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  1. Thank you everyone now working on the Grant ..... Its a Miniart with 1110 parts ha ha ha Tracks alone are 632 parts.... ... but ive done them already and they are fully functional.. im quite impressed how well they work.
  2. Tyberan yes it is Thunder Models..... Blitzen that`s a beauty m8.
  3. Well all done for this one. Iv`e still the rigging to put on but cant do that until iv`e got the Grant on the trailer.
  4. Thank You for your kind words....I really enjoyed building this even with the nano parts i had to deal with. :) Now for the Trailer... TRCU30 Trailer 30t.
  5. Well the long road has ended for this one still got to make the grant that will be going on the trailer & the desert base for it all..... Ill start off with the unit. 1/35 Scammell Pioneer TRMU-30. 1st Armoured Division North Africa 1942. 650 Parts to this and the trailer + the few bits i added to it.
  6. Feathered ... Very Impressive ... gn758... The Raiden is very cool but that Viper is the dogs Bo**ocks m8 .... Legion... spend a good time spraying on anything except your model until you get used to the airbrush.
  7. Great work everyone, some good stuff i see, progress on the scammell has been slow on and off but i`m nearly there... Von bet that jag cost a few quid.
  8. That`s a very good idea Uufflakke. I will remember that one.
  9. Iv`e done the same thing with a hinge for the scammell trailer , was on the floor for about an hour with a torch but my room has floorboards so looks like iv`e lost it to the crack of doom 😂 just scratch building one now .. so same boat it seems. 🤣
  10. Looking good guys... Not too far to go on the Scammell still a fair bit to do. ... not even touched the trailer yet ...
  11. Thanks guys . It has been tricky working on this as some of the parts are that small i could only pick them up with blue tak . using tweezers is too risky as it took me half hour to find 1 part that had pinged across the room 🤣
  12. Great work everyone.👍 I`m getting there with the Scammell . I`m actually a lot further ahead than what the photos show. still a lot to do thou.
  13. Hello , ive been busy .. a lot of hours have gone into this so far and it it can be a bit complex and confusing at times due to the instructions, but saying that the fit on this is pretty good.so......... 201 Parts later.
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