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  1. Stick was fine just wasn't what I'm looking for in a joystick as I like to use an extension
  2. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gladiator-Pro-Mk1-Joystick-/322385305415?hash=item4b0fa95f47:g:-WkAAOSw-0xYc-q5 SOLD
  3. Nice had me at :Analog Brake Lever Will the gimbal mec be adjustable as to make it non return to centre for Helicopters ??
  4. Is the FPS counter working right I've got 146 fps on the ground and 180 /200 fps in the air this is with no AI mid you
  5. Taking out a supply convoy in a Hawker Sea fury on route back to the carrier
  6. Must say I'm loving this server ......But! will I make captain or be sent home in a box on my next mission time will tell ....
  7. Don't know if I'm ready for " IL-2 Korean air war ".......... oh well suppose landing a Hawker Sea Fury on a carrier will be something different
  8. Fly around online looking for a fight with some fighters ......oh and map the bailout key to the trigger on my joystick
  9. Poor AMD what they going to do now go nuclear on their next line of cards
  10. The 109 in this game is nothing like the one I used to fly in the war ...
  11. V did you upgrade to 10 from 7 or do a clean install of 10 cos I had a ton of agg when I did the upgrade but once I did a fresh install its been the best OS ever
  12. SYN_Lt_Dan

    F-35 helmet

    Don't worry the Royal Navy has ordered some F35's we love crap
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