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  1. If (200% 1080Ti performance && reasonable price == true) then buy, else pass.
  2. Die Grafikkarte berechnet die Geometrie und das Rendering der Stereo 3D Bilder nur jeweils einmal. Die Skalierung für die Darstellung auf dem Monitor ist vom Rechenaufwand um Größenordnungen niedriger als die ursprüngliche Berechnung und wirkt sich deshalb nur vernachlässigbar auf die Bildrate aus.
  3. Just die like in real life. Just more often like in real life.
  4. Tracking is wonky while the game is paused. I works fine as soon as I unpause the game. We are not talking about this issue?
  5. dependends on your location, i paid about 5 bucks for shipping
  6. Have you changed your resolution or your scaling settings in the graphics driver software recently?
  7. Towmorrow could be too late, start vr today or perhaps you never will 🙂
  8. VR Device? VR Setup! HP Reverb, Used Car Chair (mounted on wooden base), Saitek X52Pro Throttle & Gladiator MKII, Saitek Rudders (not the best but I like the food spacing), Set of Screw Clamps (Guess for yourself), Nvidia 1080Ti, 3600x, Quality Headphones What is missing for the next step? Need to have a look at some of my cloth to emulate a pilot's suit. Or do some shopping 🙂 Most important for VR is not the resolution and the FPS, should have known it already from race car simming. Most important for your VR experience: Put your controls (Seat Postion, Stick, Throttle, Rudder in the right position in the virtual world for example with a set of srew clamps. This is not secondary to your experience, this is of outmost importance, you will experience VR like never before if the stick and throttle is exactly at the right place and the rudders and your seat position resemble the position in the emulated plane. Once rebuild my office in VR, unbelievable if you can touch everything in the virtual world. Same thing is true for driving and flight sims. Today I received my Gladiator MK II and used the opportuinity to setup my virtual 109 controls with my home built racing car seat and the screw clamps. Amazing flight feeling.
  9. If you build for IL2 only, 3600X is not your best option. For everything else you want to do with your pc probably it is. 😉
  10. Other settings (other than very high (Beta)) do not fix the issue. If you want to enter 60Hz without the bug, you have to start the pc with the 90Hz setting (or automatic), wait a little bit (dont ask), wmr will shut down, then you enter windows mixed reality for steam and if you waited long enough in the first place 🙂 you will enter the 60Hz without the bug (to get 90Hz again restart or replug the HMD). I do not mind the 90Hz mode or 60Hz bugfree, both are fine. The HP Reverb behaves like it has no fixed refresh rate, it deals very well with fluctuating frame rates. If I turn off the FPS counter I do not realize the fluctuations or the difference between the 90 and the 60 Hz mode. There is no tearing or jumping of frames at all.
  11. Enjoy VR at the FPS you get now. Wait for 3080 or 4080Ti and build a new computer then.
  12. I read it on another forum and it worked like a charm. Instead of using gloves for the (with time) gluey grip of the the Microsoft Sidewinder Forcefeedback 2 Joystick there is a better way: Put some rock chalk on the grip and the glueyness is gone. Have fun and enjoy! (Now I will have a hard time deciding between the Sidewinder and the Gladiator Mk II when the VKB arrives.)
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