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    Duplo Kill

    what happened to end of video?
  2. well, I do declare; I'll give that a try! The bizarre saga that is my trusty CH menagerie continues. The controllers sometimes appear in the Windows Game controllers utility, but can't be calibrated there; it simply shows that W10 recognizes that the controllers are present. If I install CHCM after seeing the presence of the controllers in the windows device manager and control panel, it intercepts calls to calibrate and redirects them to the CHCM utility. I can calibrate them there, but if I download a map, the CHCM freezes, so I just leave it up-and-running. Genera
  3. I start with CH Control Manager, then add the three controllers, calibrate and apply that, then enter the game. It works in that "other" sim. When I have three controllers up, and try to download that calibrated map, the CH Control Manager tends to freeze solid. Just for hoots, I tried your suggestion: I loaded all three controllers. The option to download the map disappeared. When I tried to calibrate each of the combined controllers, the program froze. I'd like to use the option where I can directly map keyboard strokes to each controller button, but my version o
  4. I've a classic, decades-old CH setup, using the Fighterstick, Pro Throttles and Pedals combination. I also use TIR. All of these devices work correctly in that "other" simulation. In this sim, when I map keys to certain hardware buttons, the "settings" menus in "key mapping" both sees and records the correct key bindings that I assign. However, when I enter the game, only certain hardware items occasionally work (mostly the rudder pedals). None of the flight controller key bindings or axis register with tech chat or cockpit animations (can't see the flight
  5. ...but the good old stall defense seemed to work.
  6. Probably not a nice comment directed toward someone whose first language may very well be one other than English.
  7. Critical reading skills have escaped you? Please read the article, then comment.
  8. No, not in reality: https://www.americanrifleman.org/articles/2017/2/23/the-50-cal-browning-machine-gun-the-gun-that-won-the-war/
  9. The state of choice: Texas.
  10. Contact Zetexy; no one knows how to create truly artistic videos from IL-2 like he does: Just one of his many great creations. He's a talented guy; check his channel's collection.
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