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  1. If they are too thick i just bin most of them ( save nose art etc) and go after market for the rest , unless i can use some out of the spares box. I have a lot of spare decals.
  2. Well that`s this project done.... It`s hard to photograph as its nearly 2 feet long 🙄. And i can fit it in my display cabinet... in two parts lol.. i`m looking at buying another display cabinet now as iv`e 100% filled 2 now. Well i`m going to build a plane next as i have been doing armour for 2 years now. I Will be also adding a driver to this ....
  3. Cheers m8.. The 38T is on the trailer & the Demag is on the Lorry . Ill post some pictures later ...
  4. Faun L900 D567 & Sd.Ah 115 Trailer.... 1/35 Das Werk. More to follow.....
  5. Hello, Great work everyone, good to see more modellers in here, iv`e been away a while.... but iv`e been very busy... Sd Kfz 10 Demag with pak 38, 1/35 Italeri... More to come ....
  6. Happy New Year all. i was going to crack on with the latest part on my project but the washing machine decided to leak everywhere so trying to fix that at the moment. Happy 2021 fellow plastic crafters...
  7. Part 2 of the project : Sd.Kfz.253 Le Beob. Pz.wg. Dragon 1/35 .
  8. Again great work all .That U-boat and Mossie are the dogs nuts... 👍 Would like a mossie but my museum is full , that`s why i`m building Armour for a while... iv`e an 1/350 Aircraft Carrier begging to be built but... no room.. until i move next year.
  9. I have a few in my archive , but i bet you have these already... not even sure if they are the AM38 engine.
  10. Fantastic work everyone .. i see everyone's been busy , good to see more modelers on here..... i actually ran out of likes for the day lol. Will give some more tomorrow STN i see you got there in the end .. looks excellent. Part One of a Three part project: Panzer 38T Ausf G. Russia 1942 : 1/35 Dragon..
  11. A bit of scratch building is needed then STN... Now ive seen that Meteor i want to build one now looks really cool.
  12. Fantastic Work everyone, iv`e been busy that`s why i have not been around for a while... but i have finished my latest project, will put some pics up over the weekend.
  13. I use it always m8 but ive had it bead up on me before but that was because i bought an older batch , ive been using vallejo for years , you have to be careful with which batch you get , buy the new formula version or the older stuff gives you beading i find. i mix 80 vallejo 20 tamiya thinner.. Great work everyone , love the duck , been looking at the 1/48 version. Always liked the duck when i first saw it in the film Murphy's war.
  14. A Cheeky Chaffee for you................ 1/35 M24 Chaffee of the 81st Calvalry Recon Squadron. 1st Armoured Division Italy April 1945 Tamiya/Italeri. + Some added stuff & a few scratch built bits...
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