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  1. Yeah i agree, Rodolphe, I like you stuff a lot. A better eye for composition that I do for sure. Reminds me of this page I have bookmarked: https://plus.google.com/photos/104752423170376752927/albums/5759992744981017809 @Kongo-Otto is that SH4?
  2. Ok so that is realistic then? Now I think on it it was probably running on very slow speed as I took a few consecutive shots there, so it must haave been running failry slow. However It would have been the same if not completely stopped for the bomb dropping shot and the props are blurred. Will have a play around again and see what diffenrece it makles next time i fire it up. DCS night tonight.
  3. Definatelythe focus would be on the are west of the city. I've read a fair bit on the ground war in this area, but not a lot on the air war, but I would assume, especially for the IL2 itself most of the work would be on the airfields and armor tryng to supprt the city. The game gives a good chance to support the later Soviet offences to encircle the 6th army. I would still like to have the opportunity to bomb the barges crossing the Volga to reinforce the Soviet troops on the bank
  4. Monk

    An idea...

    Performance wise, most external comms systems use a failry small amountof overhead to run I find. I have never found it adversly effect any game I have played, be it FPS, Simming or MMOs. I do a lot of Iracing and it has a built in Voice system, and it comes witha function to mute it (as well as text chat) when racing. However I find it invaluable in traffic. You'll always get the odd numbnut that wants to talk talk talk and rage and carry on with crap. Thats why i mute even text chat in the I MMORPG's play. The OP's model would be an improvement, so you don't have to hear some nitwit 20kms carrying on about why he cant fly his 190 on this map or tell you stuff about his girlfriend or whatever. For Squadrons however, external is still the way to go, dedicated channels, no external interference, and with TS, Vent, Mumble and even that Raidcall app there are plenty of solid options. Options however is the operable word and a built in optional, mute-able comms wouldnt hurt. Since I have no squadron to fly with, easlily accesible public comms would help at times.
  5. Monk

    An idea...

    I'd be behind that Idea, not everyone has TS or similar, and from experince there is always those who has issues with any particular app (from running multiple MMO guilds and having to deal with this person cant use TS or that person can't use Mumble blah blah) I can't see how a voice comm system can't be implemented these days, Valve games such as CS:S and DOD:S have had it for years. Also Eve Online, just to name a couple. After all, these things of this period did for themost part have radio's. They should simulate that. Not seen that done before.
  6. Must do, but seems it is only effecting the single engine ones, the 110 is fine. Dunno. Nice shots Artun
  7. probaly had it on pause or running on very slow time to line up the shot. Didn't notice that before lol.
  8. Been playing more CLoD of late now it runs well on my system and found the Flight FX settings I like. Never really flown the German stuff before, always gone Allied with a Soviet preference Downloaded a BF110 campaign and these were from a dawn shipping raid. Forming up The Escort Prelude to Boom! Boom! I say. Noobs... (Hmm...just noticed how crap the screenshots Steam take are. Next time I'll use dxtory or something. Too many jaggies in these.)
  9. Well timed again, just popped into post some CLoD screenies. Felixstowe, HP and now Gotha. Think I have all the biggies now. Whoops edit: took key 5 JHHKL-TDBD7-6SNM6-ZDUGJ-FL6K3 And a very Happy new year!
  10. Very nice. The more I see the more I am going out ot get me some sort of kit (now I have managed to wrangel some cash out of the boss/wife)
  11. Some impressive lists. I flew a few back in teh past, then took a few years off flight simming, came back recently. Currently installed (play time varied) ROF - main title since discovering it a couple of months back. CLOD- More I fly it, the more I like it now it runs on my system as a reasonable compromise between bling and performance. Il2 - 2 installs, one with DBW and the other with HSFX - All time fave, still play anything up to 10 hours a week. Best sim ever. DCS - Basic World and A-10, however i am only learing the Hog and havent fired a shot in anger yet. Love the Frogfoot though, simple, deadly, ugly as a hatful. DCS Blackshark v1 - Not bought the upgrade yet, to be honest I am hopeless at it. LockOn + FC1 + FC2 will get FC3. Fly mainly the Russian jets due to simpler avionics Falcon 4 AF** Falcon 4 BMS** Open Falcon** Free Falcon** (Viper) **I am no good at modern ultra technical aircraft, so no idea why i have 4 version of the one game installed when i can barely shoot things with it lol. I am determined to learn however when I get time so have them hanging about. MFSX - with addons Strike fighters 2 + all ex pacs - simple, moddable and great for some instant gratification. Siim light yes but I enjoy the eras represented. As you can see, the bulk of my gaming library these days are flight sims, then add about as many racing sims to that list lol. I'm a big Iracing particpant. in the past I have tried: CFS all versions Flanker 2 Rowans BoB Di's Hind DI's Apache Jane's Longbow Janes F-18 (I think it was a Jane's title) EF2000 First Eagles tinkerd with WWIIOnline as a pilot. MFS9 MFS2004 Flight Gear Xplane Warbirds Have Warthunder half installed, but to be honest I really don't care and have little time for playing it. Also dabble in some sci fi stuff, such as the X and Evochron series. I have found, while my first love is the IL2 series and ww2 stuff, I have learnt more about flying and found it is probably more suited to my flying style in ROF. As a confirmed ground pounder I never really did much dogfighting till I started ROF and have learnt alot, which I am slowly converting to the ww2 machines flying around in the 109's in CLOD and 46. Having spent my gaming budget int eh past on racing peripherals I really suffer for decent flight controls. Need a throttle badly. Least I got TrackIR for xmas
  12. Looks good. Site also has a M3 variant, but shame both sold out. Might be able to source that Airfix one with a bit of google fu however. Cheers
  13. Loove that Alby! :wub: May have to get me one. Been many years since I did any scale modeling. Last thing I built was the USS Constitution, had taken me many many hours. Was up to rigging the whole thing when a typical Queensland wind storm blew through, a gust coming in through the window, blowing the blinds and knocking the ship to the floor, smashing it beyond the point that I had the sanity to recover from. Was heartbroken. I still have it and the pieces, occasionally think of trying to restore it, but the amount of work needed is beyond me atm. When I was very little, my cousin had a heap of 1/72 stuff hanging from his bedroom seiling, dozens of them. That got me into it. Done aircraft, tanks and some cars. The more I get back into flight simming the more I want to get me a new kit, thinking a BF109 perhaps, never made one and only really just started to fly them in game. Any one know of a good IL2 kit? They are rare as hen's teeth down under.
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