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  1. Some days you're the bug... some days you're the windshield... just gotta roll with it...
  2. Not sure if this will be of any help... but here is a resource for manuals etc.. https://aircorpslibrary.com/ It does require a membership fee..
  3. Hello All, Been reading this thread and like the new pilot physio. The old IL-1946 had an accelerometer in the P-47. To my knowledge, there is no way to know how many G's we are pulling when the black outs start, is there? Definitely have noticed that when pilot fatigue kicks in, the black outs start much earlier and might as well land and re-plane, or do others know the timer duration to full recover?
  4. I will glad join this thread. Here Here!!!! Simply amazing. So worth the wait for the Allied planes.. RRR, can't wait to use this. New Spotting.. Pilot Physiology... too many to list.... You guys are the best... Telling all my buddies... time to step up and get on board!
  5. Thanks Matt.. I got that part.. I can switch to Manual mode for Oil shutters but I can't open them.. Water Rads allow you to open 1-100%.. nothing like this for oil shutters.. Is it open or close with Manual?
  6. Hope everyone is enjoying the new patch.. so much to absorb... I know the P-51 is automatic with respect to water and oil rads, and best to keep them in auto, but I can't get the oil shutters to operate. When I switch to manual, I can operate the water rads but no luck with the oil rads. I can switch from Auto Manual for both, but no joy on opening or closing oil rads. I get it.. no real reason to mess with it, but I can't even get them to work.. What key binding would they be.. Thanks in advance. Wood
  7. S! Nocke, Big fan of Coconut's Expert server.. count me in...
  8. S! Mark, They do... you just need to watch the guage for 30-40 seconds and it will give you a reading. I think IRL, there was a button the pilot pressed to get a fuel reading.. for us.. its automatic.. just keep your eye trained on it and you'll see it move.
  9. It's gotta be 13! Fingers Crossed I remember reading his blog just before the 262 came out.... now it's on my favorites tab,...
  10. Can't stop staring at the Ponys!!!! AWESOME!
  11. Busy telling on my mates to finally step up and buy BoBP.. Awesome work guys!!! 9.30.2019 can't come soon enough
  12. As long as you calibrate in Control Manager it should do the trick... You will never get 0-100 within the device.. but it should set the parameters for 0-100 Recalibrate and then try in game.. I bet you get full throttle 0-100
  13. Zeno's vid on the P-38 @ about 7:30 minutes.. discussion on T/O and 120 mph (single engine flight) Also, at 20:50 other discussion on single engine flight...
  14. Yes, already counting the days... DEVs.... Drool.... Beautiful work on the 38!!! Never imagined the pilot fatigue etc.. top notch!
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