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  1. You can actually get prescription lenses to fit within your HMD in lieu of glasses; mine work like a charm, even though I have to wear progressive lenses.
  2. Nice video; I'd been thinking that a "belly-up" approach like that to an He-111 or Ju-88, concentrating fire on the cockpit area where the crew is clustered, but without return fire possible, would work. I will avoid pulling past horizontal, like you did, instead, I'll just try to drop away on my rudder when I can't hang on the prop anymore, giving just my side-aspect when I reset for another pass. Thanks, that was helpful.
  3. I use my decades-old CH Fighter Stick/Pro Throttle/Pro Pedals combination. Utterly reliable, dead simple to program and an easy-to-learn layout. I used Track IR until I could memorize the HOTAS buttons in-game, then switched to the Pro full-time. I currently run a 1080ti plus an Intel 7960X. I've the Vive Pro plus the wireless adapter, using the version 1 tracking stations in my seated environment. I find that the 90fps minimum requirement somewhat puzzling, because I never have problems at frame-rates down around 40 or so; I don't know, it may be an individual physiological thing where some people get nauseated from lower fps. For me, whatever I am getting is fine. I still remember my first flight, which was in the trusty old SU-25T at the time. The first thing I noticed was how absolutely tiny a cockpit actually is, relative to your body. I got things going and taxied to the runway and sensed, for the first time ever, how the aircraft wobbles and pitches ever-so-slightly on the taxiway. I checked against the 2D world, and the wobble was there, just as in 3D, but I'd never noticed it before. The sensation was so pronounced that I wiggled my chair to see if it was moving. Needless to say, being able to lean out and look down over the cockpit rail while banked in a steep turn was vertigo-inducing to a wonderful degree. Then, the utterly blurry text made me so disappointed that I almost gave up. Since the store I bought the Pro from allowed me a 30 day return, I took a cash-chance and tried it. That ever-so-slight visual acuity increase that the higher resolution of the Pro gives finally made the whole VR-in-simulator a viable proposition; I'd almost given up, with the standard Vive, because the text just couldn't be read. Now, as they say, enough is as good as a feast! Of course, there is always room for improvement, so I am eagerly awaiting the Steam Knuckles and a better GPU. Try it, you'll love it.
  4. You need a good hotas for VR, since you have no monitor, save what is strapped to your head, and you can't really peek out from behind that VR headset to type or whatever; once you get a good whiff of true VR, it's really hard to go back to 2D, and especially TrackIR. It is, to use a really hackneyed term, a transformational experience ( I will NEVER forget my first VR virtual flight!!), but you must have enough PC horsepower to run high resolution VR screens, otherwise, the text that BoX relies upon is too blurred to read. Normal, written-for-VR titles are okay, since they don't depend on text too much, but the stuff originally written for 2D is just too dependent on small text to be usable in conventional VR headsets. I found that, once I bit the very expensive bullet and bought the Vive Pro, it was nothing but great from then on. People can say what they will, but the Pro made all the difference in the world, and the wireless adapter is really good. Everything else, hardware-wise, is either too poor at tracking or too low resolution to read. See if you can get someone to let you give it a trial first; it's very expensive. Sadly, today, you gotta pay (a lot) to play. Hopefully, that will change.
  5. mpdugas


  6. Does the Great Battles series support eye tracking, like the Tobii system?
  7. There are but a few folks who know how simulation theater is performed, and Zetexy is a prime example of how IL-2 lends itself to works of representing the brutal art of war. Your work is right there with his. This video is easily among the best I've watched; all of the various the elements, from the dramatic to the sublime, were wonderfully blended to make an excellent story. Congratulations for a job very well done!
  8. Yup, Media Fire is being difficult...the first two ZIPs came down easily.
  9. classic goodness and engaging...
  10. "Most ppl go for better weapons, that is the human nature!" which goes some way towards explaining the decision to incorporate them in the mix sooner. I'd guess that 1CG/777 want the majority of their customers to be happier sooner. It only affects MP, and the server operators can balance them out if they like. If not, then don't join that MP server. Truly, I wish I knew how to set up a MP server myself; that would be fun! I'd rather see some better Allied aircraft, sooner, e.g. P-38J, but I would likely be in the minority there. I've seen a lot to like over the last few years from the whole GB effort, like the growing number of WWI VR planes and the whole Tank Crew thing, so an occasional disappointment isn't going to make me complain. All I want for Christmas is VRWorks/Liquid VR.
  11. My respect for everyone who was willing to take this challenge on publicly; it's a courageous person who accepts this willingly and in good cheer.
  12. I'm seeing sun glint off of the KV-1's turret periscopic sight...you folks are killing Steel Beasts!
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