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  1. My guess is that the wheel brake axis is reversed. If your brake pressure needles are deflected, the brakes are applied. Then again, if it only happens on this campaign, I'm full of excrement and need a Lance Corporal dressing down.
  2. Beautiful. Would you consider VK-62B? I believe they were fairly common at British fields.
  3. Would love to see what 46 could do if recompiled to 64-bit.
  4. Sweet. Love the Mossie. Night fighter version (with playable radar) would be awesome. Sign me up.
  5. Off topic: years ago I saw a video where a guy was showing off his hand-built sim chair. All was good until taxiing on 'rough ground.' He had set the gains too high and was getting sick. Stumbling out of the chair, he quickly ended the recording. As to VR, I don't have the gear but am researching it now (it seems to be coming into its own). TFS were fans before they were developers; I trust they will implement if 1C continues support. Gaining 1C's confidence (or some better word) had to come first. Failing that: no more code license; no more game development; no VR.
  6. To be clear, I flew MP for years but just didn't like the 'contest' aspect. Also didn't care for the emphasis on fighters--air combat squished into fighter combat.
  7. For me it's the opposite. Human enemy are too much like a contest, which weakens the immersion for me. I like the 'impersonal' nature of AI. In war, you don't often think there's a human at the end of your barrel until afterwards.
  8. I used the canned Normandy map with the small island to the North. It has huge runways and, after TD removed an obstacle towards the East of the South taxiway, all of it played fine (human and AI). If I recall, the full fuel load is not needed on any stock map. Reducing that opens up more airfields.
  9. I provided data (some line drawings and crude models) for that observer pit. I liked the rebuilt results (though some things, like IFF and comm sets, are missing), but I was disappointed that the radar was a 'mantle piece.' I would love to play that position in conjunction with a human pilot. B17 II had an interesting feature whereby AI crewman were average until you played their station; if you were good, they got better. Understandably, this kind of implementation would cramp pilots with no intention of carrying a live radar guy. But, it would sure be nice to not only play the position but b
  10. That Martlet is going to get me into trouble. I'm lukewarm about fighters (because I have NO skills), but like the drama of fighting Uboats from a postage stamp with machines who's best quality is taking a beating. That little fighter (and Sting Bags) always make me long for North Atlantic (or Gibraltar) sim. In the meantime, I'll just enjoy TFS' creativity. Can't wait to take the 'underdogs' for a spin.
  11. About that Martlet: positively svelte when compared to it's F3F big bro.
  12. Dang. I was watching like a hawk, then dozed off. Hind teet for me. Now that my wallet is already open, hubcaps for the lawnmower.
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