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  1. I use it always m8 but ive had it bead up on me before but that was because i bought an older batch , ive been using vallejo for years , you have to be careful with which batch you get , buy the new formula version or the older stuff gives you beading i find. i mix 80 vallejo 20 tamiya thinner.. Great work everyone , love the duck , been looking at the 1/48 version. Always liked the duck when i first saw it in the film Murphy's war.
  2. A Cheeky Chaffee for you................ 1/35 M24 Chaffee of the 81st Calvalry Recon Squadron. 1st Armoured Division Italy April 1945 Tamiya/Italeri. + Some added stuff & a few scratch built bits...
  3. Cheers Von... ill look on You Tube to see what they are saying.
  4. Great work everyone... hetstaine... wow Great models m8 Love the skyraider.... Von... That looks cool... i`ve been looking at some meng tanks but i`m not familiar with them , your comments have put me off them ..lol.
  5. Great Work Everyone... Im working on something new ......
  6. It was a cool little kit , everything fitted really well.
  7. Well this one is done....1/35 Tamiya .Sd.Kfz.222 of the 1st Company , 4th Kradschutzen (Motorcycle) Battalion, 24th Panzer Division, South Russia Aug 1942.
  8. Well as ive got this condition which von also has today my work (NHS) sent me home for 2 weeks and it may be 3 months before i can go back because of the covid 19, but i have to stay in my house with my tin hat on, full pay thou i have 20 models in my stash so i wont be bored.
  9. Speedy recovery Von , did they go through your Arm or Groin , mine was done through the arm , freaked me out when my arm turned black & blue.
  10. HA...... 🤩 1/48 HE111Z Release Im having one of these.... Also just about to order this as well. Faun L900 + Trailer
  11. Thank You for the kind words.... Now i`m working on something small , a Sd.Kfz.222..
  12. Looking good von, great detailing.. Finished at last...........
  13. Thanks everyone... HappyHaddock that`s one cool Bradley , would like to see the Sherman Built 👍 . STN Great 1 way trip plane ... When i built the F15 i broke the original canopy , then glue frosted the replacement then i was 3rd time lucky with 3rd one, Frustrating .
  14. Well its finished , over a thousand parts to this one, just got to put it on the trailer... Miniart 1/35 Grant Mk1 of the 7th Armoured Division, El Alamein , 1942.
  15. Fantastic work everyone , it wont let me like anymore of your posts today lol, iv`e not been well that`s why i have not been around for a while its nothing serious its my leg , i`m into mountain biking and i tore a load of muscles in my left leg but the meds i had to take for it was making me ill so yeah, but im nearly back to normal now ,i cant heal as fast as i used to due to me being an old git 🤣 & i have finished the grant , just need to take some pics. Again great work everyone.
  16. Thank you everyone now working on the Grant ..... Its a Miniart with 1110 parts ha ha ha Tracks alone are 632 parts.... ... but ive done them already and they are fully functional.. im quite impressed how well they work.
  17. Tyberan yes it is Thunder Models..... Blitzen that`s a beauty m8.
  18. Well all done for this one. Iv`e still the rigging to put on but cant do that until iv`e got the Grant on the trailer.
  19. Thank You for your kind words....I really enjoyed building this even with the nano parts i had to deal with. :) Now for the Trailer... TRCU30 Trailer 30t.
  20. Well the long road has ended for this one still got to make the grant that will be going on the trailer & the desert base for it all..... Ill start off with the unit. 1/35 Scammell Pioneer TRMU-30. 1st Armoured Division North Africa 1942. 650 Parts to this and the trailer + the few bits i added to it.
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