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  1. Been a while since I've made one of these Did a couple quick ones to get back into the swing of things See top post for archive of all Ferret videos
  2. Well we are back up! I am going through the missions and adding new planes, and fixing logic errors. If you run into something funky let me know... otherwise i'll be working behind the scenes. For now the server is up and running. Thanks for your patience and enjoy.
  3. Server is down and hardware being upgraded. I've also got to add the current plane set to the missions... Be back in a day, or two tops. Thank you for your patience
  4. i only write for MP but test in SP for somethings. Field capturing is what i've got mine doing. One can airdrop to capture or land and sit next to the flag for a few minutes. The flag and drop zone are only active when the field is in Neutral state and the complex trigger for the drop zone is activated and deactivated by check zones. This limits the time that resource heavy trigger is active.
  5. just need to peek at that complex trigger. Thanks a ton sir <S>!!!
  6. did you use the event for dropping the cargo or the cargo landing on the ground to trigger that subtitle? if i may ask, could you please zip that mission and post a link so I can sort out my error.
  7. Has anyone had any luck detecting an air drop from the JU-52, troops or cargo?
  8. Is this something on my end? Do I need a fresh install? JU52's were used in this mission.
  9. Awesome, good to finally get to see this as I know you been at this for a while. What a massive amount of work. Outstanding initiative, and at first glance stellar results! Now to dive in and learn stuff. Thanks Jim!
  10. L cntl 1, 2, and 3 are flares L cntl tilde is put away flare gun
  11. https://youtu.be/eKnwrxiLBag Snagged A Two-Pointer! (Landing that is...)
  12. use server inputs to triggers stuff (or deactivate something) for testing I'll make a SP version and toss a tank spawn near what i want to look at. You can either trigger what you'd like to test with your tank spawning or use the server input MCU. you cannot SP test anything a player can do in game regarding an airfield. AI will however still use the nearest taxi chart to negotiate take off and landings. However with SP testing you can use X8 speed hope this helps BTW when AI don't take off check these... The airfield chart, where the AI spawn in relation to the points, and especially the take off and land points makes a huge difference. Not sure why, but just a meter or two can make all the difference. Also if you spawn in at the airfield spawn point (MP), just your presence near the taxi chart can sometimes interfere with the AI's taking off.
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