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  1. When do you anticipate the rulebook / description / manual will be released?
  2. Will Notams, etc. be posted on the J5 forum as per previous events?
  3. Just to clarify... this is not really a "MOD" per se. It can be used in MODS OFF mode. And here's my version: Make sure you enable "Photo" in the "Pilot Stuff" tab in the "Plane Settings" (Where you select fuel load, ammo, skins, etc.).
  4. Yeah... they used cotton covering and (I'm pretty sure) Nitrate dope (nitrocellulose)... the same thing ping pong balls were made of... ever lit one on fire? It burns like Beelzebub's balls.
  5. I've temporarily removed the patch from Dropbox and working on fixes. Will be back up in just a bit. EDIT: Fixes done. Link is posted in the JG1 forum here: https://forum.jg1.org/topic/7534-fif-2020-winter-skinpack/
  6. Skinpack is done... link is posted in the JG1 forum here: https://forum.jg1.org/topic/7534-fif-2020-winter-skinpack/ Trupo... I included J2 skins from Black September. If you get me updated skins I can make an update file as an addition but I'm not going to redo the current skinpack. It would be best if the updated skins have the same names as the older skins so that they will just overwrite the outdated skins.
  7. Copy... I'll wait. I have your "3PG COMPLETE PACK DEC 19"... should I not put that in? Thanks Wulfe EDIT: Never mind Larner... got them...thanks!
  8. Just a reminder... tomorrow, Jan 28th is the cutoff for submitting skins. I have the skins that everyone submitted for Black September and unless I get any others, those are what I will put in the pack. US103rd? SCG?
  9. So, I was working on another screenshot where the subject is a 109 having it's guns harmonized by the armourers on the ground with the cowlings off. I needed a 3/4 view of the MG-17 nose guns but couldn't find a satisfactory image. This is the raw inspiration image. I thought that it couldn't be too hard to do a 3D model of the guns, that way I could rotate it to whatever angle I needed and take a screenshot to use in Photoshop... yeah, how hard could it be... ๐Ÿ™„ I downloaded Blender and started checking Youtube tutorials... but Blender just changed from 2.7 to 2.8 and lots of the tools and shortcuts have been changed so any of the earlier tutorials were confusing... I'm slowly getting a handle on it though and really enjoying the process. Here's what I have after a couple of weeks of head scratching: Still have a long way to go though. Anyone here have Blender experience? After a couple more weeks of struggle I'm beginning to get a handle on Blender. It's not totally accurate since I was unable to find good blueprints for the gun installation (and figuring out how to model the intricacies of the various individual parts is yet a bit beyond my ken ๐Ÿ˜จ) but still, I'm pretty pleased with the results and think it will work to give the illusion that I'm looking for. My intent is to do some "art" pieces using BOx screenshots melded with 3D modeling to pay respect to the ground crews with the internals exposed. They (we) don't get the recognition that the pilots normally do. After more tweaks to the guns, the next project is the engine...
  10. There was a weird visibility thing going on. Saw planes from an extreme distance at min zoom but they disappeared when zooming in. Flew for 30 min toward a gaggle with no apparent closure. I sure hope the devs are working on this. Really screws with the tactics. God help the recons...
  11. Cool, thanks Wulfe. Good to see SCG involved in FIF.
  12. Bumping. If there's no interest...
  13. Damn! Sorry news indeed. I hope I can make it Cuban. Whichever way you're flying now Wrongway, I'm sure it's the rightway. Tailwinds and CAVU my friend.
  14. I'm planning on compiling a skinpack for the upcoming Winter 2020 FIF. This will be the first time for FIF on Flying Circus. The skinpack will be similar to what I did for J5's Black September and will be a zip file with all skins in their proper folders. In fact, those who have already submitted their skins to Black September need not submit skins unless there have been changes since then. This is purely voluntary. Custom skins are not required to participate. (I would encourage everyone to install them though... you DO want to be able to see who you are shooting down... don't you? ๐Ÿ˜ˆ). Please submit links to your skins here: https://forum.jg1.org/topic/7534-fif-2020-winter-skinpack/ on the before Tues Jan 28. The pack will be posted with the link on that OP on Thurs Jan 30. Also see this: FIF Paint Scheme submission rules https://forum.jg1.org/topic/7506-fif-paint-scheme-submission-rules/
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