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  1. I'm totally looking forward to this! I must admit, that my first thought was to wait with the purchase until VR support is added. But I will support the cause and purchase as soon as this goes live. I reinstalled Blitz today and oh my God... after 2 years flying with vr only, flying with Track IR on the monitor felt incredible clumsy. But I'm sure I will get used to it again and if all goes well, I'll be flying over the desert in my Martlet in VR next year or so.
  2. Oh my god. This looks incredible silly, like some fantasy Screenshot from Assassins Creed with its 300ft or so Zeus monuments all around the place....
  3. Du benötigst Blitz, um Tobruk spielen zu können. CloD alleine reicht da nicht. VR soll wohl in einem späteren Update implementiert werden. Sobald das der Fall ist, bin ich auch sofort mit dabei.
  4. Very happy this is finally happening. I guess it has been a long hard road for TF to get there. The day VR support is added, I'm definitely in!
  5. Aus irgendeinem Grund passiert das bei mir auch. Allerdings äußerst selten. Dann reicht es, mit dem Mauszeiger auf dem Monitor das DCS Fenster anzuklicken.
  6. incredible pace! You're producing the cockpit upgrades faster then I'm able to download and install them!
  7. yes it is. straight forward process.
  8. Not sure about other head tracking devices. I plugged my old track ir in just for XWA and it worked right from the start. Have not tried VR though. I've seen that there is an forum over there. Maybe the folks on the forum can help You out?
  9. There is an extra file You need to install after the 1.6 patch. It is located in the download section somewhere below the main patch. Before the installation process You have different options whether You want to use Track IR, VR or no device.
  10. Having played X-Wing and TIE Fighter to death back then, this new title is of a certain interest to me, but I remain sceptic though. I would much prefer a campaign based SP game instead of a MP orientated one. But let's wait and see. Thanks for posting the enhancement patch for X-Wing Alliance on the first page. Bought XWA on Steam two days ago and applied the patch. I'm having a total blast since then and fighting the Empire and the Viraxxos like a maniac. So many good memories. such an fantastic game. I always considered XWA the pinnacle and legacy of the X-Wing series.
  11. Ach ja. Ich wusste nur noch, daß es irgendwo im Bergischen Städtedreieck war. Accept gehen immer. Funktioniert sogar ohne Udo. Aber seine Solo Alben sind auch stark. Hab ihn auch mal in Solingen im Cobra gesehen. Ende der 90ger war ich oft in Solingen, hatte da viele Metal Brothers aus dem Underground. Meistens waren wir allerdings in Wermelskirchen im Bahndamm. Waren geile Zeiten.
  12. Now playing on maximum volume. That's the Band from a mate and they're playing old school Thrash Metal. Love the Coverartwork!
  13. Now playing on volume 11!
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