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  1. Yes. I think its OK. I learned my lesson πŸ™‚ Next time I will remember to avoid causing friendly fire in such situations.
  2. Today I learned the hard way not to shoot down Enemies above a friendly airbase. I lost all the points I had made at that sortie, since some of my bullets hit the friendly airbase.
  3. The airfield was Koeln-Ostheim. Perfect landing. stopped in the middle of the airfield.
  4. Hi there. Im flying mostly on Red combat box. Great server πŸ™‚ Sometimes when my plane gets damaged and I reach my homebase, making a perfect landing, the "mission end message" will tell me that I have made a forced landing and my aircraft will be registered as lost in the statistics. Is that the way it should be?
  5. Hi. I wonder how I can include TS3 sound into my video records? I'm using a VR headset so I use the IL2 recorder to record the raw movie. After that I reboot IL2 in a non VR state and use my Geforce recorder (Alt+F) to make the movie. Any good advice how I get the TS3 sound included on my movie? Best Regards Bo
  6. When flying multiplayer missions, my controls (Flightstick, rudder, Throttle quadrants and keyboard) sometimes disconnect and I can't do anything but seeing my plane go into the ground. I thought I had solved my problem, disabling Windows 10 USB power management, but it didnt solve my problem. Any good advices will be appreciated πŸ™‚ It's very annoying, been flying a mision for hours just to lose controls and see the plane going down. I9 9900, 4300MHZ ram, GEforce 1080TI, HP reverb pro VR. Controls: HP pro rudder pedals, Microsoft FFB2 joystick, 2 x Logotech throttele quadrants I also using a 7 port powered USB hub Best Regards Bo
  7. Hi there. Is It possible to bind 2 different funktions to the same key if the funktions are individual and not getting used at the same plane? Im thinking about binding watercooling control and radial engine inlet cowl to the same lever since I believe that in most cases, if any, radial engines do not have watercooling. Should this Work ok without conflicting, and do any of you know other obvious non conflicting funktions that I can combine in one button / lever?
  8. Hi there. I have been playing singleplayer until now but would like to join the multiplayer world. Tried for the first time a few servers yesterday, but I found it difficult to find good detailed description of each server. I'm pretty sure I broke a few rules trying to find my way in the servers. I'm using VR and I find it very difficult to spot planes so I'm looking for servers who allow the id icons. Where is the best place to get an overview of the different servers and is there a way easy to spot if the server allow id icons? Looking forward to Fly with you guys πŸ™‚
  9. Fighter Duel by Jaeger Software was my absolute favorite in my Amiga 500 days. In my world it was far ahead of all other known ww2 flightsims at that time :-) https://archive.org/details/FTRDUEL
  10. Playing il2 BOS VR . What a fantastic sim you have created. In my world a clear number 1 ww2 sim. The only thing I'm missing is a cockpit with interactive levers and buttons. It would be a major step in the direction of a realistic flightsim if the cockpit could be interactive. Is this something which you consider in the future? It could be mouse controlled (like il2 COD) or even a step further using the VR joysticks? Best Regards Bo S
  11. I'm also totally blown away. I have been a keen flightsimmer since the amiga 500 fighter duel by Jaeger software in the 1980ies and IL2 VR is far the most impressive experience so far. VR has brought it up to a different level. The details are amazing. Fantastic piece of work. I have pre ordered the Bodenplatte and look forward to the upcoming updated :-)
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