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  1. Great Work Everyone... Im working on something new ......
  2. It was a cool little kit , everything fitted really well.
  3. Well this one is done....1/35 Tamiya .Sd.Kfz.222 of the 1st Company , 4th Kradschutzen (Motorcycle) Battalion, 24th Panzer Division, South Russia Aug 1942.
  4. Well as ive got this condition which von also has today my work (NHS) sent me home for 2 weeks and it may be 3 months before i can go back because of the covid 19, but i have to stay in my house with my tin hat on, full pay thou i have 20 models in my stash so i wont be bored.
  5. Speedy recovery Von , did they go through your Arm or Groin , mine was done through the arm , freaked me out when my arm turned black & blue.
  6. HA...... 🤩 1/48 HE111Z Release Im having one of these.... Also just about to order this as well. Faun L900 + Trailer
  7. Thank You for the kind words.... Now i`m working on something small , a Sd.Kfz.222..
  8. Looking good von, great detailing.. Finished at last...........
  9. Thanks everyone... HappyHaddock that`s one cool Bradley , would like to see the Sherman Built 👍 . STN Great 1 way trip plane ... When i built the F15 i broke the original canopy , then glue frosted the replacement then i was 3rd time lucky with 3rd one, Frustrating .
  10. Well its finished , over a thousand parts to this one, just got to put it on the trailer... Miniart 1/35 Grant Mk1 of the 7th Armoured Division, El Alamein , 1942.
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