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  1. I use the the same, works really well with the Tempests cannons.
  2. BTW also included in the latest update are pictures of the new WW11 aircraft damage models, it does look good but for the rest? Oh I know in another 10 years maybe.
  3. Thanks for your hard work Gambit. Looking forward to flying your new campaign in the New Year. Would hope for a Christmas present who knows?
  4. I've had the same issue. Until this bug is fixed I just do my escort duty to the designated drop point, head home and take a failed mission. At least I did what I was ordered to do, if the bombers flight leader lost it, what can we do. I'm sure as this issue has been reported that it is being looked into.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans. Have safe travels and enjoy family, turkey and for those who chose football.
  6. I did some research on the price comparisons between DCS WWII and BOX, BOBP and BON. DCS Normandy map, asset pack and 5 planes, no campaign. With out discounts will cost $325.00 us. BOX, Rhineland and Normandy map, 18 planes and campaigns. With out discounts will cost, with collector planes, at least my costs $246.00 us. Best bang for the money no doubt BOX series. Again thank you Jason and your team.
  7. Let us not forget that one plane module on another site costs almost as much, include a map, and it will add up to more.
  8. Well you can with IL2 1946, as LuseKofte posted go to the SAS site, go to the BAT section and it will give you instructions on how to up grade to BAT v3.7.2 and what to D/L. Once installed you should also install the DGen app. There is a carrier career starting with Midway thru end of the Pacific campaign. Please note that taking IL2-1946 up to the latest BAT ver will take a few hours. Good Luck.
  9. It's a known bug. Jason addressed today or yesterday they are looking into it. This anomaly does not seem to affect AI's flying abilities, no no don't go there.
  10. Last night I flew 4 missions, as soon as I was over friendly territory I quit the missions and they where successful. So for now it works.
  11. Same here, of course a matinee on a rainy afternoon.
  12. Maybe not, I don't think there will be a game update today but a DD may be on the way.
  13. It will be here when it's ready. Friday the 1st, we hope and hope .
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