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  1. Now is this when hell froze over?
  2. Right now I do not play the career nor multiplayer, I do play PWCG and the scripted campaigns, free ones and paid for ones. Those are enough to keep one busy for a long time. As Yogiflight posted other than career or multiplayer all can be played off line. For example I have 5 different PWCG campaigns going and if I am lucky I might get in 3 missions in a day.
  3. Now that's when you become the hero. If you can try and get there to help your flight leader, I have been able to score a few victories that way and if damaged enough they will break off and try to get away. And yea I've had at times 3 or 4 after me, then that's when I try to locate a friendly or 2 and head for them hoping they will engage the enemy. Another way to get help if they are ganging up on you is to find a friendly air field and hope the AA & AAA will engage them, but that only works if you are over friendly territory. Yes the AI needs work, but it's a combat flight sim and we must learn to adjust to the situation given us to operate in.
  4. In order for IL2 to work you do need the latest version of java. Please go to the first page of this forum and look for PWCG 10.3.4 Skins for F. C. discussion and read the instructions. You will also find a link for the latest version of java, I believe that is what you need.
  5. Thank for today's DD. Team BOX keeps providing us with great innovative improvements. Looking forward to this update, the next couple of weeks might prove to be long but worth the wait.
  6. Wake up on Friday, maybe
  7. Thanks. Looking forward to re-flying. As LuseKofte stated hoping you get some compensation, however I don't believe it will be enough, you put many hours into this campaign. Again thank you.
  8. Thanks for your hard work. I'll wait about a month and re fly the campaign, it is very good.
  9. As I have also finished the campaign, except for mission 16, I can say I really enjoyed your campaign Gambit . As for mission 16 I suppose that I could re- fly it many times and see if we can shoot down all the enemy planes before running out of ammo, or wingmen.
  10. Thanks for DD today. The whole BOX series is much more than I expected, keep up the good, no make that the great work, the whole team has provided us in the last few years, and the years to come.
  11. Just released with new update. Been looking forward to its release since first announced back in December. On vacation right now back in a few days. Be looking for comments. This one looks epic. Thanks Gambit21 for your hard work, may there be future campaigns.
  12. Wow unexpected, I thought maybe Thursday or Friday. On vacation now back in few days.
  13. Wow, it gets better and better
  14. Thanks for that. I've flown a few missions in the Desert Hawks and would love to fly various Spits campaigns over Tobruk .
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