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  1. This is the "soggy ground" that is everywhere besides official airfields. We have been trying to get it rescinded for a long time since we want to have rescue missions in FC for Flanders in Flames tournament. So far... no joy.
  2. OK, I did some further testing... I set up a quick mission, 109K vs B25. Set the maximum allowable start separation of 10 km. Labels and GPS on. The first one was the Arras map and I was getting the same results as before. Even though the in-game label noted 10 km between us, Tacview only showed 4 km. I tried the same scenario on the Stalingrad map and much to my surprise, the Tacview distance matched the in-game label of 10 km! I closed to 1 km and fired at exactly that distance and Tacview confirmed it at 1000 meters. We have just recently started using Tacview as a debriefing tool and this is how we noticed the distance disparity. I'm thinking that Tacview is erroneously recording the distance on the smaller maps. I will check it on Lapino to see if my theory is correct. If you want, I can link the tracks and acmi files but I doubt that you will be able to do much about it. 1st pic is Arras, 2nd is Stalingrad when I started firing at 1 km and the 3rd is the Stalingrad initial distance at 10 km. "I'm thinking that Tacview is erroneously recording the distance on the smaller maps. I will check it on Lapino to see if my theory is correct." Nope... distances are correct on Lapino. It may just be the Arras map.
  3. Yeah, we have been messing around with different settings but no improvements. Prior to the Hotfixes we were all jubilant at how the spotting was for us and what a great improvement 4.007 was. The hotfixes cut the visibility draw distance to less than 30% of what it was prior to the hotfixes. Something drastic happened with them.
  4. Those are zips of the track folder which includes TC file,CHS, MSNBIN and all the language files. I'm not trying to be difficult and I'm really wanting to help resolving this issue. It won't allow me to attach the TRK files since they exceed the 5MB limit. Here's a link to Dropbox with the TRK files. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/m76ts13nlklmyzw/AACxCLMChSEoDX_cgGquVNuza?dl=0 Does that work? How would I do that? I'm not very well versed in the track viewer.
  5. Here are zips of the tracks. I hope these are useful. dogfight.2020-06-10_19-55-33_00.zip dogfight.2020-06-17_19-25-55_00.zip
  6. All of our squad has noticed significant loss of the aircraft draw distance since the last two hotfixes. We have been testing using Tracview to note the distance at which the contact aircraft disappears. The way we test is for the two subject aircraft to take divergent headings of 45 degrees and waggle wings when the contact disappears. The wing waggle clearly shows up in Tacview. Prior to the hotfixes we could see the contact up to at least 14 km. After the hotfix that distance has drastically reduced to about 4 km. Tonight, even though we all thought it was apparently closer to 10 km, in actuality it WAS 4 km. The visual impression was that they were much farther away than they actually were, probably because the visual size of the planes is much smaller than before. Many of us are about to give up on flying this product as it's much too difficult to stay cohesive and keep good SA. The ones with non-Nvidea cards have it worst of all. Please, please, please address this issue. My specs: Win 10, Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz (8 CPUs), ~4.2GHz Memory: 32768MB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Monitor: Acer Predator Z35P The images are Test 1 on 6-10-20 - 14 km distance, Test 2 on 6/17/20 - 4 km distance. These are my graphics settings. No Reshade, 3dMigotu or any other post processing.
  7. I would like to request that she be made available to all as a gesture of inclusion. Also, considering the current turmoil, how about a Tuskegee Airman?
  8. Assuming this is a joke?... Ha, ha 🤪
  9. One would think that all that time in the water might clean your teeth. 😆
  10. It must be a real treat to see a post like this as opposed to many others that devolve into toxic whining. I just want to add a pat on the back... oops... social distancing... 🤪. Make that an "air pat". Thanks Team!
  11. I've looked and haven't seen any Dead is Dead events posted. Is there anyone hosting such events?
  12. Agreed... and we were flying Entente.
  13. Hi MP, I don't have a Warthog but when I was considering getting one I came across this:
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