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    Flying, WW2 Planes and history, WW2 Flight sims (WB trainer aka =dhy==, CM AH2 retired, WT FmDev Team ret.),Gibson Les Paul and Tube amps, Windsurfing Wave and Soulsurfing, Single Malts and Football!

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  1. Hello Zami, that would be great, i also thinking about to build up a fresh highspeed server and offer a 24/7 Server with pure AS settings. The current discussion spilts a bit too much, but we have at least a 50:50 split. So i am currently putting the things together
  2. Sad to see that AS is switched off again, we had good fun the last days, today was really a huge step back
  3. Yeah the update fixed it, now my Mongoost 50 works fine!
  4. Hiho Alonzo, i also use the Mongoos T-50 and i got some trouble to use the 8 keys, where you mapped you engines on. IL2 sees those keys, if i map them to functions like cabin light, it simply doesent work. In ED i use joy2key to map it, because ED simply cant access it. but IL2 does. Any ideas how i can solve it? Thanks in advance Snappy Salute dhy
  5. Hiho Hiro, well, i took a Spit 5 and got some fun on the server with Stache and 4brkfast together. We had fun on allied side, becasue you alleways got targets :-) Join us, seems like we will hopp on on daily bias
  6. whooooohhoooooo being a official WB trainer back in ages i will bring on some of my good old squadmates. Allways liked the idea of having a arena concept gameplay Send some good greetings to Kossu and grandma Still got the legendary 2007 Falk Panzer oil bottle on my desk...... so you guys know what good taste is all about
  7. whooohoooo like the last pic a lot! can't wait
  8. WHOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO! thats impressive, can't wait to see the first huge battles with those nice maps
  9. Well, thats not Bos, its your graphic card, get this one and you will have steady over 60 frames in full HD full details on http://www.ebay.de/itm/131542398876?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 i just give it away, becasue i got a 980 ti now for flying in 4k cheers gents Snappy Salute!
  10. dang, we realy Need a 100 Slot dserver for those Action. We LD would like to take part as a whole fighter wing next time Snappy Salute
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