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  1. So... in MP if the icon doesn’t have American markings but rather Russian, no G suit for 51 and 47? case in point, Australia’s Unprofessional Server has all allied airbases as Russian.... so no G suits? Interesting.
  2. Good intel Friar, I did reach out to admin (DeadMeat) at Unprofessionals... He informed me that simply pulling up to the flag and then wait... this will switch the tank spawn to the other side. No need to destroy all items, and no need to turn off engine. I need to test this tonight.. but sounds like it should work
  3. Thanks gents. I can ask the admin and give the flag pole at try. they captured it in game without respawn or map change, so flag pole might do the trick.
  4. Hello All, I recently purchase the tank portion and am enjoying it. Over the weekend, I was in the Unprofessional server and a group of German tank drivers took over my forward tank spawn. I know that taking over airbases can be either Paratroopers or landing a certain number of planes at the base but I have no clue how to take over an enemy tank spawn. Can anyone shed some light on this? thx Wood
  5. That did the trick. if it was a snake it would have bitten me. big help. Thx
  6. Hey All, purchased Tank Battles this week and getting everything sorted. I cant seem to get turret control to work on my joystick. Any hints. from reading this thread, is there a way to toggle between joystick mode and mouse. tilde?
  7. Hello All, I am switching from a HP Reverb Pro to a HP Reverb G2 in the coming weeks. The plan is to give a squad buddy my Reverb Pro. We need to build him a new rig.. doesn't need to be fancy... just work in VR. What's a good i7 processor and MB to make this work for him? Doesn't need to be top of the line.. Any thoughts out there?
  8. hello All, I have made changes to the key commands in game. Where can I find this file in the game directory? thanks in advance. HW
  9. Second that! Our squad ranks are growing in the Battle Series. Thanks for the Cabin Fever sale as well. Several got their “duff” off the proverbial fence recently.
  10. Congrats on the new addition ! Hope baby girl and Mother are healthy. I have them all but Campaign Achtung Spitfire! looks like that one’s gone. Be safe one and all Pfrances Family. S! Hw
  11. S! DeadMeat, Been enjoying your server recently.. Thank you. I'm especially liking the new Kuban mission - Kuban Insipidity Lots of action. Wanted to confirm something with respect to capturing airfields.. found this on a separate thread. Does this still ring true?
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