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  1. I beleve you must be the squardren leader. Then you can assign weapon load out and assign skins.
  2. Same here. And I still them.
  3. Back on topic, any one think there will be a DD this Friday????
  4. What I do if damaged or out of ammo etc. is just head to my home base and land manually. There is not a way to use autopilot at this time to RTB with out hitting all the way points.
  5. Hum, I have it set up that I can release bombs on the P-38, P-47 and the P-51, either single or pairs. Also I have the bombs set for a 1 second delay.
  6. Thanks for your answer I was wondering the same as YouBet posted.
  7. Sorry to say but your mission is not for Cliffs. It belongs in the IL2 1946 forum.
  8. Same here. MFG are pricey but I try to fly at least once a day, so for me well worth it.
  9. Thanks team BOX for another great update. Thanks to @Oyster_KAI for your hard work and as Stoopy posted "well-deserved recgnition!" 2
  10. Hi, CrazyJow. I you like SP you might also look into PWCG. There is a learning curve but IMO it is worth it.
  11. If you are willing to try PWCG then when coming back from say a ground attack mission in a P-38, 190, P-51 or p-47 most of the time we do encounter other enemy flights and are ordered to attack them. Some times we are attacked when ingress to our ground target and must drop our ordinance and dog flight our way out. The same will happen on escort missions, you may encounter enemy planes on your egress. Also with PWCG you can have air starts which does cut about 50% the length of the missions.
  12. I wonder what to expect? FC2 announcement and per-order, I'm in.
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