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  1. I've noticed the same. However if I want to make changes to "my load out" I make those changes when the aircraft screen that comes and go to the options area. This also true of the P-38. There are many ground attack configurations for both the P-47 and the P-38, but not as many in PWCG. An example in PWCG you cannot chose extra ammo with a bomb load if you do the bomb load is dropped. I just checked the P-47 load outs and there are at least 11 configurations.
  2. I agree. I am looking forward to this release and sucking up desert air.
  3. BOX just gets better and better. Another allied beast added to growing stable of great aircraft.
  4. Wulfkai, I just updated my PWCG to the latest version after D/L it, took less then 2 minutes, see my post above^^^
  5. What I do is d/l latest version, then before deleting older version save my on going campaign folder to desk top. I then install the latest version delete the campaign folder (it should be empty) and replace it with the saved one. I have found that is the easiest way for me.
  6. When I get home I'll check Steam and check if there is a pre-order option. Thank you Team TF for all your hard work and we must remember that the TF members working on this great release are all volunteers, working with no pay...only the love of the game.
  7. Well here in the states the 4th is a national holiday. So that makes the 3rd the official holiday so maybe the 2nd? No wait there is sale going until the 8th or 9th so do they ever release an update during a sale? Maybe the 10th?
  8. I also can use dual throttle but chose not to. What I do with the 38 is use the dive flaps to increase my turning radius, even though using dive flaps will slow me down I find I can out turn my attacker and also get them to over shoot me.
  9. I'm with you Don, my eyes are also old. I think what we need is a "middle" between what v 9.0 and v 9.2 are.
  10. Ordered, might need to cool down during the summer months.
  11. Well from reading the messages my error might be addressed in the next update. Had a very good mission in my P-38 campaign and the "error message" and of course no mission credited. Attached is the ziped file PWCGErrorLog.zip
  12. Reading the DD and looking at the pictures I think we are going to get some great visual updates as well as game updates. Thank you team BOX.
  13. It's out and the P47 Razor Back looks great/
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