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  1. Are you guys running any kind of reshade sweetfx? I had to remove it to get my Discord overlay to run in game..
  2. I am disappointed in the general state of TAW at the moment. Simply stated. It hasn't been fun and I've avoided spending any playtime there unfortunately. That time is precious and is better spent elsewhere atm. I've been playing in this server (and loving it) for the better part of two years and the current combination of rules and community are disheartening. Thats not to say it couldnt be turned around... its always a WiP. I've donated in the past and will continue to do so when I see some meaningful changes. The saddest part for me.. is that I've mostly played with a very small group, unti
  3. Wasn't suggesting it would. I was replying to a fecetious comment that its a problem that cant be solved... It is and can. That problem is IDLE SPECTATOR players sitting on no ones side and waiting to spawn in as German locking out Soviet players and forcing unbalanced sides yet again... which was the whole point of the balancing issue. The Patreon comment is not meant to solve that problem... just me agreeing that the server is worthy of a Patreon.
  4. Yes. Why not? Start a Patreon. You guys have earned and deserve it. I would have no problem "buying" my way into the server ala a subscription service like Patreon.
  5. @ any LG dev: It seems to me that during EU primetime, when the German faction is traditionally full, the in-game server browser is constantly showing 84/84. However, the TAW website shows many Soviet slots as available (8+). It looks like German faction players are sitting in the server as Spectators waiting for an available slot to open up.. Does this not defeat the purpose of the side balancing? There were three of us Soviet players that couldnt even connect.. Suggestion: Add an idle kick to spectators.. seeing as there is already an idle kick for an afk player spawned. Thanks for the consi
  6. Guys. Please try to leave the politics out of discussions in this thread. Please try to respect each other. I enjoy this forum for productive discussions when they happen. It really sucks when it gets locked down because passions get so high. This is a game. We are better served with an open mind and respect for everyone. We can all agree that divisiveness is part of what started WW2. Let’s not get divided here over what is clearly a leisure activity passion. Airplanes are cool, military aviation history is cool. Aerial warfare and tactics are interesting. You are all interesting
  7. PSA -> The louder and more often the complaining gets.... the closer we are to achieving this fiction called “balance”. That is all.
  8. Or.. you know.. you could TAW... where your life matters and the pilots fly like it does..I suggest hitting record the next time you find yourself in an engagement to see what happened.. also, TACVIEW
  9. Friendly public service announcement. Personal verbal assaults unrelated to constructive debate got this thread locked not long ago for almost a week. I know we're all passionate about this sim... but lets at least pretend we all have to play in the same sandbox.
  10. Lol. Pilots screw up engine management just sitting on the ground doing nothing irl.
  11. Also, would like to see it as a transport as well..
  12. There will be a summer sale not too far off... usually..
  13. Is there not going to be an A-20B transport variant?
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