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  1. And as my credit card is also ready. Thanks for your hard work on the Hell Hawks campaign Gambit
  2. You might be right. But we will have Normandy in BOX before any good WW11 historical content comes out from DCS.
  3. Which I hope we have within 6 months, and I believe we will. And it's the beyond part that has me worried, not the BOX side but the DCS side. Tea leaves aside here's hoping for a least a DD this week and an update by the end of the month.
  4. Know how you feel. I've been a good mate and follow my leader, in mission 11 and I do have 7 victories. I agree with the Great atmosphere, and the time compression comments. Oh yea I tried the "Lone Wolf" and well it did not work for my flight mates nor me.
  5. I just checked the DCS forum for the weekly update news letter. It is a lengthy one and it does include some Pacific map news and more information on WW11 damage model and the Channel map time period of 1939 to 1945. The real question is how many years before release and the proper plane set for 1939 to 1945?
  6. In my part of the world the sun would not shine very bright this time of year. I was able to fly 2 mission yesterday before New Years guests started arriving and I had no issues.
  7. I do not have VR at this time, however there are many players that use VR and have high praise for it. I would hope that one the VR players respond to you, good luck.
  8. This has also happened to me as well, but in single player campaign using track IR. Every thing goes in slow motion frame rate drops to about 10. I have tried pushing various combinations of control buttons to no avail, however the last time it happened I hit the escape button and that restored the game play. I will report back if it should happen again and my escape plan works again or not.
  9. As [Pb] stated for the squadron only, you can of course assign a custom skin to your own plane.
  10. Also Happy New Year to all please be safe and see you next year.
  11. I'm with the posts that state the P-38 is my go to multi role fighter. I find it a capable fighter also and can hold my own with 109's, 190's and even 262's. As far as the P-47 is concerned I avoid dog fighting with it unless forced to or I have a good altitude advantage then B and Z only. Good ground attack aircraft but I wish the flight leader would do one pass and haul ass
  12. I use the the same, works really well with the Tempests cannons.
  13. Thanks for your hard work Gambit. Looking forward to flying your new campaign in the New Year. Would hope for a Christmas present who knows?
  14. I've had the same issue. Until this bug is fixed I just do my escort duty to the designated drop point, head home and take a failed mission. At least I did what I was ordered to do, if the bombers flight leader lost it, what can we do. I'm sure as this issue has been reported that it is being looked into.
  15. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans. Have safe travels and enjoy family, turkey and for those who chose football.
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