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  1. Hiho Gents, we are pleased to welcome stache, a sim pilot with thousands of hours in ww2 flight sims!
  2. Gents, we had a great squadnights on the finnish dynamic war server! Thanks to deckard, strat, 4brkfast, stache and jeewa! it was a blast join us! Snappy Salute dhyran
  3. I am running a 5900x too, GPU is a 6800XT, two times 120 fans in front, one 120 behind the cpu cooler (mugen5) The CPU temps on the finish server and discord in background are mostly around 78 C too. All details are maxed out, reaching in 3440 * 1440 around 140 - 220 frames! The AMD cpus are fine with those temps, everything above 85 can get critical, as long as it stays below ats just fine. The best improvement was the SAM setup. Its just stops the microstutters in any scenarios, just gone!
  4. Hi Henner! welcome back to the Loose Deuce! Snappy Salute
  5. Jeewa!!! Good to see you back in S!
  6. Hiho Civetta, join us on the Temuris Dynamic War server with Icons and GPS! You get access to the fun of the sim! S! dhyran
  7. Gentlemen, we started out on the 8 August 2013 here, we were lost in different spaces , but now we are regroup here and will fly on Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic Warand Temuris Dynamic War with Icons and GPS, the virtual finnish server with good numbers, so finding battles are more easy, and Boom and zoom fights are more doable. We old propnoses like the icon based action a bit more, but we go for it Now, please let me introduce the Loose Deuce Squadron.An Aces High fighter Squadron, based on wingtactical flying, is established for experienced pilots, who will find a lot good wingmen within the squadron.When many people think about flying in "wings" (two or fourship formations), they are thinking in terms of what Shaw calls the "fighting wing" doctrine. The leader is the primary offensive unit of the section and is the one doing all the attacking. It is the wingman's job to stay with the leader, and protect him by preventing bandits from saddling up on him while he's fighting. The leader does almost all of the fighting, and the wingman simply tries to stay with him.Fighting wing doctrine, also called "welded wing", was used once, when an ace as the winglead showed a freshman the ropes.In Opposition to a "welded wing", Shaw introduced another wing doctrine, which he called the "double attack" doctrine. This is basically a system whereby each of the two section members provides support to the other, but neither one is bound into the leader/follower paradigm. They are both offensive units, and both are generally free to maneouver as the circumstances demand, each one covering the other. This does not mean, that the section disintegrates upon contact with the enemy - its stays together, but in a looser fashion than "welded wing" would dictate, and the roles of primary attacker and supporter may change back and forth, depending upon, who has the best shooting solution. This doctrine is sometimes referred to as the "loose deuce" system. While "welded wing" historically was a doctrin, where an "Ace" leads a "Freshman" into the fight, "loose deuce" is based on to a trustworthy relationship between "Aces".We are going on the runway together, fly in formation into the battle, fight and always keep an eye on your wingman, fianally returning together to base. If you do the same thing, then you're using "loose deuce" wingman tactics right now, whether you know it or not. You watch others get engaged, and if they get in trouble, you can often help them by swooping down and nailing the bandit. You can nail bandits, which they are dragging. That's basically what "loose deuce" is - only when you are doing it with a dedicated wingman, it is even more effective than the impromptu wingmen you get in the arena. Being in a different tactical situation than your wingman gives you a good chance to make a good shot at the enemy.Flying "loose deuce" allows both members of the section to act offensively and to come home with their fair share of kills - and there is no better reason for flying "loose deuce" than that.If there would be a great many wings, flying and fighting "loose deuce" together, can you imagine that?we are currently only 7 pilots (more to come) , a lot of us flys in average since 15 Years online. The squadron was founded in 2008, but a lot LD Pilots flying together since 10 years also in former Squadrons for nowSend an PM for more detailed questions cu on Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War Currently we are active at around 20:00 CET<< S>>!dhyran
  8. yes, i will add more things, and stats too
  9. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, we LD setup a brand new dedicated bare metal IL2 server called Hotrod. Based on a i9600 OC to steady 4.7 GHZ, 32GB, pure 2 TB SSD, gigabit uplink, placed in a very nice uplinked 100Gbit connected datacenter peered to the best backbones in europe at AMS-IX, DE-CIX in the northwest of germany, we reached around 30 ms from europe and 61 ms !!!! from the east coast of the US. The server is pure dedicated to IL2! NO other services! Huge credit to zooropa who let us host his current 6 missions! The current server settings are ICONS on and complex engine management So join for some nice dogfights! Snappy Salute dhyran Happy New Year 2020!
  10. Hello Zami, that would be great, i also thinking about to build up a fresh highspeed server and offer a 24/7 Server with pure AS settings. The current discussion spilts a bit too much, but we have at least a 50:50 split. So i am currently putting the things together
  11. Sad to see that AS is switched off again, we had good fun the last days, today was really a huge step back
  12. Yeah the update fixed it, now my Mongoost 50 works fine!
  13. Hiho Alonzo, i also use the Mongoos T-50 and i got some trouble to use the 8 keys, where you mapped you engines on. IL2 sees those keys, if i map them to functions like cabin light, it simply doesent work. In ED i use joy2key to map it, because ED simply cant access it. but IL2 does. Any ideas how i can solve it? Thanks in advance Snappy Salute dhy
  14. Hiho Hiro, well, i took a Spit 5 and got some fun on the server with Stache and 4brkfast together. We had fun on allied side, becasue you alleways got targets :-) Join us, seems like we will hopp on on daily bias
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