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  1. Do you have "Custom Paint Schemes" activated in your game?
  2. https://megaupload.nz/XdK19fx7n1/Moscow_Free_Flight_rar
  3. RAF Detling https://frontlineulster.co.uk/raf-detling/
  4. No opinion needed , the fact still remains 700 threads were created by various paying customers with problems related to a sim that you claimed played VR "perfectly" and then dismiss them as "noobs or "have an axe to grind" when it doesn't suite your narrative. Maybe you should have really stated that "VR works perfectly for me in DCS, better than IL2 in fact" "In your experience 90% of customers have unrealistic expectations". Two things here , how did you arrive at the 90% figure? A guess I would say and the "unrealistic expectations" is only your opinion and that is a fact. I'm certainly glad I don't have the above mind set when people come on to the forums seeking information concerning issues and just put them in the"noobs","unrealistic expectations" or "have an axe to grind" category because I don't have issues.
  5. With 35 pages of different threads relating to problems people are experiencing using VR in DCS, I find this blanket statement wishfull thinking at best. These 35 pages add up to nearly 700 threads started concerning issues people are having with DCS and VR, it is pretty clear that VR doesn't work "perfectly" in DCS.
  6. "Biggest Panzer Ace" You might want to check this guy out. https://military.wikia.org/wiki/Kurt_Knispel
  7. Nice mod up close, but at a distance the buildings turn black. 🤔
  8. Your 3 E1-2-3 knobs don't have a centre detent and have no rotation limit, so require you to do one full rotation before you see the range change in small increments. The two bigger knobs A1 and A2 have a centre detent and rotation limits, which work correctly for range adjustment in either plus or minus depending whether you rotate clockwise or anti clockwise past the detent.
  9. What no compliment from Jester? He will praise you for a greaser. I love looking at the mechanical details in the undercarriage and wing slats working, truly a work of art. Even the F16 and F18 don't come up to this standard. I also love the flaps on an Axis control.
  10. Just a heads up, for this weekend only, free trial of the Heatblur F-14. Can be downloaded via your D*S (the unspoken one)module manager . I've been debating buying this module while on sale,this may tip the scales if It is as good as the hype indicates.
  11. Buy one of these, you will be able to "Owl Neck VR style" in comfort. 😉
  12. The number of engines is not the issue. The amount of gunner positions on the aircraft, together with the amount of multi gunner aircraft used in a mission. Make a mission using 30 ju52 transport aircraft without the dorsal gunner and check how fluid the game runs, then repeat replacing the Ju52's with 30 He111 bombers and see what the results are.
  13. Look for this ( Orange Square ) in your control settings, for the possible multiple control assignments on the same axis or key.
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