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  1. Only invested in this game for the FW190 so I haven't wanted to play for months and won't invest more until the FW190 gets some attention. Thanks for you work Hairy.
  2. I do hope that fm for the FW190 are improved on. This ac is the reason I invested in BOS. The BOS BF109's do not interest me as much as I think we were all spoilt with BF109e's in COD. If what we have now is a true (virtual) representation I can't see how it was said to be one of the best ac of the war. Keep up the good work Hairy.
  3. You can do a test using two balls of similar size but different weight like say a tennis ball and a baseball. You will be able to throw or ever roll the baseball further. Another way to look a it is a pendulum, a heavy pendulum will swing longer than a light one.
  4. Just the most amazing reaction of a little girl flying with her dad. https://youtu.be/pSWDW18ygaw
  5. No worrys Custard. I know what you mean about supplying dater but some times it's just a feeling. My own opinions and observation of the fw190 are just that and by no means fact. I said I could be wrong and if there is a way to get more speed from my beloved fw190 I'd rely like to know. I'm dabbling with the DCS prop fighter, BOS and COD but none have yet reignited my passion. Oh and I was wrong about how long I've been simming, I stared when 30 year old and that was 20 years ago not 30. At my age it's easy to forget dates.
  6. I now feel like a complete [Edited], The only reason I posted my time I've spent playing sims is that I thought the above post was aimed at me. Discussion and practice is the fastest way to develop this sim. But putting down others does more harm than good.
  7. Hi Custard not sure who you think is unqualified to have an opinion on fm, but I have been playing for close to 30 years. Here's the stats of one month I was proud enough to screen shot off.
  8. My first was on a full real server and I cam up on a bandits six and blasted him. But as he rolled out of the sky I saw the crosses on his wings. I'd shot down one of my own. After apologising the guy was rely good about it and gave me some tips in ac identification.
  9. Hi forale, I think BOS is on the way to becoming a great sim. I have not played a lot of late as I feel a bit burnt out after playing COD since release. I was hoping BOS would reignite my passion with introduction of the fw190 but it feels a little gamey atm. It's still a grate sim and it's nice to see people from other simming backgrounds getting into it. As for your question I can only say a fw190 should be able to cut and run,regain e and re-enter a fight at will. Its speed down low was its strength. Atm you have to cut and run a long time to get enough separation to even turn to face you pursuer. I could be wrong, it may just be me but I have flown (simmed) a long time. If there's a way to get more speed out of the bird I'd rely love to know.
  10. I like sims with as close to as potable flight modelling. It makes you want to learn about each ac strengths and weaknesses if you want to see your kill rate rise and death rate drop. It's like a game of chess, each piece has it's own set movement. If you tried to play with just queens it just wouldn't be chess any more. Some planes are great at turn fighting some are energy fighters, some light and frail some are tough and hard to bring down. Its these traits that made me fall in love with IL-1946 and it would be amazing if that could be done again.
  11. Has anyone done independent performance testing of each AC? I must say I invested in BOS to fly the fw190 but after flying online I find it a bit of a disappointment. I have been run down after diving to maximum speeds to ground level and a five minute chaise. I didn't think any thing (Russian) could catch up with a fw190 over such a extended chaise.
  12. Nothing wrong with flying lone wolf. You just need to follow some rules of combat and you will find you will get home alive more often (more important than getting a kill IMHO). As for ts, I too find talking a bit intimidating but you can always log on and just listen. You'd be amazed at what you mite learn.
  13. Hi Spayd, Congrats on your first ol-kill. It's very normal to be excited enough to want to tell other flight simmers about it. Unless you have tried online flight simming you would have no idea what all the excitement is about. I to can remember my hands shaking so much there was a real danger of missing my target altogether. The best thing is that feeling never really goes away, you just learn to control it. The other thing is it gets better the harder it is. Full real servers are for us real junkys. It also explain why some of us get so passionate about DM and FM, we try hard to de-game the game. Any how salute to your kill.
  14. I find the lack of trim choice in all the flight sims (COD, BOS and DCS) I play a real pain. We can't all have the historicity correct controllers for all the AC we can fly. The very fact that I need a different method to do the same thing (use flaps or trim,ext) makes changing from one AC to another a real chore. When flying COD online (sorry haven't flow BOS or anything else much lately) and the ailed team are helplessly outnumbered it's some times just too hard to switch from my BF109 to a Spit or Hurricane due to controller set up. Add to that metric to imperial gauges and things get confusing real quick. The purists can always make replica cockpits and controllers but for the majority of players the ability to assign an axis to their choice of controller (button,slider or rotary wheel) should be up to us.
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