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  1. See, decide, attack, reverse. — Colonel Erich 'Bubi' Hartmann, GAF.
  2. Once committed to an attack, fly in at full speed. After scoring crippling or disabling hits, I would clear myself and then repeat the process. I never pursued the enemy once they had eluded me. Better to break off and set up again for a new assault. I always began my attacks from full strength, if possible, my ideal flying height being 22,000 ft because at that altitude I could best utilize the performance of my aircraft. Combat flying is based on the slashing attack and rough maneuvering. In combat flying, fancy precision aerobatic work is really not of much use. Instead, it is the rough maneuver which succeeds. — Colonel Erich 'Bubi' Hartmann, GAF, aka Karaya One, the World's leading ace, with 352 victories in WWII Jagdgeschwader 52.
  3. 822... if memory serves me there was a weekend where the number almost reached 1500 @Hrothgar HL or a clone of it either way it would be a vast improvement.
  4. proper HL interface and CO-OP mode and they will come back in droves build it and they will come .
  5. I suggest you get with a group or ask over TS or chat for some help or you can try find some organized events that have a mission with assigned roles.
  6. perhaps you can begin a new install on your new PC wait till it gets to %1 pause it then copy the complete game over from old computer and restart install....might work
  7. the 202 looks very nice and the summer maps looks so much better than the cocaine wasteland we have now, are there any other major improvements coming?
  8. Thank you for proving me correct and please enjoy the game, it has some good qualities even though it is missing some core elements and a tireless group of good hearted nut jobs trying to keep the on-line scene alive. [Edited]
  9. the engine for BOS has been around for 5 years.... the original IL2 was new.
  10. ^^^^ No offense mate but I don't think you did "study" would you mind telling what you think the 3 biggest grievances are that you read about? p.s nice write-up very....professional.
  11. A. what does "netcode" mean to everybody? most of the times it's a generic term to describe all on-line problems. B. server overload message means the game can't handle what it is being asked to and as some of you have noted it happens when there are high numbers of people, this is why the player limit was introduce to begin with, I suspect this is a fundamental issue and cannot be fixed.
  12. Coffee toast and panzerlied...the only way to start the day
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