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  1. S! GreyWolfe, As Oliver88 noted above DXTBmp works well to convert bmp to dds and vice versa. It will save the Alpha pretty much automatically and there is the option to save it with an Alpha of your choice. If you have multiple files (like if you are doung squad skins) there is another program which lets you batch convert... ConVimX...Extended version of ConvIm for the batch conversion of image files to alpha-aware formats. Primarily to Extended Bitmap and DDS but also to png/tiff/targa. Can be used to batch-convert DDS or Extended Bitmap from one format to another (eg 32 bit to DXT3) Link to the page where there are numerous programs: http://www.mwgfx.co.uk/beta.htm I pretty much this program exclusively to convert skin files now. I'm using CS2 by the way. (The Nvidia DDS plug-in for CS2 only seems to work sometimes for me).
  2. Several people seem to have solved it by using a powered USB hub (which is what I'm using... and I have no issues).
  3. Looks like Larner's going to be busy with new skins .... 😉
  4. So, only planes get mired...why don't the trucks sink to their axles?
  5. It would be nice if they would make it a selectable feature by the mission makers... one can always hope. 🤨
  6. Are you using full flaps? Never use more than 30% flaps.
  7. What would be the cost estimate? I, for one would gladly chip in. Perhaps something like some of the multiplayer servers have for donations. How about volunteers to help put. I recall Panthercules was providing assistance in the waning days of ROF skinpacks. Again, I would be willing to help with whatever time I have available. Though I was getting frustrated with the amount of time it was taking to issue the final ROF skinpacks, after seeing what a current clusterf... skins are here, it seems that something like what was happening in ROF would be welcome.
  8. Does anyone have links to photos of aircraft after field repairs? (Not depot repairs...I'm looking for the quick and dirty ones at the squadron level). I know how I would do them but I would like to see how it was actually done. Flush patches with doublers? Quick "scab" patches? Panel replacement? Speed tape? Did they paint the patches? No paint? Primer only? Green zinc primer?... etc.
  9. Photoshopped screenshot including the images I used to do it.
  10. Here are my completed cockpit info photos in a zip file. Either extract to your main game folder - C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad or into a temp folder then paste it over. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fespqr0650h45pf/AADzzvXIdrI7UgaKGnGOnLU4a?dl=0
  11. Absolutely! I wasn't whining at all. Variety is the spice...
  12. Yeah, I have MiGoto but I like being able to just glance at the instrument panel rather than bringing up an image.
  13. Great work and thank you! I had almost finished my full set...😭 I will probably post my version once finished just for variety (mine are on distressed notepaper).
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