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  1. mpdugas


    ...but the good old stall defense seemed to work.
  2. Probably not a nice comment directed toward someone whose first language may very well be one other than English.
  3. Critical reading skills have escaped you? Please read the article, then comment.
  4. No, not in reality: https://www.americanrifleman.org/articles/2017/2/23/the-50-cal-browning-machine-gun-the-gun-that-won-the-war/
  5. sorry...what happened?
  6. Bass504 approves
  7. The state of choice: Texas.
  8. Contact Zetexy; no one knows how to create truly artistic videos from IL-2 like he does: Just one of his many great creations. He's a talented guy; check his channel's collection.
  9. How about a video on the PO-2 with rockets?
  10. Thanks for your thoughtful reply; I appreciate your analysis. Here are a few more facts to aid your analysis process: Malwarebytes stopped the redirect, but it was the download that triggered the attempted connection to deloplen. That's why I raise this concern here. No connection to deloplen was actually made. If something were already on my PC, would I not have seen this attempted redirect before now? Which, of course, I have not. Nothing before, nothing since, and I expect that I would have seen that if my PC were already infected. I presently have none of these symptoms of a deloplen infection: popups and newtab pages are loaded without your request when you go to a webpage, you’re often redirected to another web-site that you do not intend to visit your personal computer starts automatically installing unexpected software unwanted icons on your desktop your browser home page has modified and you are unable to modify it back you cannot update your antivirus software slow Internet browsing speeds your web-browser crashes A full scan, by both Malwarebytes and Windows Defender shows nothing amiss.
  11. I'm getting a malware warning about a website called "deloplen.com" when I download these training missions. It tells me the download is directing my PC to a malware site for injection of a highjack payload The files themselves scan clean, but they are still compressed. Any thoughts on this, Utopioneer?
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