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  1. Taxman

    PWCG 5.1.1 Released - Bodenplatte Campaign!

    As for the campaigns I always remove them from the PWCG folder to my desk top along with settings before deleting the old folder. After the new version is installed I then reinstall my saved campaigns and settings into the their new folder. I don't know is that makes extra work for me or not but it works.
  2. Taxman

    PWCG Now has Bodenplatte campaign

    Here is my take on Pat's new Bodenplatte campaign. I take it as a preview of the up coming official release. Correct me if I am wrong but where else can you fly a campaign flying for the US in a P-47D-25, RAF Spitfire MK.IXe, LW 106G-6 and G-14, finally a 190A-6. I have now flown at least one mission in the campaigns in each plane, and have had a blast. If you are at all interested in flying a campaign in these war birds then by all means down load Pat's PWCG newest version and take your time in learning how to use it. It is well worth it.
  3. Taxman

    PWCG Now has Bodenplatte campaign

    Thank you Pat for these new toys. I was able to fly 1 mission last night in the P-47. Wow, attacked a train station got that done then jumped by 109-G4's and was forced into a low level dog fight but was able to hold my own and not get shot down, and tried covering my wing men as best I could although 2 got shot down, oh and I did get 2 of 109's. If you thinking of getting PWCG don't think just do it, that is if you want to fly a P-47 and Spitfire IX.
  4. Is that the FHC collection? If so I sure hope that FHC continues operation now that its founder past away. Tried to get there when the Mossy was scheduled to fly this past year but it was put back a week and we had other plans that weekend.
  5. Taxman


    Thanks Pat, looking forward to flying the 47 in your PWCG and thank you for your hard work .
  6. Taxman

    Hotas Warthog setup

    Same here. It's easy also in COD. Just take your time.
  7. Taxman

    Up Date (current)

    Good luck. Your best option is to follow 77.CountZero's advise.
  8. Taxman

    Up Date (current)

    Did you try to close the game out and then relaunch the game. I had an issue where I could not get into off line settings, I closed the the game just shut it down and restarted now all is good.
  9. Taxman

    Up Date (current)

    First are you connected to the internet? If so and you should be able to sign on, update is automatic after that.
  10. Wow, a Monday update. Thank you team, it will be a few hours before I can get it.
  11. Taxman

    AA on airfields

    Thanks Pat, they do show up however it is usually just 3 and MIG no flak guns. I was just wondering.
  12. Taxman

    Enjoy the Super Bowl!

    Well at least the Pats had one good drive, the Rams well had a chance to tie but a bad throw Rams maybe next year?
  13. Taxman

    Enjoy the Super Bowl!

    Give the defenses credit they are doing a great job. Hope the second half gives us some fireworks.
  14. Taxman

    Enjoy the Super Bowl!

    Just getting ready with smoked salmon chips and dip with beer, home alone today. Go Rams... I agree but this is what we have.
  15. Taxman

    AA on airfields

    I have been looking for a solution but have not been able to come up with answer. I've even gone into advance conf. into mission limits and changed use 10X flak: and use airfield MIG: from 0 to 1 through 5 with no seeming effect. In the regular campaigns there is always good MIG and AAA converage, I have been chased by as many as 3 enemy planes and I try to get them to follow me to my air base and if continue to fly very near or over my air base either MIG or AAA will knock out at least one and damage another.