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  1. What RedKestrel said^^^ I agree.
  2. Looking forward to this update. My take away from the video is that I will try FC, just wow.
  3. I think the title states what I'm asking. Just getting back into using PWCG and I am trying to remember how to minimize BOX in order to go back and forth between PWCG and BOX with out exiting BOX then restarting BOX. I was trying to remember how to do this but my old mind just is not going there. Thanks in advance.
  4. Well as of a few minutes ago only 74 more new members needed to get to 200,000. At the rate new members are signing up I think by the end of the this weekend we have the 200,000.
  5. Are you talking about BOX or Il2 1946? In Il2 1946 there has been a bug where planes do crash into hills after take off, best way to avoid that is to be the flight leader and fly over the hills with enough altitude that you easily clear and your flight will follow.
  6. What [CPT] posted, do you know how to check your settings?
  7. Think I fixed your last word. Yes there are lots of North Africa/Med campaigns with the old IL2. I do remember one campaign that lasted 70 plus missions for the US starting in North Africa and ending in Southern Italy.
  8. I have also given up on the 47. Here is hoping the next update fixes the Jug. I have also been doing very well in the 38.
  9. I do agree that the damage model needs addressing. I also think that SA is very important as I would never do a head on in a 38, also if one is on your tail use dive brakes and full rudder as the 38 is a good turner. If one is coming up at angel turn into the attacker as AI will almost always miss, note almost. On my last mission I did the turn into the attacker and lost one of engines but I did manage to limp home with a wing man covering me, I was the flight leader so I ordered the cover, landing was a bit iffy but managed to not damage my bird any worse then it was.
  10. I am deep into a P 38 career and I like it as a ground ponder and I can hold my own in a dog fight. The P 47 is also a good ground ponder but a dog in dog fights, I think only because all the dog fights are down low. I have left the P 47 career at this time, I hope that later on they will be escorted.
  11. And as my credit card is also ready. Thanks for your hard work on the Hell Hawks campaign Gambit
  12. You might be right. But we will have Normandy in BOX before any good WW11 historical content comes out from DCS.
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