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  1. Definitely hope to see those beauties: Also that Ki-100 is my most beloved and most desired 😍
  2. It would be interesting modification to be sure. Howerer this modification wasnt much succesfull due to lower HP of VK105P. It only worsened already poor perfomance of P-40s. Units that used this suffered terrible losses. But it would look interestingly to be sure:
  3. Sadly not. Definitely must check it out. This is must see materiál for every scale modelers . Also agreed about your point about IL2. Its gives really good impresion for people who are interested in WW2 aircrafts. Also have you heard about this "simulator"?:
  4. Dont give up on youth. There is still hope there 😉 : Welcome in MP. Why I should fly in those altittudes, when there is nothing to gain by it. Low flying is good, you are hard to spot.
  5. Thats great idea! I have been thinking about some late war scenario, but finding enough planes would be difficult. Maybe add Burma map and call it something like East Asia Air Battles. This is my idea for planeset: Allies: P 40N Warhawk P 51B Mustang P 47 Mk.I Thunderbolt (razorback) B 24 Liberator (Ai) Spitfire Mk.VIII Axis: Ki 43 II Oscar Ki 44 Tojo Ki 51 Sonia Ki 21 Sally Ki 84 Hayate This could be very interesting, wouldn't it?
  6. True. But it would be nice collector for possible Berlin scenario 😁
  7. I vote for Berlin scenario. Seriously, all that is left on eastern front is one late and one early war scenario and planeset for eastern front is done. Other things are just matter of addon maps and dlc planes. And since most of the needed planes would be another versions of planes we already have, it wouldnt take long to make those. There would be even some interesting types for western fans (P-63, P-36, Brewsters etc.)
  8. Great news. Cant wait to try my most favourite Focke-Wulf. The Dora! But what about Schwalbe? I thought those two were supposed to be released alongside. But nevermind, Dora will more than sufficient for flying and battling
  9. Well, I guess its about what people want. Trouble with historical campaign is that events are already set and nobody can change it, since it would no longer be "historical." But there is lot of people which enjoy historical things and like "relive" those events (Just like me ). MP is very different in this aspect. There is no way to make online matches "historical". MP is mainly about challenge.
  10. I must disagree. I think that career even in current state gives good depiction on how aerial war on east looked like. There are off course many things that needs to be improved like AI tactics, radio commands etc. You know in real life pilots werent allowed to choose which mission they want to fly. They got the orders from higher command and they must have complete them.
  11. I dont really think dynamic campaign is needed in BoX. It should be depiction of historical battles that happened long time ago. Improving AI and variety of missions would way to go in the future. DCS is different. Campaign there will be based on fictional scenario, so dynamic campaign is good way to go (and kinda needed since SP content for DCS is pretty nonexistent)
  12. I think that variety of missions is quite good now, and its going to be better since more mission types are in development😉. Just yesterday I was leading my flight of La 5s for patrol mission, but right after takeoff we were attacked by group of Bf 109s. I managed do destroy one but then I saw one of my wingman exploded after being attacked by 109. Since I lost all of my ammo I had to land asap while being chased by rest of enemy fighters. I think that career is now quite good and enjoyable, but there are still things to improve.
  13. Mosquito would be truly great addition to current planeset. Just imagine that possibilties with it. As for Germans Im quite sceptical for Me 410. True it might very interesting plane to fly and maybe we could have some night dogfighting with it, but I dont think it fit scenario well. I know that some nightfighters were used during BoBp to attack allied airfields at night, but those attacks werent much sucessfull. Maybe some late version of Ju 88 would be best option.
  14. That new map looks very nice. I wonder if there is plan to implement career mode for planes as well.
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