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  1. You see thats why I choose to return to old IL2 1946. I never thought I could, but some things in BoX SP are annoying at best. Only reason why I currently play BoX is for Multiplayer. And yes, some people will defend anything, even If its complete nonsense.
  2. This game needs simplified AI asap and not only for tanks. Whats the point of having super complex AI, when it just dont work and creates tons of issues in process.
  3. I originally wanted to write a long essay how the single-player in IL2 GB is poorly done, and how it should be improved. But I think there are lots of topics about it on this forum so it would be contraproductive to waste time with it. There is problematic AI, too complex FMB, poorly done AI coms, ATC and ability to control your squadrons, performance issues etc. etc. What I suggest is to take some time and make SP great again. I dont care If game have 8 flyable planes or 800. I dont need new expansion each year. Without proper SP, its still only half-baked and Its alienating a large portion of community. So please, instead of making another expansion, take some time to solve issues that are haunting this otherwise great sim practicaly from beggining (poor SP being one of them.)
  4. Hm, only questionable ones I see is He 162 and Ar-234. Perhaps add Ta 152C , Me 410 or Ju 188 instead.
  5. I wouldnt be that sure. There is big request for late Soviet fighters and bombers. Not even mentioning that this expansions probably wouldnt take that much time and resources as PTO and West.
  6. I hoping for late eastern front scenario. Bagration or Berlin would do perfectly. Also some early scenario like Barbarosa or Smolensk would be great, because Soviet planeset for BoM is currently very poor. If they would wanted to stay in UK, US vs Germany scenario, then Italy would be best option. And If Bagration wouldn´t be made as main expansion, I hope It could make its way in Tank Crew. Because I really wish to drive this machine:
  7. I actually think that making "simcade", with simplified flight model and lots of SP content would be good thing for simulator market. Lets face it. Modern flight sim are expensive, and getting into them is difficult and takes some time. And time is precious in todays world. Most of the casual players arent diehard fans of aviation, but most of them will someday want to try to fly in some iconic or interesting plane, they probably saw somewhere. So why not give them something which could be learned fast and gives a lots of fun. And If they got hooked up, they could proceed to more serious simulations like BoX and DCS. There could be even something for us, "veterans". Seriously, who wouldn´t like to fly in aircraft like Su 47, MiG 39, F 22, Ta 183 etc. These types probably would´t be made is some serious sims, but in "simcades" anything is possible.
  8. I must say that AI did improve quite a lot. In one of my careers, we were covering group of Ju 88, when we were attacked by several Yaks. After battle, I saw several bombers leaking fuel and two of them were damaged pretty badly. This didnt happened before 3.101. Usually AI fighters didnt do much harm to bomber formations. Also, as many stated, they are much more agresive and much harder to shake off. I think that we are on good way there, but there is still a lot work to do.
  9. Great news! Cant wait to try those AI updates! Especialy points 12 and 13 were my most awaited. Im sure that escort missions will finaly became more challenging.
  10. Dont forget about early Yak1 and SB2.
  11. Just found this incredible video about Bf 109 in finnish service. There is lot of interesting interviews with pilots and lot of unique footage.
  12. Definitely hope to see those beauties: Also that Ki-100 is my most beloved and most desired 😍
  13. It would be interesting modification to be sure. Howerer this modification wasnt much succesfull due to lower HP of VK105P. It only worsened already poor perfomance of P-40s. Units that used this suffered terrible losses. But it would look interestingly to be sure:
  14. Sadly not. Definitely must check it out. This is must see materiál for every scale modelers . Also agreed about your point about IL2. Its gives really good impresion for people who are interested in WW2 aircrafts. Also have you heard about this "simulator"?:
  15. Dont give up on youth. There is still hope there 😉 : Welcome in MP. Why I should fly in those altittudes, when there is nothing to gain by it. Low flying is good, you are hard to spot.
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