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  1. A sheep foot compactor, full tank of Diesel and Esky full of beer thank you very much!
  2. I refuse to watch rubbish like that! The technical researcher should be taken out and shot! Everyone knows that dragons have four legs and the two legged beast depicted in that clip would be called a wyvern. With simple errors like that no one is going to take them seriously!
  3. Congratulations to the whole Dev team. Good luck!
  4. Does artillery include AAA? If it did it would make Flack suppression missions a useful tool. How long do the crews stay away from the guns? Cheers and thanks for the update.
  5. Just think of in it terms of having the opportunity to practice your forced landing drills. Hopefully in real life you'll never need use it but there's nothing wrong with practicing
  6. Remember to fire the GAR-8 missile you need to hold the trigger for about two seconds before she leaves the rails. Trying to down the MiG-17 is hard enough, a MiG-29 would be very hard I expect.
  7. I respectfully disagree. Fighter pilots are (on the whole) very practical people. If it gave a substantial improvement to performance I recon they would jump at the chance to use it. I think it would have been the Air Ministry that would have flipped out at the idea! Not to mention the German high command at the idea of supplying engines to their opponents! It doesn't sound too bad a conversion.
  8. After seeing these jpegs I think I'll be getting both! http://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=101114&d=1405628097 http://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=101117&d=1405628107
  9. It's interesting to see that after the war Britain developed the Mosquito concept of small (relatively ), fast, unarmed bombers with the likes of the English Electric Canberra and the Vulcan.
  10. They are talking about rudder pedals not actual rudder control surfaces. The argument is about assigning pedals for Yaw or Roll axis motion via the RCS thrusters. Maybe a twist grip rudder would be more realistic in a space sim????
  11. Mosquito max bomb load was 4000lbs V Lancaster 14000lbs (or 22000lbs worth of Grand slam in specialized version)
  12. To be 100% historical we'd need an Avon Sabre with the 30mm ADEN guns. But I guess I'd just turn a blind eye and fly the F with RAAF marking when it's released!
  13. If I've got rounds on an E/A and its definitely going down, I try not chase him down and put extra bullets into him just to make sure or to be vindictive. But I guess that's got more to do with conserving ammunition and not loosing height advantage than anything to do with honour ........
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