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  1. Arfsix, Glad that Support supplied the fix for you. Happy flying
  2. This might be worth a try. Go to your Il-2 BOS folder and open it, go to be BIN folder then to the game folder open the game folder then go to the Launcher, double click and see if that will launch the game. If the game launches then maybe the game exe launcher became corrupted.
  3. Worked for me, took about an hour but I have 14 scripted campaigns.
  4. I'm re saving all my campaigns right now. You need to go into your main Il-2 folder, open it, go to bin then to editor.
  5. Thanks 77.Count, got it figured out, thanks to your help I was looking in the wrong place☹️.
  6. Where does one find the above difficulty options? I have looked but have not had any success,
  7. Well if this forum is about new flight sims it appears that Microprose might be making a come back. You can check it out at microprose.com A couple of screen shots do look interesting, esp. combat flight sims.
  8. On what? BTW new update posted about an hour ago, go get it.
  9. Two weeks, that does bring back memories. I'm just wondering, wasn't the 51 "estimated" release date some time in June? Of course that could be later in June. BTW the "Testers" have not been posting much of late, hum
  10. Thanks for today's DD. I think that the next release will a day or two prior to the Flight Sim Expo, my reasoning is that the team would want in our hands so that they can show what BOX is like in the hands of their customer base. And again thank you for the great DD.😊
  11. Ok thanks Pat. BTW thank you for the great work you do do for BOX with PWCG.
  12. Thanks Pat. I have not d/led yet. I do have a question this has to do with AA and AAA on ones own airfield, has the AA and AAA been increased? I stopped flying PWCG because in the career version the AA and AAA protection is much better then I have in 5.1.3 or am I missing something? I have tried various settings for ground units in PWCG but nothing seems work in increasing AA and AAA. Thanks
  13. Taxman

    DCS news

    In the year 2040? As much as ED says it will be up grading WWII map I believe they have only 1 person working on WW11 and part time at that.
  14. Taxman


    Yes please, at least over our home field. And again thank you Pat for all the hard work you have put into BOX PWCG
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