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  1. People rarely read descriptions before bying things :(. But dont worry, when bodenplatte is ready to launch, it will be as awsome than rest of the il2 !
  2. Tank crew starts to look even better than what i was expecting, good job! Is there yet any plans for adding controller support yet? As for VR players ( like my self ), xbox/ps controller would be propably best to use with VR, when driving tanks.
  3. aggree, xbox controller would be neat add to tanks. double sticks would work allso, but dont want to bother switch my throttle to second stick all the time. One thing i wonder, even we have own tab for tank binds, there is no bind for turrent turn. So is it only usable with mouse?
  4. 1yr and its propably about 2k. every new tech costs allways like elon musks space flights. same was with oculus and vive. gonna wait myself that year that they get all baby problems away and costs down, 3,2k from new tech with propably lots of things not working, no thx ๐Ÿ˜‚
  5. And you dont have to use full graphics, even with lower settings you get better image than oculus/vive/pimax with best settings ๐Ÿ‘
  6. Oculus/vive will be left behind, if they dont give us something good in next 12months.. Starvr will be everything we need, fov, resolution, eye tracking.. after i buy it, i dont even need to think about of my current oculus anymore.
  7. Small company with limited recourses, demand is bigger than what they can produce. But if you want quality items, you have to wait, like you can see from images i posted before.
  8. About virpil vs vkb, found one post that shows some quality difference between virpil and vkb. https://www.reddit.com/r/hotas/comments/8ofkbx/some_side_by_side_comparing_between_vpc_and_vkb/ One note allso, virpil dont success people for repair broken sticks themself, reason you see from pictures. Unlike vkb, they gladly send you repair parts for self repair. Virpil seems to have good deal from hotglue manufacturor. Allso virpils mold quality isnt right there. Vkb:s mold quality, nice clean lines/connections. Vkb:s nice clean installation, with screws and quality connectors. Vkb is smaller company than virpil, but they put theyr money and time to quality, which is part reason for lower amount of finished products.
  9. They have been talking allso for consumer glasses, but as for when, only hopes as for current starvr glasses, i have my wallet open ๐Ÿ˜
  10. Fenris settings are maybe best ones there is, go for it.
  11. Just forget pimaxes, they have many bad reviews. Rift/vive is top notch for current vr gameplay. As for next gen glasses, nobody knows when they come. Myself im hoping for starvr, to this or next year.
  12. Oh, num5 yeah, no idea what i was thinking, lol. Its default bind for centering view in 2d. As for my vr, everything were plug and play, i have oculus blugged all the time, i just enable/disable vr from game settings and all works. Have mod allso. Only thing i can think of, is reinstall il2/oculus.
  13. Ok, im interested if less than 1kโ‚ฌ.
  14. As for not centered in 2d, hit f5 to reset view to middle and for me, when recording when im using vr, it records my head movements.
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