assigned an air field strike mission there are no targets at the air field. 2. At my air base and the alt. bases there is little or no AAA or AA coverage. As for the air base coverage it is nice to be able to drag the enemy planes over the friendly base and have AAA & AA engage them. As has been pointed out when the landing circuit has started the AI we not defend them self's and you are left alone against 2 to 4 enemy planes. I have seen them go after landing planes and of
  12. Good luck. We only have 3 in. here with about 1/3 in. of an ice coating. Not going any where for awhile.
  13. No. What I do is leave the game running, go back to PWCG. BTW my task bar does pop up and that is how I access PWCG. I then select my next mission in PWCG, minimize that screen, go back to the main game under missions. Then select PWCG and you should find the last mission flown. Then on that screen, in order to get to the next mission exit the mission screen, then go back into the mission screen and open PWCG and your next mission should show up. This is how I do it. Once you are comfortable with the process it only takes about a minute or so. There may be a better way, any
  14. Yes PWCG is installed into the main folder. Just as Pat has described below.
  15. Thanks. I just checked Pat's post on how to change target types in order to get air base attacks.
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