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  1. One thing I did take from that clip is that there is a "wing separation" issue with the P47, as the starboard wing chose to separate without even coming into contact with the other aircraft. To be honest I preferred the last damage model, where I had more smokers and less catastrophic structural failures.
  2. http://bbs.dof.cn/index.php?showforum=137 IL2 BOS/BOM/BOK/BOP sub forum post numbers total 120823 https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/ IL2 BOS/BOM/BOK/BOP sub forum post numbers total 543549 ( not including "Free Subject Posts") If you are trying to use the above website to validate how big the Chinese market is , let us then have a look at the post totals to verify how big they are when compared to each other. The above totals show where the "lion's" share of the market is based on your reasoning and it isn't in China. The developers are going to go where the numbers are (potential sales) and judging by these comparisons, don't hold your breath waiting for the Manchuria theater to happen any time soon.
  3. Not quiet, there is the night fighting arm of the Luftwaffe if the developers introduce Radar tech to the game engine. Two man online crew with a proper human radar operator would be a fabulous experience. Much like the Heatblur F-14 with a human "Jester" in the rear seat can make human errors and give you that real time non scripted verbal feedback working as a team. Another reason for the Mozzie as the Nachtjagdgeschwader needs a nice juicy target.
  4. Seven litres per cylinder, that's crazy. The thing runs at idle with a bucket load of torque. 🏁
  5. The 20mm guns on the Fw190 are nearly 3 times the width apart of the La5 guns, so the La5 has an easier sweet spot ( the width of a pilot seat). . As for the bf109 your only firing one 20mm as opposed to the La's two, together with the La,s slightly higher fire rate and velocity, so twice as many shells lobbed for the same firing duration. Your pilot kills as outlined in the previous post is mainly due to the armour piercing ammo effectiveness in the game .
  6. Arado 234 Junkers 188 (He 162 if too close to a Ju 88) Me 410 Fw 189 Do 217-K2
  7. Close proximity of the guns to each other and armour piercing ammunition might be your answer. I find the armour piercing component has more effect on my kills than HE ammunition.
  8. Your argument only has merit when based on facts and not emotions. Lets look at the facts below. LaGG-3 Series 29 Yak-1 Series 69 IL-2 AM-38 (model 1942) Pe-2 Series 87 I-16 Type 24 MiG-3 Series 24 IL-2 AM-38 (model 1941) Pe-2 Series 35 Yak-7b Series 36 IL-2 AM-38F (model 1943) La-5 Series 8 Yak-1b Series 127 La-5FN Series 2 Thirteen Russian aircraft so far. P-39L-1 A-20B P-40E-1 Spitfire Mk.V P-38 P-51D P-47-D Tempest MkV Spitfire Mk IX B-25 Ai at this stage. Ten Western allied aircraft and Five were also used by the Russians. Keep in mind that these examples are not the top tier premier versions of these aircraft. I know who is getting the better end of the deal here so far. With that thinking, War Thunder might be better suited for you. Also what is this WE supposed to mean? The emotional "Them and us mentality" needs to be checked I'm afraid, as I don't care personally who I fly for, except to experience the battle from both perspectives. Like I said before, try War Thunder if your looking for that "Balanced" experience. This 'Racist' rant draws many parallels with "Godwin's Law", if you can't come with a valid argument, start screaming Nazi or racist, you lost all credibility in your statement with that false "racist" emotion based attack on the Developers.. I have full confidence that the Developers will eventually cover most of the premier aircraft used by all sides in the conflict in Due Time, so the "I want it now crowd" will have to sit on the fence until their new toys arrive.
  9. I was really hoping for the Pacific, but the MTO would scratch the itch in the interim.
  10. I think you're really grasping at straws with that argument.
  11. The B26 and Mozzie are on my "Hopeful" collector aircraft list.
  12. Yes you can. I just created an IL2.exe shortcut for my desktop and start the game from there. The only time I ever worry about the launcher is after a game update.
  13. If they were to go to the Pacific theater, I think this would be a good test aircraft for the water physics, or alternatively would fit nicely into the MTO ( Hint) if the Pacific scenario was never to eventuate.
  14. bzc3lk

    CoD 5.0

    My only fear with that game plan is they may end up with a bigger WTF effect instead, trying to cram in too many changes at once . I'm hoping it is not the case , as I will be on to the African theater ( my favorite) as soon as the version 5.0 hits the interweb shop.
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