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  1. Thanks, I have oced a little bit further, 4,7 MHz with no increase in performance. I've forgot to copy the results. I've oced the ram speed but my system lose stability no matter the voltaje increase, and searching for new DDR3 2933 modules, it seems lost cause, the are not available ddr3 ram modules at that speed.
  2. I Just tested cpu/gpu usage. CPU usage 40% GPU usage 90-95% Clearly, GTX 970 is the bottleneck here. I'll wait for the next gen volta, to replace my venerable 970.
  3. Hi guys, Here are my results, My graphics card actually is a GTX 970 oced (+200 core, +500 vram) I5 4690K @ 4.5 (stock voltage) Ram DDR3 2400 (10-12-12) CPU mark 10396. CPU Single thread 2708 IL2 Track, all settings as firts page indicates (Steam SS 1.7, etc) Frames: 3035 - Time: 60000ms - Avg: 50.583 - Min: 38 - Max: 72
  4. I got answer from the devs: I cant switch to premium account because i have a start edition. It only applies to standart edition + 2 premium planes.
  5. Thanks for your quick answer. According to this, i already have a Premium account or am i wrong? ACTIVATE UNLOCKS Owners of the Premium account can activate all modifications without unlocking them in Campaign mode. You have a Premium account if you bought Premium edition, or Standard edition plus both additional planes: La-5 and Fw 190 A-3. All of these items can be purchased and activated in our own store, or on the game's page on Steam. Activating modifications cannot be reverted so you must make a considerate and thoughtful decision before you click the button. Attention! Login again for the activation to take effect.
  6. Hi, I bought recently the standard edition of il2 bos, outside of the official web site, as a gift. Then i bought a FW190 in the official web site. Today i´ve bought the other premium plane, La 5 fighter, again in the official web site. All of them are successfully activated. In the profile settings "activate unlocks" doesn´t work, because in the game i still have locks. Am i doing something wrong? Sorry for my bad English.
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