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  1. Looking good guys... Not too far to go on the Scammell still a fair bit to do. ... not even touched the trailer yet ...
  2. Thanks guys . It has been tricky working on this as some of the parts are that small i could only pick them up with blue tak . using tweezers is too risky as it took me half hour to find 1 part that had pinged across the room 🀣
  3. Great work everyone.πŸ‘ I`m getting there with the Scammell . I`m actually a lot further ahead than what the photos show. still a lot to do thou.
  4. Hello , ive been busy .. a lot of hours have gone into this so far and it it can be a bit complex and confusing at times due to the instructions, but saying that the fit on this is pretty good.so......... 201 Parts later.
  5. Ok i see there is a lot of training round there but my brother said the picture does not give you the real depth of the size of the object he said it was huge.. and they could not catch it . so who knows...
  6. Hello my brother lives on the east coast of England near Skegness he lives really close to the sea and on Tuesday night 12/03/19 his place was being buzzed by fighters he went outside and took these pictures on his phone .. They was chasing the green object.... I don`t know what to tell you... make your own conclusions.
  7. That looks excellent m8.......well done... rigging is tough to get right that`s why iv`e only done the swordfish... That`s a cool looking plane STN... πŸ‘ Looks like a mini Dakota.. Looks great now you sorted them windows out.. i would of done the same thing. Thats why i build in 1/48 i tried 1/72 kits when i started modelling again and they just seem crappy compared to 1/48. And thats a cool looking Nano Mig Feathered...πŸ‘
  8. Your not wrong m8 , especially if you add whats going on the trailer, This kit has 600+ pieces to it . Still deciding between a Grant or a Valentine or i could just put my Crusader on it... Also iv`e a display base to make as it will all be going in a display case. This is going to cost a bit in time and money....
  9. I tried to resist but my mouse button went click......
  10. Well Carts....πŸ‘
  11. OOoooooo You have a Famo , there not cheap m8. The 1 way bird is coming along nicely .πŸ‘
  12. Thanks everyone Looking great feathered πŸ‘ I`m in that (staring at your stash and deciding whats next) mode:🀣 But my mouse button keeps going here for some reason πŸ€” I`m having this, maybe with a grant on the back 🀩
  13. Thanks m8. Funny enough earlier i was looking online at KV1s and noticed other models had exhaust staining on the body and then i come on here and you say the same thing so ill sort that.πŸ‘
  14. Feathered one word NanoBot... Good way of scaling it too size.πŸ‘ Looking good. STN is that one of those "one way trip" things the Japanese used. By the way just finished this as well.... Trumpeter 1/35 KV1 Simplified Turret Version......
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