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  1. Are you experiencing any spiking potentiometer issues? I had CH gear before that would spike and cause the throttle to be erratic and sometimes cause flame outs. Once I swapped over to a Virpil Mongoose throttle , I have experienced perfect engine reliability and control. Just a thought.
  2. Just out of curiosity, what brand of flight controls do you use?
  3. Main Menu , settings then service.
  4. Click on the down arrow by your forum name in upper right corner, then Profile, then click bottom LH corner of your blank avatar picture and you will be presented with a screen as below.
  5. I don't quiet understand, can you be more specific?
  6. The gun sight is mechanism is set at approximately chest height for the gunner in the seated position, see clip below at 2.57 minute mark.
  7. I have two installs on the same computer (different SSD drives) with two different launcher and exe shortcuts on my desktop with zero issues updating.
  8. Ditto! MFG Crosswinds and Virpil Mongoose Joystick and Throttle, it's like a whole new experience in control fidelity.
  9. All good M8, still an interesting clip that I have not seen before.
  10. I'm a bit confused here? The title states a Henschel 129 but I'm looking at a Heinkel 219 You tube clip. 🤔 "Tank Killer" I think not, more like a Mozzy and Lancaster Killer in that clip.
  11. That metal contraption is a hinge which enables the plexiglass to flex as the canopy narrows when being opened due to the tapering fuselage canopy guide rails.
  12. The Fw190 D9 used the Jumo 213 with the pressurized cooling system which enabled it to have a smaller engine block compared to the Jumo 211 but still retain the 35 litre engine displacement. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Junkers_Jumo_213
  13. There could be some truth to what the Dev's have said about spiking, as I use CH pedals (potentiometer) and have experienced the departing vertical stab issue. Finally bought MFG Crosswind pedals 10 minutes ago, to go with my VPC Mongoose T-50M2 Base which arrives in 5 days time, hope they're as good as people say they are.
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