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  1. I can speak on the MFG, have owned one for about 2 years and as far as I am concerned it is the best rudder peddles I have owned.
  2. Another great DD thanks. @pfrances happy thanksgiving, we are in Vancouver BC visiting and meeting up with some friends.
  3. Thank you sevenless, flying the new planes on all the maps in incredible. Even being semi retired I have hard time finding the time to fly on BoK map, oh such a problem!!!.
  4. My closing the game and then restarting worked, no problems. I am agreement with my fellow pilots who have stated that the grey out and black out feature is good. I think that also applies to the AI pilots as I have caught a few AI just flying on after doing some heavy maneuvering and not aware that I am shooting them down. I am also learning what to do when starting to gray out and to prevent a black out. Just a matter of relearning how to fly your plane.
  5. What I always do after a patch is close the game wait about 30 seconds and then restart, that normally works for me. Just watch this time it will fail. Will find out in about a minute.
  6. sevenless, Thanks for the new ver. Can't to fly the new birds in a campaign. Great
  7. The campaign for Bodenplatte has not been released yet. Oh I see AndyJWest just answered.
  8. What a loss, what can one say. RIP up to 13 soils may have been lost but not confirmed yet, so sad.
  9. Taxman


    Thank you Pat, looking forward to flying the new birds on any map in a campaign.
  10. Well I'm into 1hr 40minutes so far and at about 40%. I'm paying for a 1.0Gbs speed, but I just did a speed check and I am only getting 20% of that speed. It is an Ethernet connection land line so WTF. Could be the modem need replacement or a reboot. Well not now on the reboot. Thanks for letting me vent. Oh BTW great job BOX team.
  11. You might try to restart your computer. That seems to work with most of the updates.
  12. As for the release date, for it to still be technically September 30, a release time of 4:59a/m PDT October 1, would be correct. What you ask?, well at the International date line it would still be September 30, and I believe Midway Island is one time zone away. I'm still betting on an October 1 release date at what time? to be determined later.
  13. As far as BOX fans are concerned that might be under statement.
  14. Wait, what a tester showed up. Back to work we need the 3.201 yesterday, according to some. My guess 6.235. Oh wait if testers are posting then that means?, soon very soon if 48 hrs plus is soon enough.
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