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  1. This was in fact first time I have been participating the campaign for most of its duration. On one hand it´s more realistical experience than lets say WoL. But the immersion is wasted by amount of players which are acting like animals....
  2. Nice vid ColNinny. Clearly you enjoy gaming on this server very much. I dont share your enthuziasm regarding gaming on TAW. Many squadrons including "admin" one is just playing like on arcadish WT servers - in fact much more than they dare on CB, WoL etc. So I admit I envy your delight you have. Have fun and many safe landings
  3. Copy of Air domination war server (Il-2 1946) system...literally.... that means movement further to the hardcore side......
  4. On that particular mission i fly P-47D mostly.... and I enjoy it.. About week of flying G-14 and A-8 - thanks but im not interested in planes designed without soul and/or balls 😅 Not my cup of tea....
  5. Hello, Many thanks for this mission and its balanced planeset. On the contrary to the LW lovers I would like to see majority of missions like this, amended with minority of late missions with LW UFO´s (K-4, D-9, 262) since their war operation influence as well as their production numbers were negligible and they just represent contemporary technical curiosity. Regards
  6. Same here with exception that I have constant period stutter (game pausing) at 144 hz on any MP server and any map if there are more than cca 30 - 40 players and HUD in ON. With HUD off stutter is less noticeably (if ever noticeable). If you check for example Requiem channel, he has the same problem (although he is doing his tutorials in SP mode I suppose) in his vids. I am afraid that this game has never been really smooth and it will be solved who knows when, if ever (considering amount of threads without final solution).
  7. Results are clear. Overnight ace mode (LW fighters in this game) have most votes :D
  8. Yet another "in the woods" screenshot
  9. I notice that base raping is common habit for LW pilots on DED expert for past few days I have spent over there...
  10. I could tolerate this cartoon-look graphics. But metamorphic trees make me unhappy customer. Really unhappy, devs...
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