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  1. Taxman

    PWCG Bug Reports

    Thanks dburne and TheSNSFU, I've run into the same situation. Mission report in game shows 4 shot down but I know that is only 2 for me, the other 2 are my wing mates. I look at the in game map before before making my claims, but even by doing that things get messed up. Maybe fog of war?
  2. Taxman

    RIP FA_Monguse

    RIP Monguse
  3. Just purchased along with TC cap no problems. Took 2 minutes max. Thanks team.
  4. Thanks for the update Jason, will purchase as soon as available. Now to order the other new campaign by BlackSix. There will be some great flying over the holidays.
  5. Taxman

    PWCG Bug Reports

    I think you need to take a leave in order to let your wounds to heal. Try a weeks leave and see if that works, if not you may have a serious enough injury to require a longer leave.
  6. Taxman

    DD today?

    Just out, all about tanks. Looks very interesting I just may buy for a holiday gift to myself.
  7. Taxman

    Developer Diary 212 - Discussion

    I don't have have this yet, but I might tempted!!!
  8. Taxman

    P-47 D Skins

    Thank's to all you skin makers, it really livens up this big bad ass plane
  9. Taxman

    PWCG Bug Reports

    Same here, so far it's on the Kuban map in various campaigns. Have not flow on the other maps yet in order to see if it is map related.
  10. Taxman

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all US simmers, and to the rest of the world.
  11. Thank you BOX team for this great update. Had a chance last night to try the 47 and K-4 and I must say that every thing is as advertised as far as I am concerned. Flew a couple of career missions as well as a couple of PWCG campaign missions last night, the whole feeling of the game has shifted to a new and welcome level.
  12. Only 2 hours before I'm home. But wife is gone for the rest of the day, grand daughter duty, Yea. Quick question, should I save my current missions? Also should I save my PWCG campaign folder and then reinstall?
  13. Did you get it figured out? I also have the 1080Ti and 32 g ram Win. 7, and at times had the same problem. I now think I have that error under control, I disabled the music. Been playing the last 5 days without the black screen error on both career and PWCG campaigns, roughly 4 to 5 mission a day. Might be worth a try on the music.