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  1. Check this link , same problem, possible solution involved turning off the 4k skin option. "Turns out 4k skins was the problem.. Once I un-clicked that the problem disappeared. "
  2. When i first bought my pedals it took a bit of getting used to (delicate touch) even though I had full size experience , but to be honest once you go there and master them you will never go back. Your rudder inputs will become much more intuitive with experience, you should treat yourself and get them.
  3. That's because your input is too late and you then start to chase the tail. I use small left and right movements , hence the term "dancing the pedals". Also keep in mind that the Spitfire uses rudder activated differential braking, so if your hard on the brakes you will also be braking left and right with the corresponding rudder inputs so don't hold any long correcting rudder inputs while braking.
  4. With no rudder input , would you expect a different result? You have to dance on those pedals to help alleviate the situation of a ground loop. Watch the link below and listen to the pilot at the 2.45 time " dancing on my rudder pedals".
  5. bzc3lk

    Some Dora 9 Suggestions

    Please 😍
  6. bzc3lk

    EFront server (be careful)

    Then I'll spell it out slowly for you then, see how I edited your post below and how it changes the context of what you said with merely re arranging what you said without adding anything extra to what you wrote, to convey the opposite of what was stated. That is exactly what you did to suite your narrative with SeaSerpent's comment.
  7. bzc3lk

    EFront server (be careful)

    Why did you mis quote him out of context with this " full or jerks, Honestly, I've never been on this server" edited effort?
  8. bzc3lk

    Knights of the Sky Foundation

    110 Le Rhone sesquiplane 17 for the win , pity this example has a radial.
  9. bzc3lk

    First Flights - Now With 100% More Mediocre I-16ing

    Are you landing with full flaps? The last flap percentage I seen was only 57% on the information window and looking at your aircraft after landing also shows that full flap deployment was not used. 
  10. bzc3lk

    G-6 Crosshair is to big

    I use Trackir and have adjusted my head position and zoom in game to reflect the reticle position and size below.
  11. bzc3lk

    Name a better TV series than Hornblower.

    I like both series and to be honest, I would be hard pressed to choose.
  12. bzc3lk

    Skin Begging

    Jutta Freybe
  13. bzc3lk

    Hype about ME262

    https://www.historynet.com/interview-with-world-war-ii-luftwaffe-eagle-johannes-steinhoff.htm Steinhoff: "The B-17 Flying Fortress without a doubt. They flew in defensive boxes, a heavy defensive formation, and with all of their heavy .50-caliber machine guns they were dangerous to approach. We finally adopted the head-on attack pioneered by Egon Mayer and Georg Peter Eder, but only a few experts could do this successfully, and it took nerves of steel. Then you also had the long-range fighter escorts, which made life difficult, until we flew the Me-262 jets armed with four 30mm cannon and 24 R4M rockets. Then we could blast huge holes in even the tightest formation from outside the range of their defensive fire, inflict damage, then come around and finish off the cripples with cannon fire. "
  14. The USA version? http://www.aviation-history.com/guns/hs404.htm https://ww2db.com/weapon.php?q=349