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  1. As a dedicated level bomber I can tell you (for the depot debate) that the greatest deterrent is knowing there are dedicated patrols covering the target. Last campaign, carl Infar was my nemesis. He shot me down 3 sorties in a row by predicting my likely target and route and got me before or just as I got there. This campaign I noticed that Ivy and Ramawill, and others, were doing a lot of defensive patrolling. There is nothing more disheartening than being 1 hour into a flight, and 10 minutes off a depot, and getting the notification "Ivy has joined the game" only to see a little dot appear at the airfield closest to the depot, because you know Ivy will be hunting for you! Anyway, well played all and thanks to admins for another great campaign.
  2. I'm going to agree with the majority on this: Russian AA is far too accurate and superior to that of the German AA, which allows for a truly unfair situation. Please even it up. Also, AI gunners, again mainly on the German side, are well below standard to ward off any attack from fighters. Please even this up too.
  3. Can I make a suggestion / give my opinion on this campaign's changes from the view of a heavy bomber pilot. Removing 1000kg bombs from frontline airfields is fair enough I suppose however, this in turn means that an average mission to the enemy's depot with a bomber carrying 2 x 1000kg bombs is around 45 minute to 1 hour round trip. I'm not sure if this server has altered the performance of the planes but it takes a HE111 with 2 x 1000kg bombs, (even with the minimum fuel to reach and return from a depot) around 20 minutes to climb to 4000m (this is the minimum safe altitude as the super sniper flak will destroy anything that's travelling level in a straight line for too long). I love the new lay out of the factories however, the amount of ground kills in the new building is a bit ridiculous. On one mission when the enemy factory was at 0% damage, I dropped my 1000kg bombs into the middle of built up clusters of buildings. Total number of ground kills was 19. Another mission which was identical to the above resulted in 22 ground kills. On the previous campaign I would have averaged 52 ground kills for 2 x 1000kg direct hits on the factory. So now I fly on average for 1 hour to get 19 ground kills. I feel it is no longer worth my while flying these missions to the factories. If I take 4 x 250kg bombs in a HE111 or a 1000kg bomb JU87, ​I can score up to 30 ground kills from a direct hit on an enemy train station, in less than half the time. This reinforces the waste of time and effort in targeting depots on long range missions. I know its not all about personal scores.... but.... it kinda is too. I now find myself doing stupid stuff in a heavy bomber just to try and get a handful of kills which I would not have done previously. I love making the 1 hour round trip missions but only if it's worth my while. I don't want to sound like I'm moaning because I love the server and immersion it brings, I just feel frustrated that a fighter can rack up more ground killed from attacking a convoy in the same time it takes me to travel an immense distance into enemy territory and back. I'm sure I wont be the only long range bomber pilot to think this way and I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. Anyway, Happy flying pilots and I'll see you on the other side.
  4. In relation to the above post and others regarding “he who shall not be named” here’s a little story for you. On 18/04/17 @07:38 hours, a new map started and the VVS factory at Erzovka had just respawned. Planning to drop a couple of 1000kg bombs on the new, target rich factory, I set about preparing my bomber. Firstly, I checked the closest available airfield, which was Peskovatka. With the new amendments, all HE111 and JU88 aircraft at this airfield had a locked loadout. The closest airfield which allowed these aircraft to carry the 1000kg bombs was Kalach, and that’s where I spawned. As I was taxing to the runway, “he who shall not be named” joined the game and spawned at Peskovarka. There were no other players on the map. Anyway, as I gained altitude and starting my bomb run, I could see his JU88 over the target and attracting the attention of the AA surrounding the factory. Then, there were two massive explosions on the factory that could have only come from 1000kg bombs. I mostly fly bombers and know what sort of damage different loads cause on targets, and these were definitely from the larger, locked bombs. In total, he got 51 ground kills before exiting. I can only wonder how he was able to spawn at that airfield and obtain 1000kg bombs when they were locked? Maybe admin can check what I’m saying somehow and finally prove what everyone else is thinking?
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