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  1. Busy telling on my mates to finally step up and buy BoBP.. Awesome work guys!!! 9.30.2019 can't come soon enough
  2. As long as you calibrate in Control Manager it should do the trick... You will never get 0-100 within the device.. but it should set the parameters for 0-100 Recalibrate and then try in game.. I bet you get full throttle 0-100
  3. Zeno's vid on the P-38 @ about 7:30 minutes.. discussion on T/O and 120 mph (single engine flight) Also, at 20:50 other discussion on single engine flight...
  4. Yes, already counting the days... DEVs.... Drool.... Beautiful work on the 38!!! Never imagined the pilot fatigue etc.. top notch!
  5. Yak-3 any variant Yak-9 P-63 *** And *** since this is dream-land and pay tribute to 1946 - I-185 with the M82 Engine
  6. A little late to that party... got turn on to Coconut's servers in May.... had fun! Then... NO More.. Tip of the hat to you COCONUT!
  7. Being an old IL-2 1946 re-tread... there was an excellent tutorial on this... I am sure there are new ones for BOS... IL-2 1946 based: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=il-2+gunsight+range+tutorial&view=detail&mid=5776F01FAC084CD547DF5776F01FAC084CD547DF&FORM=VIRE set range and horizontal adjustment...
  8. Thank you Han so guessing 262 in May, 51 in Jun?
  9. To add to this topic... with respect to the Spitfires... the gauge cycles... about 17-20 seconds, no reading and then 10 seconds a reading on the fuel guage. Can we suggest implementing a command to engage the fuel guage.. press a button and see amounts? rather than look down... no reading... 30 seconds later look again...
  10. Been scanning the forums on gyro gunsights with respect to the forth coming P-51D-15NA. This thread is a bit old. Since then, in game, the P-47D-28 has the (Gyro) Sperry K-14A, although it didn't really come out until the D-30 block. With that said, has anyone heard from Jason or others that the Mustang will have an option of the N-9 or K-14A... I would hope so, but the K-14A didn't really come out until Jul 1944.
  11. Not only is it Pay Day today!!! But Amazing DD!!! Thank you! Beautiful work....
  12. Aren't the spits rads automatic..? I read that you can only open them fully or closed fully, but doesn't work for me.
  13. Just saw this post.... working on one more American...
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